It hasn’t been great so far!! Everyone that works here has been very helpful I can’t wait to start the semester, and meet lots of great people!!

Living at one ten for the past couple of years has been nothing but amazing. I’ve been taken care of and treated as family along with meeting friends I’ll never forget.

Great! I have loved living here at OneTen. Beautiful place to live and if you're a student or parent concerned a living situation, you would not make a mistake choosing this place.

OneTen has Been great so far and I have enjoyed many of the great amenities like the pool, the tanning bed and the fun dog park! I look forward to a great year with them!

Living at Oneten is great and the amenities make it even more worth your while! Gabbing you’re own bathroom makes this the perfect space to live too.

I have loved living at One Ten. It has made the transition into college life easier, and been a lot of fun. And I get to room with my best friend

I love living oneten! I do get upset when the breezeways are messy and there is dog poop in the grass, but the dog poop has gotten better. The staff is always there to help!

Great place to live! Great amenities! Love my roommates! I also like how convient it is from everything! Going to be sad next year when I gotta leave!

Love love love the administrative staff at one ten!!! They go above and beyond for their residents! Any problem has been quickly addressed and fixed!

Every person working there has been super helpful with every phone call! Every time I have came over from Biloxi, I always leave very satisfied and ready to call OneTen HOME!

I’m going to really enjoy living here. It’s everything I could’ve hoped for in an apartment complex! The leasing office is very friendly and helpful in answering any questions you have!

Over enjoyed staying at a oneTen, it’s not horrible but it’s it great every either. like the apartments are nice, the staff is nice, but some things are unkept and the parking lot usually has a ton of trash and animals just go where they please and their secretions fern left and cause smells lol even the stairs smell bad and are super dirty. also sometimes the noise levels are a but much and not at night but early in the morning people blast music and nothing ian done about it. so like for right now its okay, but am i ready to go? yes

The staff has proven to be very helpful and always quick to respond to any questions or concerns on almost all platforms. One ten is extremely accommodating and has all the essential amenities that a tenant could need.

Amazing experience! Loved the staff and the events they hosted. Nothing but positive vibes here at oneten. I moved in here with my friends from high school and we loved it.

So far the vibes of this community have been positive and uplifting! The staff always tries their best to encourage the residents and make sure they are comfortable.

Good environment! Neighbors are friendly and the staff is very reliable as well. Any questions you have they have problem answering them as we’ll as helping.

Spectacular place to live while in school! Very convenient and top of the line apartments! My favorite amenities would have to be the pool, gym, and the study area.

I haven’t moved in yet, but the staff has been very helpful and friendly. I love everything that comes with the apartment and the community. I’m very excited to live at One Ten with my besties!

I haven't moved in yet but from what I've experienced so far the staff is very nice and helpful and the grounds are really pretty as well. The only thing I didn't like is when you go to pay your rent online if you don't know your bank account and routing number you have to pay like a 26$ convenience fee which is ridiculous and it takes awhile to find out who you'll room with and in what apartment which I understand but still wish we would know sooner.

I love living at one ten, it’s convenient and there are so many amenities. I like laying out by the pool all day and also the staff is so helpful with everything. I highly recommend living at one ten

Absolutely fantastic!! MUCH better than staying in campus! My favorite part is the welcoming staff at OneTen! Truly feels like a family- I hope to stay here for the rest of my academic career

I haven’t started living here yet but so far, the staff has been exceptional! They are available to help in anyway possible and are very appreciative of you!

I may not have started yet, but I absolutely cannot wait to start the process! The management has been unbelievable incredible. Even better than chic fil a. From that alone, I have already had an amazing experience with oneten.

I haven’t been experiencing he best when it pertains to the conditions and maintenance of my apartment. The ice machine was broken for while along with, my showers drain, and the a/c.

I have lived here for almost 3 years now and absolutely love it! I've met some of my best friends here and love my neighbors! OneTen staff makes sure they do whatever they can to help with needs!