My experience here so far as be amazing! I love the staff and people around me. This is definitely the college vibe I was looking for! One12 is one of the best places I've lived in since I got to the city.

Courtland is a great way to make friends with all of Atlanta’s college students! We have Georgia State, SpellHouse, SCAD, and more! It’s great.

Overall, the staff is very friendly, and the rooms are nice. My bed is larger than a twin, which I was not expecting for a student living apartment.

I love the location. I love my unit and room. I love the staff and security. I get free tea almost every morning from the leasing office! The vending machines are convenient when I need a snack. Waffle House is right on the corner for 24 hr cooked food. Free gym, pool, and pool table area which comes in handy when I have certain company, study sessions, and business meetings. The good definitely outweighs the bad. Ive been here for 2 months and I'm very pleased with my stay.

The management has messed up mine and my roommates billing account and do not seem urgent to fix important things like that, but other than that its been fine living here. Also the carpets in the halls need to be fixed asap lol trashy af

Hi I really like the house set up at the residence it is very nice.the way the bath an lock on door combination is outstanding also my few is wonderful I love the private parking

Meh its okay. Somewhere to lay your head. Utilities included some people complain but stuff like that happens on your first day. As long as you pay rent on time and be to yourself you'll be fine.

One12 is a very neat and affordable apartment I do think the $90 parking fee is too high but other than that, I throughly enjoy my stay here

Right in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Plenty of amenities for residents. Friendly staff and security. Fun events put on for residents every once in a while

I really enjoy living at 112 , Just Need a few things touched up and it would be perfect. The Pool is always clean , you’ll find many of your fellow residents there hanging out.

I move in not too long ago and had absolutely no one to room with. One12 assigned me a roommate and we get along very well. One12 is a cool place to live.

I like the security, have problems with cleanliness of floors. Cooperative staff. Near to campus,the rent is quite high according to student budget..they don't even provide roommate according to the preference

Super friendly staff. Decent place to live since it’s basically right on campus. There is a huge gnat and ant problem. Maintenance were supposed to help, but ants are still here

MY experience at One12 Courtland has been an exciting one. The rooms are very nice and they include hard wood floors and granite counter tops which I love.

I love the apartment setup and the location. I was very lucky when getting my room, because I have a great layout, and I have great roommates. The community is slowly getting closer to one another. The weekly activities are a nice touch.

I love one12. The staff is nice and living here is a blessing. They help me with all my needs and anything I need assistance with around the building.

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My stay here has been a pleasant I. I like my Apartment, all my appliances worked, the heating and air works good as well. overall Ive enjoyed myself

the community is great but i wish there were more yoga classes the one you do clashes with my class. the security protocol seems to be changing all the time which is also annoying

I love living here nut sometimes the guards are inconsistent with the rules. Other than that it's fine. I wish the check in process didn't exist; that makes it feel like a college dorm.

A lot of rules like we live in a dorm, but overall good experience. The staff is very nice and helpful, security can be a bit much at times but I know they are concerned about our safety.

Very fun and enjoyable , love the pool. It's a little loud around my room and there's bugs all over my apartment which is really nasty. Other that I love it

I think the community is nice. The environment is normally cool. I just do not like having to check people in or having room check ups because I feel like I live back in the resident halls.

The building itself is nice. Sometimes the staff can be really antagonistic and I feel like they expect the worst from residents. A lot of residents smoke weed and it can get really smelly.

So far, so good! With the amenities and awesome staff, I'm super happy with my choice to stay at One12. If we ever have an issue, they quickly resolve the problem and the security guards are super nice!