Love the community and the area. Friendly and helpful neighbors. I’ve lived here for 4 years now, and this community is one of the best ones in Hunters Creek.

Great place to live. Perfect for your children. Quiet and peaceful and you can take walks around without being fearful. My kids love this place.

Moved to Osprey Links from Tampa. I Tavel a lot but have enjoyed my time. Quiet, serene surroundings make coming home from work, my apartment is a retreat to relax.

Love the location and the view. But parking is horrible. Never enough spaces and usually have to park far from the building or on side of the curb

Osprey Links is a quiet, nice complex. Not a lot of noise (except for the drummer downstairs). Management leaves you to your own devices. Nice amenities (gym, pool) and close to lots of great places to eat and shop!

I've been here going on 3 years and I have to say it's been truly a great experience. Whenever I need maintenance on anything they've been pretty good in keeping up. Tha apartments are comfortable and the area is super quiet. Neighbors are pretty friendly too. The staff are so wonderful and they always greet me whenever I walk in the office. It truly is a great place, although pricing is kind on high side but cant really complain since we live in an area that is a lil expensive. Lol. All in all it's a beautiful place.

So far living here has been OK. The neighborhood is quiet and pretty clean. The pool and clubhouse are nice. The apartment itself was not exactly ready for move in. It was clean but there were some things that need to he fixed. The apartment has not been 100% since moving in.

Is a great place nice floor plan I like the everything is close by families and friends I’ve been work!! The pool is amazing feels like a resort spot.

La atención en este resinto es muy agradable, las áreas verdes están bien cuidadas, los apartamentos son de buena calidad y muy modernos :).

I have lived here for 10 years, and I think this is a great community overall. The property always looks beautiful, and the upgrades to the property have been nice.

I have been living in this community for 3 years, and I love it here, very safe apartments, the neighborhood is good, with grocery stores, banks and others stores with a mile and some at walking distance, highly recommend these apartments.

I enjoyed where I live. It’s close to everything and I feel secure. Parking could be a little better. Pool area is nice and clean. Property is well taken care of

Es increíble la atención de la oficina y el complex es muy bonito todo esta cerca bancos todo los restaurantes los supermercados y son grandes los apartamentos

Current don’t have anymore issues but there was some noisy neighbors that were never taken care of and I complained numerous times which is upsetting.

Always an awesome experience here! If anything is happening in the community we always have an email sent or a letter on our door giving us a heads up!

Lived here 4 years now. I have less complaints about the condition of the property because I am not walking a dog 3 times a day. Parking is still an issue. Management company has recently changed and already starting to see some work done, but time will tell. This is an average community.

I Have lived here for several years; overall has been a good experience .close to all the attractions; several nice parks in Hunters creek as well as nearby Kissimmee park.

Osprey Links apartments is a very nice place to live. They have a variety of apartments to choose from in an area with everything you need near buy from the loop shopping center, to grocery stores such as target, Lucky’s Market, and publix. The community is taken care of well although sometimes issues in the apartment take a while longer than wanted.

The community has its moments. The neighbors can be friendly and others not so much. Don’t expect to become close with anyone. There’s no such thing as a courtesy officer presence only a vehicle. The cost of the apartment can be a bit extensive, but if you’re willing to work hard this may be the place for you. The park is nice. The parking is horrible. So if you have a bicycle you’re in good hands. If you have a car, expect to not find parking anywhere close to your residence. Thank you hope you enjoyed.

Great place to live. I love my new apt. I was transferred from another apt with lots of noise and now I'm by the lake with no noises. I will say that they just need to keep up with the maintenance staff. It seems time time they take to make repairs is lacking because they are short staff.

Osprey Links at Hunter's Creek has been wonderful to me. I really enjoyed the atmosphere so close proximity to all the area shopping and dining and attractions

It's a nice community with a beautiful landscape. We love how comfortable our apartment is and love the included amenities. The one thing i would like is assigned parking. I work late sometimes and i cannot find a parking space near my apartment. I don't enjoy walking alone at 1am. Other than that I love the apartment

Has been a good experience for the most part. The complex has been quiet until our recent neighbors moved in next door with a baby that crys a lot. Apartment master bedroom stays warm

Maintained well, friendly management, close to shopping, Apartment is comfortable and repairs are done quickly when necessary. Driving to main highways and streets are easily to get too. Good schools in the area .

Really pretty place all good I recommend osprey links pretty clean feels safe the apartments are really pretty and spacious i we don’t spend to much money on the rent.