I love the amenities like the game room and the utilities being included in the rent so for me thats less stress and confusion, i also that I have a lock on my room door.

Beautiful place to stay in. Overall a good experience. People help you out as soon as they can. They have a beautiful court yard and pool area.

The building maintenance has improved. The events held by the staff are a great way for residents to get to know each other. The security could be more helpful & respectful. If there is a way to change them keeping guest IDs that would be great too

Overall it's been good, the price is on the high side and there's lots of things in my apartment that have been broken, and we've gotten it "temporarily fixed" by the maintenance.

I like the style of the apartments & the welcoming environment. I also like the fact that Waffle house is connected, so whenever i’m hungry I can just go there.

Ive been here since October and so far so good. I love how involved staff is residents and how much they so their appreciation. Love all the amenities one12 offers.

They appartments are great. However, they are not stiff enough on the cleanliness of the apartments and on they rules they place. Apart from that,I like the apartments

IT really be aight though. Like we get events and stuff like that and thats really cool. Sometimes security can be a pain but oh well hahadddd

The amenities are good but please do a better job of choosing residents and roommate matching. Also, be more efficient in dealing with issues.

residents here are nice, cool. Building is mostly nice, halls get trash thrown often and garbage shoot room is disgusting, smell all down the hallway.

great!the environment is awesome and wonderful,people living there is so nice,it is also very convenient to shop or dinner,in short,it is a great place!

It’s great! Staff is great! Rooms are up to date. They do take some time to get in contact with you. I received an incentive at the beginning of the year that i have yet to get

Needs better management. Several incidents occur and it still hasn't been resolved which is unprofessional. The parking and guest check in is not a good idea.

It's pretty good. Good location, nice people and nice apartments. When there is a problem, it is usually fixed really quickly and they haven't lost any packages so thats good.

Very nice and comfortable place to stay. Diverse and fun. The amenities are very convenient and is 24 hours. There could be a little more cleaning because the hallways always have trash.

I love this place because I get to meet a lot of new people. The staff here too is great especially with helping me whenever I have issues to deal with.

The apartment complex is nice and i enjoy living here. It is very convenient as it is within walking distance of not only Georgia State University, but a Marta Station as well.

Great place for students , location is great lots of restaurants,lounges , clubs in the area . I‎t Maybe just a tad bit over priced for the size of rooms but it’s understandable for location and amenities that’s included

The people in the office have been extremely helpful thus far. Maintenance has been quick at attending to issues. I also love the events that One12 puts together. One thing that can be improved is he security officers and visitation policies. There needs to be a better system instead of keeping IDs.

I like living here because the rooms are bigger than the ones in campus and it's kind of cheaper if we take into accoubt the size of the rooms. And the people in the office are really professional.

Really nice and relaxed living environment. Increased security is a great add. Also the size the individual rooms are very nice as well. The kitchen is a good size as well

One12 has been a great experience. I am a student how works. Living at one12 had been so convenient for me because it is so close to my school and work.

I actually really love this place. it’s so close to everything and i feel super safe! i have i day my favorite part is all the stuff that the staff does for us like parties and stuff. it’s great

Management could be more efficient in completing certain tasks and keeping me readily informed as changes occur. Everyone in the office is friendly though and somewhat helpful.

My apartment complex always have exciting activities every week for the us to join. I really love living here! The pool area is really nice as well.