Pretty nice. I like the elevator. calm and quiet neighborhood clean complex truly a walking distance from usf good apartments design friendly staff

The move in process was very simple and well organized however, once I entered my unit, it wasnt as pretty as the model. There are definitely things that needs to be repainted and the toilet replaced. Other than that, great experience!

The place is great except for the parking which is congested, I might have to go around the lot twice to find a spot or have to park farther than my building.

Everyone who works at On50 is very nice and accommodating. The place is also very quiet and well-maintained for the most part. I am enjoying my experience so far!

This place is developing. It's new owners have taken a needed interest in improving what could be a great place. What makes it that way now is the staff.

I love ON50 ,You feel right at home and it gives you that college experience to just relax, go to school and still have fun. The location is awesome and the staff is always helpful.

I had a nice experience With on50. I lived there for 2 years. Ofcourse there are downfalls including the wifi problems. But they work hard to fix it. Also if you ask for maintenance, they usually reply right away and fix whatever you need.

I absolutely love all of the staff there. I came to Tampa knowing no one and they were so friendly and welcoming. Literally all of the office staff are the best. I gave it a 4 stars because the apts. lack a gym which I think is weird and because the 1/1s are dates in the inside. The staff are a 20/10 and the apt itself is 7/10

All of the staff here at on50 have been incredibly helpful in assisting my roommate and I get comfortable and situated in a short amount of time.

Experience has been great. The staff is very nice and accommodating, they ensure that the time spent here is enjoyable. The neighborhood is great, and there isnt too much noise . Maintenance is also very quick .

So far everything seems fine. I have not yet lived there but the staff are amazing. Megan helped me so much and showed me the whole process.

This apartment is close to USF campus, which is very convinent to go to campus for students. This apartment is aslo clean and quiet. I like to live here.

I was sent a leasing agreement stating that I would be able to move in on the first of August and they have delayed my move still to this current day and I'm not exactly sure when they will let me move in but I have been staying at a hotel this whole time and they still want me to pay a $200 early move in fee.

alright for the price, amenities, and location. Community and appliances could use some updating. For a student apartment complex its quiet and pretty clean. Never had any major issues that could not be fixed. Also maintenance staff are very quick to respond.

Great Place to live. The staff is very friendly and Excellent Maintenance team!! Beautiful clean pool. Nice clubhouse and very pet friendly property

It's a nice place to live and the staff is so nice and helpful but feel like my unit is falling apart. Every week something new is wrong with it. I've also asked for them to fix stuff and they said they would and it just never got done. Could be better, could be worse. Also kinda miss having trash cans close to the elevator.

Great staff! They are really helpful and will work with you in a very professional manner. I am moving in soon and I really like the help I’ve received so far.

The WiFi is unprotected and always has issues. Not for students who have online classes. Everything else is ok, for the price & proximity to campus.

While we have had a lot of issues with internet and other various things. The staff has been no less than amazing with helping. Issues happen it is the response that makes the experience.

It seems pretty neat from what i could tell so far. Its nice, and a lot bigger than what usf was making us pay double for. I would recommend going to it personally

Living here was fine for the most part, however we did face a multitude of inconviences during our stay. The biggest issue is that the internet was never stable. We even contacted the office and the internet provider about this problem but nothing they did fixed the issues

While everything looks great, I feel already from the start this is all " Smoke & Mirrors". When I signed up for my lease I was under the impression from a few people that I would have the exact room I requested based on floor model. This did not happen when I turned in my security deposit. I was told that my room was not available and that I would have to wait for one to become available. Keep in mind that as a student at USF, I could of easily chosen several other places that have attached bathrooms for around the same price, but ON50 convinced me ( by methods of persuasive BS ) that I should have my room. Make sure you adamantly call and email people their first before handing them any money until they say in documentation that your room as of this day becomes available. They may not see it the way I do, but I felt betrayed to another corporation once again. I will say this, putting bluntly.... Even though all of this has happened, they are trying to make an "effort" to mitigate my stress and feedback. I have nothing else better to do right now except promote awareness about the tricks and schemes apartment complexes love to pull off. I will probably enjoy my experience, I just do not enjoy everything that has led up to this right now. They do have a nice clubhouse, but need to put wet floor signs around because I see future hazards in the works.

The staff has been very nice and attentive since I've moved in especially Melissa. She is God sent. The residents are also respectful and courteous. Roommate matching is amazing. I love my roommate, we're extremely compatible.

Staff super helpful my room is a great size I absolutely cannot wait to move in and be apart of this growing community! Roommate matching is excellent

Living here hasn't been too terrible but there's always some type of outage. Whether it be internet, water, or electricity. Also the management charges residents for things that are not stated in the lease.