I live in an older apartment building in Kerrytown. The architecture is very charming and creates a sense of home from the moment you walk through the door. I wish I had more of an opportunity to meet my neighbors, but people are polite when I bump into them in the hallway. Overall I have had a good experience, but sometimes I feel that I can't knock on someone else's door (for example, to borrow an emergency battery etc.).

Doesn't seem like residents are cared about; horrible mail system with constantly lost packages and many maintenance issues that are ignored. Landlord schedules maintenance men randomly and even had them come paint in our apartment and splatter black paint on my bed and belongings because they failed to use a tarp. Landlord difficult to get a hold of, also they love to charge you a lot of hidden fees. Had bats in the building for a week or two with no action. The apartment is poorly kept, it is obvious the landlord tries to cover up the weaknesses with the cheapest fixes. The apartment was a complete mess when I moved in and we had to do a deep clean.

The laundry machine used to be broken but then they changed it to coin and credit card so now everything is ok. They could also do a better job of shoveling the snow and salting the walkways.

The staff is friendly and attentive for the most part. Maintenance requests are completed fairly quickly. We have had a good experience so far.

The apartment is fine. It the nicest but it does the job. In regards the the community, there really isn’t any community. No one talks to each other lol

The apartment is good enough. Oxford responds promptly to service requests which is a plus. Overall I have had no major issues while renting from them.

I had to call maintenance three times just to get my ceiling checked out. They came in to "fix" but its still broken! I had my clothes in the closet completely soaked 4-5 times when it rained due to the broken ceiling.

A good place to live for a good price in Ann Arbor. It's hard to come by places that allow you to have a single at these prices. Downsides: hallways smell sometimes, lack of cleanliness in hallways, and some things in the apartment are broken due to outdated equipment.

Super nice and friendly environment! I've really enjoyed living here and getting to know all of my neighbors and the Oxford staff. The only problem is the distance from my classes.

an okay place to live. very clean hallways and most things work properly like the heat most of the time and appliances. The only problem is the apartment has such huge windows that its always freezing.

I currently live at an Oxford property on central campus and have had a great experience. Maintenance has always taken care of the apartments and responded to request in a timely fashion. Ms. Landeta in the office has always been a great also! She just helped me add and remove roommate to my renewal! Overall a great experience with Oxford!

This year I really enjoy the apartment hat my roommate and I chose. The location is great since it is near the union and close to the stadium for football games. I am able to walk to class everyday, and it only takes about 15 minutes.

My first off-campus living experience has been great thanks to Oxford! The maintainence people are helpful and the staff is always friendly. It has been easy to keep up with payments using the online system!

Our experience has been great, but the apartment needs more maintenance for the heating. However, living in Oxford housing has been incredibly fun so far.

My roommates and I love living where we do, it’s just that the basement has flooded 3 times now. Other than that, good stuff. The kitchen is perfect.

Cold downstairs. Windows aren't properly sealed. I wish that all windows in most houses in Ann Arbor could be checked and replaced. Other than that, it's been a great time.

Although the house was not given to us in the promised conditions and the basement keeps flooding, Oxford quickly answers our requests for maintenance and is constantly looking to fix them.

I love living in my Church St. apartment! The kitchen is wonderfully modern, the living room is large and spacious thanks to the large window that lets in sun, and my bedroom is a great size. We had an issue with bats and heat first semester, but the emergency maintenance team was so quick on their feet to help, and kind when they came. We also get up to 5 days to be late on rent payment, which came in handy when I got swept up in New Year's festivities in January! I'm sad to have to graduate and leave my lovely apartment in May.

Generally prompt in responding to maintenance requests and general questions. Rather vague application fees and security deposit amounts that can often be resolved if you inquire.

The apartment is beautiful. Oxford is very quick with maintenance. The neighbors are respectful and quiet. The walls are thick enough so I do not have to listen to other people.

I love my apartment! Maintenance is always prompt when responding to requests. The appliances are a bit outdated, but overall the apartment is nice.

Great! Maintenance requests always fixed quickly! The rent is easy to pay online. The apartment is in a great location, and it’s just a short walk to campus!

I love living in Oxford. Anything I need done is done swiftly and up to my standards. Although there are many different leasing companies in Ann Arbor, I recommend Oxford over any of them any day of the week.

The standard for landlords in Ann Arbor is unbelievably low, but Oxford rises above the fray and surpasses expectations. For four years or for forty, Oxford Companies is a landlord that is far from perfect, but is a landlord that I can live with.

I have liked living here so far; the location is really good, with lots of places to eat and easy access to bus stops. Maintenance is also good and timely