The apartment complex and amenities are excellent. However after living here for a year i have found these downfalls: The elevator is extremely slow and unreliable. one is almost always broken and out of service making each trip stop at every floor and makes the wait time extremely long. The second downfall is receiving packages, some times my packages will be delivered by the carrier but one easton will not notify me that i can pick it up until days after, even if i go to the office myself.

My experience thus far has been very enjoyable. My biggest issue is that the fire alarm throughout the entire building goes off very often, requiring everyone to evacuate the building. This gets to be an inconvenience.

Great, i wish i could have better things to say but its okay. It would be nice to have better internet service and faster drier for my clothes.

Love the apartment, but wish I could meet my neighbors or people specifically on my floor. Community events are great, but so few people show up and those that do keep to themselves and don’t interact with other community members

Ok just for reward. I amount so you will be getting my hair done at three I will give them a call I can just get it a lot to get its done for a

Ive been here since the beginning and one easton has come a long way. The staff is better in every way compared to the previous one. I would like to see more community activities. Also when i first moved in one of the promised ammenities was a smoothie bar where you could come down and grab some fruit of make a smoothie. I know that giving residents access to blenders was not a good idea, but a breakfast station of fresh fruit and snackbars would be greatly appreciated.

The community is very nice and I love living here. Also the appointment is wonderful and it is perfect for me but the only thing that I don’t like is the price

Indeed the vending machine needs more work(sometimes multiple products, sometimes no product) but everything other than that was typically fine

One Easton is a beautiful complex with an amazing location so close to one Easton! One of the newer places to live in campus and if it were cheaper I would definitely come back next year

its litttttyyyyy af. everyone should live easton is the GOAT everyone is nice, GIFTY is a real one. the coffee is hot..FORREAL!

The apartment complex is awesome and the staff is super friendly. If there is ever a problem maintenance is always willing to help. I can’t wait to live here again next year!

The staff at One Easton are incredibly sweet and accommodating. The package center quickly logs items. I really enjoy living here but wish they would offer a split year lease for those studying abroad!

I love living here because every thing is easily accessible and the staff is very helpful and attentive. I am able to get the gym in the mornings before class and shower without having to travel back and forth while still sleeping a good amount.

One Easton is the best place to live for college students. the amenities are above the rest and are beyond compare. I love living here amongst my peers.

This is an amazing place to be. It is filled with amazing top of the line amenities and conveniently located in the Newark Shopping center..

The place is clean and new which is really important for me. It is a great place to stay in but management is not the best at telling you your rights you must be very careful however the people that work there are very nice and always smiling

This is my second year here. This year is much better than the previous year. The 3rd floor garage door is consistently out of order though.

Nice place with nice amenities. I think there has been improvement on past upkeep issues such as refilling coffee/cups, getting the printing situation settled, etc.

Always very clean and good service and they have two coffee machines which is great except the hot chocolate is always empty so I wish they would change that more often. Bus stop is right outside and it’s not that far of a walk to Main Street or main campus

I personally think that one Easton has amazing potential, but it’s still new and has to learn it’s weak points, this year I have seen problem after problem, with the doors to get into the building all not working so people have to tape over the lock to get in, elevators breaking, keys not working, and most recently this pipe burst problem which didn’t affect me but affected my friend and I know you can’t really see that kind of thing coming but with your residents being college students their patience is very minimal and you don’t want all these problems to build up and make people start pulling out

Great like it a lot wish there was a hot tub but everything else is great rent is alttlr to high for my liking so you guys could lower that but you prob won’t

The apartment is absolutely beautiful, which makes sense since it is so new. The amenities that the building has to offer are really nice and I like to take advantage of them.

beautful and cleanly apartment complex. really have enjoyed my time living here. downsides are the view out my window is some dumpsters and the back of goodwill, people hogging study rooms, and parking is additional fee

I love One Easton. My apartment has everything I️ need and more. I have my own bedroom, bathroom, and closet (which is the best), and a beautiful kitchen and common area.

My experience living at one Easton has been the best I’ve had since coming to campus. The building is clean and beautiful and the staff is always super nice