I have had nothing but good experiences especially with management. They were on time all the time and I was able to share a good experience with them. I hope my apartment is the start of my eye!

Overall, the other residents are disgusting and childish. There is trash, piss, and filth everywhere. There needs to be cameras on every floor because this is ridiculous.

Not the best to live. My first year felt so long. Started with a mix-up on living situations and then a bug infestation. Somehow it gradually got worse.

The amenities are great as well as the location. The hallways and elevators could use more maintenance but a great place for student housing

Can’t wait to move in. I’ve been searching for a place for a while and I want to see what is in store for me at one12 and what living here will be like

One12 is very convenient for attending Georgia State. The amenities are pretty nice if only people didn’t abuse them. The one problem I have is with the trash system it’s kind of nasty and inefficient

Property manager Amber always says hello. Events all the time for residential interactions. . Perfect location. Waffle House and Subway in the building is so convenient

In my experience living at One12 Courtland, it has been relatively okay. The staff tries to accommodate as much as they can however some residents don’t care for the area they live in. Simple things such as putting the trash away or looking after their pets don’t happen which adds to my dismay.

It’s okay! I stay in a 2 bedroom! I wish the carpets leading to the rooms were a bit cleaner but other than that I can’t really complain. Pricing is a bit steep

One12 has the potential to be great. My biggest issue is the cleanliness. Also, elevators need to be updated.. they break down quite often. Props to your staff as they are very nice. This building has gotten better since I first moved. Keep it up.

This has absolutely been one of the worst experiences i could have ever imagined. I have wasted my money on an absolutely horrid apartment. Over priced and gross.

Very relaxing In downtown overtime it is so smooth and I have coat with my psychological well-being scad students Fashion Major Business Marketing

Trash , this place is horrible and you guys should be ashamed to even have this place still up. It’s dirty and the management is horrible.. do better

Very quiet in building 1. Could have better hygiene & better furniture as well as exercise equipment. Like the free food that the leasing office sometimes gives away.

I cannot say that this has been the best housing complex I have had the opportunity to live in but At least I have a roof over my head. xoxo

It’s nasty. There are bugs everywhere. And maintenance sucks. Someone got robbed in the parking deck. But since then security has gotten better.

Consistency lacks when residing here... it’s not kept up as it should be but that falls on the residents and the staff.... it’s definitely not worth the price and there is a roach problem!!

It's a good location and it's nice that utilities are included. The pool is nice and I like walking to class. I have lived here for one year and just resigned my lease

I’ve had a great experience living here at 112. The only thing is the thin walls and it’s extremely annoying if your neighbor has a dog, but other than that it’s awesome.

Bugs every where. Holes in walls. Halls smell like bad. Elevator work half the time. Stairwells are filthy. Security is terrible. Carpet is torn up by birds and other scootering devices.

Terrible. The building is disgusting, not kept up with at all. The 1st building is seemingly much cleaner than the 2nd building. Security staff is a joke, They seem to stop certain people and hassle and do their expected job by asking for IDs or key cards. But allow some residents they have made friends with let their guests walk through freely. There's no security guard at the lobby post most times. Residents with pets have no regulations enforced upon them, they let their dogs do their business everywhere and not pick up after them. Needless to say, living here is not work $869+ a month

I like living there, it’s in a great area. The staff is move. The rugs in the hallway could be cleaned more but overall great place to live when you’re a student. I would recommend others. Washer dryers should be updated too though.

I have came and I have visited and I can say that I love the place whole heartedly. Everyone that I saw there was so nice , and even the staff were all nice to me as well.

Really nice location and utilities. Lots of people my age. Waffle House and Subway are super convenient. Marta too. Building just need major upgrades.

The convenience is really nice and the staff are very helpful. However I feel that the security could be better. I also feel that the area could be cleaned up a little more.