My experience at Ora Flagler Village has been excellent so far. I moved into my one bedroom apartment back in September and have enjoyed living in this community very much! :)

I love living here, we have a great corner unit with a large balcony and a very spacious apartment at that. The only thing I would have to mention is the bass in some of the apartments nearby, at night when I am trying to sleep some residents tend to have their volume up way higher than normal which can be a nuisance. The walls are definitely not soundproof that’s for sure. Also the paint on the walls seem to be a little on the cheap side since it marks up very easily to the slightest touch, I think you may have to look into an upgraded paint for the next job. Besides that I love all the amenities and the staff is very friendly!

Highly recommended. Great location, amazing staff, beautiful apartments and great amenities. I just wish there was a dog park area and a jacuzzi

Can’t hear my neighbors and the staff is very nice and welcoming. The gym and pool makes me feel like I’m in a hotel. They also have events that allow us to befriend our beighbors

Overall everything has been great at Ora. It’s in a great location, amenities are all well maintained and every resident has been respectful of being quiet at night. I appreciate that management stepped in and has decreased the occurrences of pets relieving themselves in the garage. Only request I have left is adding more Tesla chargers and fixing the broken charger on the 5th floor.

I like just about everything about Ora apartments, their amenities, employees, neighbors, view, the price was the best at the time but comparatively a little higher than near by buildings. A few things that need to get better are cell service in the apartment while being off WiFi, I can hear neighbors dog, and doors slam.

Things are mostly pretty good but residents don't have much respect for "no own music at the pool" rule. Not so big problem lately, just a small pick.

I like the old management better. The elevators, payment portal, and vending machines never broke then plus they did free cold brew coffee everyday.

The only issues is the mess that people leave by by the garbage shoots on the sixth floor. There is always animal feces smeared on the floor other than that I love the ora and also wish the pool didn't close so early. I feel at home and love coming home to my beautiful apartment.

Very nice place, amazing clean, nice people, amazing pool, grill, very well managed! Such a good location with a lots of bars, restaurants, good vibes!

I love it here. I wish this building was not just rentals. I wish I can buy a place here. I love the neighborhood and the amenities. Great value!

I am coming up on 2 years of living in Ora, and while the amenities and location are fantastic, the management and maintenance teams are what makes it superlative. They know the residents, the resident pets, and go out of their way to make the residential experience special. Thank you Brenda, Erica, Jonathan, and the rest of the management and maintenance teams!

I came from out of town (NYC) and had a lot of requirements when hunting for apartments. I spent about 6 months researching different areas and apartments in Fort Lauderdale before visiting. ORA had everything I wanted for the most part and I think the price is reasonable compared to the other newer buildings (which are generally in the same area), so it was a no brainer. You can sometimes hear neighbors muffled when talking, but that's about it, I haven't heard anything from my bedroom regarding neighbors which is great. I wish my balcony door had a screen, disappointing I can't open it fully but I leave it open often anyway and have never had an issue with bugs. The garage is tight, but completely doable. I feel like my car is very safe there. If you get home later in the evening you might not get a spot on your floor, but there's always spots on the top of the garage. Package delivery is amazing. I'm on the opposite end of the building, so probably have one of the longest walks to get to the lobby area, but you find the best ways and shortcuts to navigate. All my packages get delivered, never been stolen, and sometimes they'll bring larger packages to my door. They have little carts for you to bring packages up as well which is super helpful. Absolutely loveee the Amazon Hub/Locker! I was worried when I first moved in that there was going to be a new management company. Usually that doesn't always happen well. But honestly, they've been doing great so far. Maintenance is always cleaning the grounds, fixing things if needed. My main flaw would be there is no intercom system, so it's very difficult if you have guests or need to have food delivered. You have to go out of your way to get someone in, but again, that does make me feel safe as far as people gaining access to the building. When I came in for a tour I instantly fell in love with the apartments and it's now been about 2 months since I moved in and I am absolutely 150% happy with my decision. Everyone does a great job. No place is ever perfect (since everyone has their own opinions) but I'm extremely happy. I felt so bad when I moved in and kept buying things, meaning lots of large boxes that I couldn't fit in the recycling shoots, but they took care of everything. So I'm extremely grateful for the maintenance team onsite for that. No regrets and highly recommend ORA Flagler Village.

Great amenities and location. The staff are always friendly and helpful. High ceilings in the apartment makes your space feel open. Monthly events to meet other residents are awesome.

So far we love it! Staff has been attentive and very nice. Facility is beautiful. We love our apartment. Only feedback is systems are sometimes down and the Parking lot feels dangerous since residents speed through it.

Since moving in, things have been great. Everything is clean, neighbors are friendly, and location is perfect for us. Other than wishing we had a sticker for the garage rather than having to put out our keys, no complaints!

Love living at ORA Flagler Village. Live here for more than a year and do not plan to move out. The staff is professional, they always are ready to help. Did not have any issues with our neighbors: no loud music, no parties or other event that can interfere in the evenings or at night. All the building is always clean and well maintained and even if something is not working - it will be fixed in 1-2 days (depending on the problem).

Great location and amenities with a great staff and just all around fantastic neighbors. So happy to have made this move to ORA and there isn’t anything I would change. Thanks ORA!!!

Love my time at Ora, great building with great amenities, clean , safe and a nice place to meet others in the area. Great at making events to meet and try new places in Flagler, too.

Although I have just recently moved into ORA, the experience so far has been great. I love the apartment and the amenities here. The location is great, providing easy access to downtown and the beach. I’m so happy with my decision to move here.

I really enjoy living at Ora! Great community, lovely staff and central location in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Has some things they can work on a little to improve the community overall, however nothing different than anywhere else! 5-stars, 100%.

So far, so good. I've lived in Ora for a few weeks now and I'm extremely happy I made the move. They made a really great use of the space and I love my apartment.

It’s been great! We love all the amenities and our floor is super friendly. The staff is amazing and we love the activities they create for the residents.

Beautiful community with very nice people in the front office and living here as well. I love how close it to plenty of good restaurants and other places to go and enjoy.

I love the pool gym and common area. It’s gorgeous. I wish there were less bugs near the pool. I am also confused about the practice of hosting private events in the common spaces. This can be awkward or put people out. But in general I am very happy here so far.