I personally think that one Easton has amazing potential, but it’s still new and has to learn it’s weak points, this year I have seen problem after problem, with the doors to get into the building all not working so people have to tape over the lock to get in, elevators breaking, keys not working, and most recently this pipe burst problem which didn’t affect me but affected my friend and I know you can’t really see that kind of thing coming but with your residents being college students their patience is very minimal and you don’t want all these problems to build up and make people start pulling out

Great like it a lot wish there was a hot tub but everything else is great rent is alttlr to high for my liking so you guys could lower that but you prob won’t

The apartment is absolutely beautiful, which makes sense since it is so new. The amenities that the building has to offer are really nice and I like to take advantage of them.

beautful and cleanly apartment complex. really have enjoyed my time living here. downsides are the view out my window is some dumpsters and the back of goodwill, people hogging study rooms, and parking is additional fee

I love One Easton. My apartment has everything I️ need and more. I have my own bedroom, bathroom, and closet (which is the best), and a beautiful kitchen and common area.

My experience living at one Easton has been the best I’ve had since coming to campus. The building is clean and beautiful and the staff is always super nice

All of the employees are so nice and welcoming. They recognize who I am and make living here such a great experience. Maintenance is super helpful in getting things fixed and all the amenities here are so worth the price of the apartment.

I really love living here at One Easton because the community is a great one to be in as a college student and the amenities are "above the rest"

Great living atmosphere. Nice to have an outside picnic area to just relax. Everything is easily accessible such as the gym. There are good study spaces. Rooms are also well sized they are not too small but also not that big.

I love the young and friendly staff here. This building has made my college experience above the rest. Having a gym right downstairs might be the best perk

Living at one easton the past year has been nothing but a wonderful experience. The staff, amenities, and living space are all amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better place

overall, I enjoyed it. But my apt is near the train which is very noise, I assumed it would be cheaper but it's not. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the gym is good

I've enjoyed living at one easton so far this year and plan on living there again next year. THe gym is very nice but the coffee machine is sometimes broken

The staff in the leasing office and very courteous and accommodating. Overall one easton's amenities are well kept and make for a pleasurable living environment.

The staff is friendly. The place is for the most part clean. All of the rooms are nice and modern. I love it here! With a parking pass you never have to worrry about parking.

The building is always clean, and is taken care of really well. The club room, study rooms, and gym are all really good amenities offered to residents. The office is really good everyone that works there knows your name, and they’re always helpful.

The staff are absolutely wonderful. They’re kind, courteous, and helpful. The maintenance staff are super friendly as well. The area is great—there’s plenty of places to eat, shop, and hangout. Additionally, since it’s located on Main Street, campus is close, along with a plethora of other shops and restaurants.

very good! The location is very convenient. There is school bus which you can take to go to school without walking. There are some stores that you can buy stuff very easily.

This is a wonderful place in terms of location and amenities. It has met all my expectations and I've had a very pleasant stay so far. Keep up the good work!

Apartment is great, only price is not nice. Every person is friendly here. Package system is efficient. You can make an appointment to fix something in your room online but needs time.

Good place. Needs to update coffee more. Good distance from college. People are nice. Rent is high but i mean you get what you need so it's aight.

this is an overall great experience. The staff is always super helpful and friendly, the building is very nice and always clean. There is also so many promos and offers that they have.

Very good living environment with a caring and easy to talk to staff. Very good standards for the price tag on rent espicially with all the amenities are are included.

I enjoy living at One Easton. It is a great community and the staff is awesome. I like the fact that everything is included and the amenities that are provided to us as residents and even our family/friends.

Good and modern space and amenities. Friendly and helpful staff. OK value for money. However, walls and ceilings are thin so there is substantial noise.