Living at one12 has been a wonderful experience. The apartments are nice, the furniture is clean, everything works. They do a really good job of making the residents feel comfortable. I feel safe living here and I am always having a good time. The apartments also have a good amount of space.

Its really just okay. at the end of the day i feel like your home is what you make it.and if you have good roommates you will be fine.But if you have bad roommates then your experience here would be horrible

So far so good. Maintenance comes when needed, quickly and efficiently. No real complaints right now! Neighbors and roommates are cool. The front office always has stuff to do.

i like staying in one12 but it is really dirty. i dont like the stairway and the elevator smell its really disgusting. bit i love the price for rent

The maintenance team could be a little more responsive, but other than that it’s ok. The security team is nice. I fee a bit more protected here.

I have had a pretty good experience so far, everything is great aside from my sink not working. However, I like my room and it's proximity to campus

Great location, maintenance needs to be more proficient. Very convenient, best area in the city. Security needs to be on it more for safety purposes.

The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful in building 1. Secondly, the security actively assured that ransoms are not entering the building, especially during later/ darker hours. As a college student in downtown ATL, 112 has made the moving experience great. I am glad I moved here.

I love it. The people are great and the environment is clean and safe. I love that there are games to play and weekly activities for residents.

It is an awesome place to live near campus to study, relax and make friends. It also has cool events that happens through out the school year.

It’s been cool living here it’s very convenient for class and moving around in the city and by the bus and train station sometimes wish maintance is better but overall not a bad place to live

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The staff here is extremely friendly and helpful . The Maintenance staff usually comes the next day or two to fix whatever problem I have . Also , theres always some type of activity going on for residents to gain something ( groceries, concert tickets etc ).

I love living here. The location is the most convenient thing because it’s downtown and it’s really close to my school. However shops are not the closest thing, but there are still some fast foods close by.

I’ve had a great experience living here at 112. The only thing is the thin walls and it’s extremely annoying if your neighbor has a dog, but other than that it’s awesome.

I have had no problems except for the elevators. There is only one working and when in a rush it is very inconvenient. The complex is close to the school as well which is good.

Beautiful living environment. everyone is super friendly and very nice. it is also close to my school which is a very helpful thing to have.

Everythings pretty solid but the trash system is kind of nasty. People abuse the amenities, however inside the rooms are pretty decent. We've ocassionally gotten baby cockroaches.

Overall a nice experience at One12 Courtland Apartments. One aspect that could improve is the maintenance and quality of service, especially at the front desk.

It’s lovely living at one 12 it’s great access to the Georgia state campus as well as to all the public transportation around the metro Atlanta area

I like my apartment. It has an amazing view. I like how the utilities are included and the amenities that are included. The property needs to be more clean and needs better security

Honestly for the price it’s worth it, the staff is nice and will do their best to get you what you need as fast as they can. Plus it convenient.

apartment was dirty when I first moved it, plus we have had countless issues with plumbing, bugs, and doors not working, The halls are dirty

It’s been so relaxing. I love the peace and quiet of the apartment, and the leisure areas are top-class. My lease agreement is a one-year agreement but I’m 100% sure I’m gonna sign. A new lease here

It can be more clean in the elevators and my card stay getting deactivated every other day. Also , it’ll be great if it was better security for around the complex, because I have gotten harassed by stranger older men pulling up on me as if their trying to kidnap or something odd.