Fun & friendly atmosphere! All of the workers in the office are my age so they understand certain things better than people who are older!!!

Its a real good environment. Neighbors and employees are friendly. It really close to my school, so that’s a plus. Privacy is good also, limited parking spaces though.

My experience has been okay. It was better than I had expected. I attend southern university and it is convenient for me to live here because it's closeness to my school.

The Palisades are a very convenient housing area, especially for students. The normal 4 bedroom pack has been my go to, yet compare to other housing a little pricier. Even compared to students at LSU that live close. All in all it is easy and convenient.

The experience is not the best but it’s doable. If the staff could put a little more effort than it can be better. It’s conveniently located one mile away from the school.

Maintenance always comes immediately. The area is a bery friendly environment. The Palisades are very good with delivering messages for packages received.

I love and enjoy my apartment but the community can be loud during the week at night when being loud doesn't seem beneficial and is a disturbance to those that enjoy sleeping without hearing people yelling.

Living here has been great because it’s close to campus. That’s a huge benefit, no traffic getting to class and on game days it’s no problem to walk to campus!

It's very nice place to stay. If this is your first apartment this is going to be great for you. I'm here enjoying my apartment with my brother. I just wish we could have pets.

The employees help out so much, the best they can and they are so friendly! I wish check in went a little more smoothly but that is minor error.

Even though move in time was hectic, my experience at the Palisades has been wonderful. The maintenance staff is very helpful and they are quick with getting issues fixed. It’s better than staying in the dorms on campus.

The community and amenities are nice. I enjoy walking outside and seeing the pond and sitting out there when it isn't too hot. Nice bedroom space as well.

It is a college student living apartment complex. You can hear them walking up and down the stairs late and night and early in the morning. You also can hear others talking like they are in your apartment.

Moving into the Palisades has been the best thing that i have done. Staying here is everything that i wanted to do as far as staying alone i have no worries because im the only one. The workers and the environment are good there is no other place i rather be.

Quiet apartment complex, well kept grass, fast mantience and very friendly staff. i highly recommend these apartments for any upcoming student.

The palisades has been wonderful since I moved in, any issues I had moving in they fixed immediately and even helped me move in! They are all very kind and respectful

Love living here. Great to be off campus but still so close. The new furnishings in the living rooms and bedrooms is awesome. Air conditioning KICKS.

Everything was clean moving in, I have no complaints other than I had a hard time getting my apartment since the one I was originally assigned to was given away to someone else.

The palisades at Jaguar City is very nice. It has a good living space and is very calm. Also, it's close to campus. I can walk there or catch the bus.

When first viewing the apartment, it was really nice and the staff was very friendly in answering all my questions. Looking forward to living here!

everything is okay. I love my new apartment... I love having my own space and I just love everything about it .. best decision I've ever made

excellent no complaints. my room is nice it was clean. the rating I am giving is a nine. the line was very long when I got her. the people was nice the rating 9 value

This is a nice 4 bedroom apartment everything was clean on move in day only problem we had was getting the keys to work other than that the apartment is perfectly fine no bugs no nothing .


The community is very friendly and reliable. In my area there is never too much noise, and I am able to study peacefully. The internet speed is reliable and efficient. Overall my stay here is enjoyable.