Staffs are highly responsive. Great location for those who live near central campus. Highly recommend. Though kitchen is a bit small and you need to pay for laundry.

I've loved living here so far! All our neighbors are super friendly and helpful, and the apartment feels like a home. It also retains heat surprisingly well.

I love being able to live with great friends in comfort! So far live in my house has been great. Being able to sit around the tv with friends is awesome. As well as a kitchen to cook in

Definitely a solid apartment overall. Management company doesn't always respond to requests, but clean and quiet for the most part. Good Location!

I love the location of my apartment. It's a short 10 minute walk from the diag with a bus stop right at the end of the road. However, there were some details of my apartment that were unfinished when we moved in. For example, our dishwasher is not mounted to the countertop and our toilet isn't completely mounted to the floor and rattles a bit after use. Other than those renovation oversights, the apartment is amazing.

The Oxford Companies is always responsive to emails about maintenance requests. The common areas are always clean. The trash collection can be a little better as the trash cans overflow near pick up days.

Nice, spacious, and clean apartment. The location is also good and communication with the property manager has been very fast and efficient.

It is a good community, people are friendly but respectful of noise and property. Everything is clean and nobody leaves things in the hallway.

Fast service. Great and convenient location. The bus stop is right across the street so it is easy to get to campus. In addition, maintenance here is fast.

To be honest, the property appears to have never been properly maintained and it shows. The place is more or less falling apart. That said, the staff have been super nice and for the most part prompt, and it's a nice location with a lot of space.

Living here has been really nice. A lot of my friends are in the building, so it is really easy to see them. People are nice in the hallways. The building itself is also well maintained, so it is always clean. The only issue I noticed is that sometimes the entrance door isn't completely shut.

There are a few kinks that we have encountered through our stay (some furniture was broken when we got here and the toilet massively overflowed, packages were stolen, washing machines leaked), but overall I'd say we are well off with the amount we are paying for this apartment! The location is great and the area is very spacious even though we are squeezing four people in a two-bedroom apartment.

Nice house. Good neighbors. One thing that I have not been satisfied is that we keep getting emails that have already been addressed. Please work on your IT infrastructure.

The moving process was quick and painless. I haven't met any of my neighbors, but I also haven't had any issues and I I LOVE the location of the apartment.

So far so good but the apartment could have been cleaned prior to moving in. A lot of things could have been fixed before move in instead of me having to get maintenance out to fix them.

A very seamless move-in process. The staff was very friendly and answered my questions very quickly. Everyone is very accommodating. and pleasant.

Laundry is an issue - only one washer/dryer for the entire apartment complex... and the washer doesn't even work! Also when it's locked we don't have access. But the location is great.

The location is good, but the laundry is not the best situation. should have a working app. the apartment itself is pretty nice, but a lot of things were broken when we moved in.

For the most part, everything has been great! There have been a couple issues with parking but Oxford has assured us they will contact the leasing company for the house next door which will hopefully solve everything.

Overall, my experience so far has been good. There have been several maintenance issues that were present when we moved in (a wasp's nest inside the wall of our apartment, the one washing machine in the entire complex was broken, broken garbage disposal, nonfunctioning electrical outlet, clogged sink). BUT, maintenance was very helpful and expedient with taking care of these issues (within a day or two of submitting a maintenance request) and every single one of our issues was solved.

Maintenance here is great! Every time we have an issue we give and call and the issue is taken care of very quickly. I also feel comfortable leaving my packages in the apartment and don't feel super concerned that the package will be stolen.

The apartment has been great so far. While we had some issues with the air conditioning units, Oxford was relatively quick when repairing them.

I am a little frustrated with the windows because they are so thin. We live right off of Packard st, so the traffic is very loud in the evenings and mornings. Lots of trucks go by and I wake up because of the train. The laundry services in our building are also sub-par since the app that is supposed to connect with it doesn't work.

So far the apartment has been pretty nice. Its clean and gives a comfortable setting to live. Only problem we had was the Wifi since we waited 2 weeks for someone to come out and fix it only to find out that Oxford had shut off the wifi in our unit and we had to call the internet company to have it turned back on.

People are very friendly and kind when I run into them in the hall. My only complaint would be that it can be very loud very late! However, so far it has been okay.