The staff at the South office defines leave a lot to be desired. They handled my lease very poorly and I didn’t get any assistance until I visited the North Campus. It seems as though the south office is run by college kids with no sense of responsibility or professionalism. They lost several forms I had signed and never communicated with each other when I did come in. They spent roughly a month asking to speak to the girl whose room I had taken over officially even though I told them multiple times that I was now the resident and that she had moved out. I have also had various workers who do not speak English show up outside my bedroom windows unannounced to do “maintenance”. When I complained about this they stated it wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately this was a lie as it’s now happened almost weekly. This place could be nice if the staff that managed the North office hired some adults with actual business experience to run the South campus

Hard time getting through lease process, but I made it, even though my friend is still having troubles. Hopefully actually staying in the apartments won’t be as frustrating. Hoping for the best.

The people that work here are very accommodating. I love the amenities. During the summer, they also have free food on Friday’s and and great leasing deals!

my experience wasn’t great. it was fine at first until stuff started breaking down and my apartment flooded bc of people on a different floor. the aftermath wasn’t fun and the maintenance crew refused to believe there was mold in my bathroom in several places. do a better job.

I love one south, I chose this to be my first living on my own facility because it was close to campus and it has similar amenities like the dorms but better.

Staff in the office could be more understanding. There was multiple occasions where I had to go to the office over 5 times for a situation I asked them to help me with. (My mailbox key wasn’t the correct one. They kept pushing it aside and just remaking me a key. When I kept telling them it wasn’t the right key at all, that they needed to come check if the main key was the same as the one that they kept giving me. By the 6th time I got a new key they finally decided to give me the right key. After a week and a half of not receiving mail.) do better please.

I feel like everything is old and smells like smoke. It really needs an update before I consider renewing. Having a dog park might allow me to get a pet too or at least hang out with others pets

I don't really like the management at all sorry their kinda rude and won't be reasonable with me about paying my utilities next month after I told them I don't have the money right now

I Like living at one Illinois south but I hate having roommates. If they had cheaper one bed rooms I would renew my lease. But the apartment are nice.

It’s ok! Quiet. But from previous month experience I felt I live in a bad neighborhood. We had cops at 3 am and a lot of drama in the parking lot.

It’s been pretty good now. The staff is helpful and it has a good vide around the campus. We have been treated well and everything seems to work well.

My stay here is for the most part okay. There are cool people here and a lot of fun events and things to do. I'm really excited about the pool area being opened!

This location is very convenient and close to campus. I enjoy that there is a bus stop right in front of my building. There's always fun things to do here at one south. However, security sucks!

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My experience with one south has been great so far .we had a little bump n the road n the beginning but they worked with me and we got everything figured out !

Awesome place to live! Great community, amenities and facilities. Overall very clean. Staff is very kind and helpful. Maintenance is on time. I would definitely recommend living here to all my friends and colleagues.

The parking lot needs some tlc. Also I can hear my neighbors above me. At times it sound like a stampede. Also I believe there may be insulation issues because over the winter my utilities were high and I never even turned the heat past 70 degrees..

There are often loud people who live in and visit my building. There have been many nights where individuals are yelling and being loud. While there are nice people, I don't feel comfortable here and always a little on edge.

I have had a great experience living here. My apartment is very nice and the maintenance have always been good about fixing anything whenever I needed it fixed, and they do it promptly.

You guys fix anything that is broken. You never bother me. Your apartment furniture is very nice to be included in the deal. I love that you guys give out deals.

Great people. Quite neighborhood. I love the free food and study area. Can’t wait till it’s summer ready for the pool. Also enjoy the indoor pool as well. And the gym is great

Allot of space and I like the resources that are available for me and my fellow friends and roommates to use and also I like the basketball court

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I love one south They treat me and my pup so well I’m glad to. Call one my home and I’m is hsoyh excited for my friends to Niven in with me

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As a first time apartment renter I am very satisfied with the community. There are lots of activities such as basketball and the gym. Everyone seems really nice and friendly

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The room is exactly what I anticipated. I have been disappointed with billing, and maintenance. My door barely locks and nothing has been done

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