I think overall one12 has so much potential but it needs better up keep. We need cameras on the hallways and we need to invest more into areas where students can connect and socialize. I have been living here for three years now and it definitely has went down

Everyone is so friendly and will start a conversation with you. It is pet friendly, which i love. The leasing office will try and fix problems as soon as possible.

I love the location of one12 but it could be so much better. The pool area needs to be improved . Some of the flooring on the floors needs to be improved and security needs to stop letting people that don’t live here sneak in

My experience here hasn’t been that bad. Nice size room with a good view. I do wish the building itself was more clean as far a small the trash room and stair wells.

A very pleasant experience and interaction, Mostly only problem is the cleaning situation, however besides that it’s been a good experience, and peaceful

Very friendly good attitude & very informative during the visit ; all my questions of mine and my mothers were answered we were sold on the property the first day!

Great location and friendly staff. Leasing office did a great job at answering all my questions that I had. The pool is amazing and so is my view from my unit

Great place to be. Just moved in and it is... very great. A little bug problem along with things I’ve heard about mold but roommates are great.

I like my apartment community at times it can be a bit rough just because there’s a lot of people sometimes security is not taken seriously because people still sneak in

Very cool and excited. I can’t wait for everything else to play out for me. I can’t wait to decorate everything especially the bathroom I have some nice ideas.

It is a pretty fair and good place to stay at honestly. It is in the city. It is close to the Georgia University school campus. Everything is included as well

I’ve lived here for 2 weeks now. When I first moved in my room mates were a but dirty and there was a fly problem, it did eventually get resolve; however it did take a little bit of time. There’s also an issue with my door that I have to keep reminding them to fix. Other than that the amenities are nice and this is an easily affordable place for this area.

Location is convenient to GSU. Price is reasonable for a downtown apartment. The staff and security personal seem to do a good job keeping the complex safe.

The apartments are fairly quiet and it's great for GSU students. The common areas aren't always the cleanest but the maintenance and cleaning staff try their best to keep up and make it a decent place to live

One12 has given me many memories last year and i didnt even live there. I am actually living here this year. so i cant wait to see what it has in store for me

It’s been a fun time. I like this apartment Complex because it is so close to campus and everyone here is so nice. There are so many cool things like the rewards program.

I love living here so far. It's quiet and pet friendly even though I do not have a pet. I would recommend this place to my family and friend's.

Love it!!!!! Despite the bad things I actually like it here, I guess everybody’s experience Ian different but I haven’t had any problems so far.

Don’t live here it’s terrible and trash. The walls have holes in them and the carpets had stains from who knows what. It constantly smells like weed.

Dirty building covered in Urine and roaches. Elevators barely work. Security is never there nor care about safety. The parking garage is covered in trash

The people are nice. The elevators smell gross but my room is pretty cool. The security isn’t bad but it could be way better. The front desk isn’t bad but that could be better too

What was once good is now bad. Everything was was going great until I received an email on something I didn’t agree with and now have to live with.

The only good thing about this place were some of the matinance people. Other than that, two of my three roommates barely let me get any sleep. They would let their friends in our living room, smoking pot and cooking or partying in the middle of the night. If I can help it, I am NEVER coming back.

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I’m ready to move in. Love the views from the apartment bedroom. Great for Georgia state students. Two blocks alway from classes and nearby restaurants. Nice pool side.

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The lack of upkeep really stops this place from reaching is true potential. The halls smell something is always breaking down and the only reason why anyone cares now is because the Mix is up and coming and it is beautiful and stealing your residents away. The people who live here deserve to be treated with respect and get their monies worth. The Mix is gorgeous with beautiful and generous amenities and you can tell they know what they will be doing. It is sad the condition of this place. If it was a regular apartment it would have been shut down forever ago. But the management mistreats this place because we are students who need a place to stay. That is why one12 is losing their residents and money.

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