I think our apartment community is nice. Feels very safe to have police patrolling and watching over us. I appreciate that our mail is kept safe

One south has great amenities for the price. I just wish that I chose different roommates and the that are apartment building isn’t all the way in the back. Due to this it takes like 7 minutes to walk to the but stop

Is not the best or worst place to live. I would only recommend one Illinois south if your looking for something cheap. If your looking to live with your friends I would recommend.

Been here for nearly 2 years There are usually fun activities that the staff sponsors. The staff are usually very kind and helpful (mainly referencing just one south because I have not spoken to those of one north)

Very good place to live:). I love it here rent rate are great not to much coming out you're pocket. The office staff are kind and nice always help you with what you need.

It's great. I really enjoy it here it's a wonderful environment filled with great people. Really look forward to the pool and the other great things around here.

My experience with one south so far has been very good haven’t had any problems except for my cable not working other than that my stay with them is fine

The community is ok, but not many events occur. They should throw events for the community like game nights, movies nights and whatnot and provide food.

The fire alarm keeps going off at night and early in the mornings. Our entrance door started to peel off. Other than that everything else is manageable.

Very nice and caring staff. The living conditions are great. A quiet environment and have a lot of activities for residents. I enjoy everything about this complex

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The apartment itself is nice and well maintained. The staff is also really nice. However, not enough is done about neighbors that constantly make unreasonable amounts of noise. We were told the lease of a problematic neighbor would be terminated, but nothing was ever done. In addition, the parking lot and side walks could be cleaned better after it snows.

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Prompt services and clean apartments are what OneSouth offers. I am happy to be a part of ONE community. Apartments have all the needed facilities and services which one could ask for. I have had no issues by far! Also, great discounts are being offered by the management!

I'm giving One South 3.5 stars because it's drawbacks are it's location, the maintaince of the driving paths and theirbefforts toward security. The apartments are constructed fine, although they are an older community. You have to have a reliable, efficient means of transportation because the only nearby-place that could be useful is the gas station around the block. Otherwise, it has a bus stop outside the gates, but that is run by the city and caters to students mainly during university operating days. I've live here year-round for the last two years and find it challenging to move around from this community because the bus system spaces pick up a so far apart without simple transfers when school is not in session. Lastly, I'm become very upset with how the parking lot and security is not consistently maintained. The roads in the parking lot seem to have bunch of potholes each year near the entrance that go unfixed for months. Also, in the winter they are not quick to clean snow and ice. This then accumulates and makes bumpy, unsafe driving. The gates have never served to keep non-residents out and the guard only works at night. When the gate did work, my name wasn't connected to a working code to let me or guests in.

I’ve had a good experience here the only thing that’s really bothered me is the lockout fee because I’m very forgetful but Otherwise I like it here

Very helpful when I need it. Always polite when I come in. When I have a problem they fix it right away and I really appreciate that. I have no complaints.

Staff is friendly and nice but the apartments need remodeling. They are cold and the parking lots gather lots of water and ice. Maintenance could be better.

It is a very good place to live. Great price and reasonable location to the university. Makes my life easier on commute. There are also lots of place to park.