I have an excellent stay at one12 it provides an exceptional setting to focus on your learning while also provide the most ideal spot for recreational activities

Living at One12 is good other than the weed smoke smell in the hallways . I like my room but it’s a little noisy by the pool . There should be more security at the pool so people can’t turn up the tv or stay out there all hours of the night

The staff is nice and the rooms are huge. However you cannot break your lease which sucks. There’s also drug deals so be careful. They said there’s 24 hour security but there’s not

So far I love One12! Things may change as the year progresses but so far, I have no complaints. I mean, as long as you have your key and are pretty civil with the rules and regulations, you shouldn’t have any problems

One12 is a really nice place to stay and to call a home away from home. Everything is nice and neat and clean. The amenities are also a big plus.

Staff is so friendly here. When I came in for a problem they fixed it easily with no complaining. Getting my account set up was easy to follow directions.

The place is very convienient. It is a very comfortable area to live in at such a young age. I definitely will be staying here for a while. I also love how the gym is right downstairs. The entire community is very convienent.

Apartment location is great for walking to my classes. Sometimes filling out a report for maintenance takes a minute, but thats fine as long as what I need gets fixed.

I really love one12 Courtland, the people here are amazing. It's a safe environment. One12 Courtland tired to make it more then just a place to live, I said that because they are always hosting an event for us here.

So far it’s been mediocre, not great not bad. Communication with staff could be better (no one answers the phone). I would recommend software to assist those who want to sublet to help residents find apartments/rent their apartments.

I really enjoy living here. Just sucks only having one elevator go to the garage for building one. It also sucks that the pool tables no longer have the sticks, or the ping pong table only has one paddle and no ball.

I genuinely enjoy living at one12, things like the carpets in the hallway could be better. The deal here is the best around though. We have a gym, a pool, a great community, personable security officers (always nice and maintaining safety), an active leasing office, and hard working custodial staff. The location, price, and amenities are hard to beat.

Great and safe for me..close to nice restaurants,hotels,bars and stores...near five point matter station,close to CNN and Mercedes stadium..

the staff is very nice and handled any questions I had. the building is very nice and the amenities provided are very nice I really like one12

This place is such Great student housing, such a good facility and convenient place to live. The price is worth all the luxuries you get from living here

Very clean, great apartment to stay! Very close to Georgia State. One 12 makes the environment feel really safe. Apartments are always clean. I would definitely recommend to a friend

so far, so good. It was really easy to complete the lease online. Looking forward to being able to use the grill for some cookouts. The swimming pool is sounding good too.

Really luxury living, nice place, comes furnished at reasonable price for downtown. I recommend this place to any students at GSU. It's way better than dorming.

Cortland is a very nice place to live, there are multiple things that they can improve though like fixing some gym equipment, the pool table and new cues.

The office staff is always so friendly! I’m down there often, but they’re always patient with me and are always positive. I’m in the mail room so much Bryce(not sure of correct spelling) has learned my name.

Everyone has been very helpful. I’ve had a great experience and I would totally recommend it to someone looking for a place to stay close to downtown

i personally enjoy staying here. as a student it is very convenient . very close to classes as well as personal needs such as having my own bathroom and washer and dryer and kitchen. i have a great view as well

In the last few weeks, I've noticed with new management, major improvements! This place feels safer and cleaner and the staff is very friendly. The only thing is every time I walk out in the hallways, I see trash everywhere.

I love the facility, however I can’t stand the animals. The events and functions are always nice & the workout room is by far the best I’ve seen in an apartment clubhouse!

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I love living at One12, right in the heart of Atlanta ❤️ How could you not love it? Staff, amenities, and mantinece are great. I would definitely suggest living here for the perfect college experience.

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