Horrible office. I hope nothing breaks because it will take weeks and multiple complaints just to have somebody look and say, "well call somebody".

To many hidden fees and requirements. The price quoted is not the price you pay. Parking is horrible. I've never seen anyone require a monthly pet living fee either.

* This is based on my recent experience. I have no idea what Nigel does, but he is completely full of bullshit. By far this is the worst apartment management I had to deal with so far. I renewed my lease and asked about getting my carpets cleaned. I was told that would be no problem and I submitted my 1st ticket for the week I would out of town so there wouldn't be anyone or pets in the house. I come back and it was still dirty but the ticket had said it was completed. Same for the 2nd ticket again I put it when I knew I would out of town. And what do you know it wasn't cleaned nor was the damaged carpet but yet the ticket said it was completed. I went into the office and talked to one of the leasing members. She said she was sorry and that she could put in another ticket for me. I told her I will put in on in a few weeks when I leave town again. The 3rd ticket I get the same results, again I go talk to someone in the office, she stated that someone would be by on Saturday to do it and take care of the damaged carpet. So that Saturday I stated home, hoping and waiting for them to come. No show. No call. Absolutely nothing...So being a human I leave it and forget about the issue. I remember and put in another ticket, I went in again and spoke with someone who reassured me it would be completed this time. Today (12/1) I went in to tell them the apartment would be vacant and see if they come in this Tuesday. Nigel or whatever his name is tells me that they no longer no carpet cleaning for renewals.....I am like WTF. He goes on to say that they got rid of doing this in favor of the new community rewards crap. I asked when was this told to residents....crickets from him for a hot minute. Then he tries to state I went out this year. I've been here for almost 2 years and haven't seen that memo. I then ask why the leasing members are still offering this and stating that my request will get completed. He said they were new and didn't know better (this is untrue since I know one the girls has been there for a while). He tells me that any carpet cleaning requests have been marked completed by him in the system since they no longer do it. I tell him that they really need to fix their request system to say more than the ticket has been completed. Or at least pick up the phone tell your resident why they cannot complete the maintenance request.

First set of apts you hear every bit of noise. Been here for about 1 1/2 months and I may have had 3 - 4 good nights of rest. 06/27/2019 submission

It a beautiful place, but the staff it’s no friendly and we have to repeat that we have a problem twice time, we talk with one of they and they gives an answer and then we come back and talk with another one and received a different answer

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The apartments in general are nice. My rent goes up and down and is a surprise each month which is unpleasant and sucks. My flat rent is $800 but I end up paying over $900 almost every time. Don't know if I will be renewing.

The unit is nice, but the noise is a problem. The Windows are very thin which allows a lot of outside noise in. The garage door opener for the unit below me is directly below my bedroom and makes a lot of noise in the morning and evening while I am trying to sleep.

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cleanup and repairs tend to take a long time to complete, and some never get fixed. No recycling dumpster on the townhome side. Staff in front is very nice.

Several maintenance issues in a short period, some repaired quickly, some a bit of a hassle. Staff is nice, property is nice and normally clean, price is right.

The residents are alright. They keep to themselves. Only 3, other than one of the maintenance guys, says hello everytime we pass each other.

Very nice people in office although there is never parking so i have to park on the other side of the complex and constant xtra charges on my account they can’t really explain or say it’s because i didn’t get charged for a few months ago but they never contact me about it until it’s time to pay then i have questions but still have to pay it

Any minor issues I might have are fixed fast. Low rating due to the water/trash billing (makes it look like they are double billing) and valet trash pick up is a joke.

The apartment is nice, the noise from other apartments is very loud. The maintenance is slow and don’t knock before coming in. The pool and workout room are very nice

They are not quick to do anything when it comes to a complaint or fixing something. But the floor plan is very nice . And the keep the parking lots very clean.

For the most part, I really love the community. I give it 3 1/2 stars because sometimes I can hear the neighbors above me. I love that the landscaping is kept up.

Only real complaint I have is my lease was up for renewal on the 1st. I tried to sign it the 29. it wasn't ready despite my attempts to contact them vai phone and dropping by several times. I got hit with late fees because they didn't have the lease ready to sign. Im going by to speak with management about it today. Other than that im happy with the apts.


Rate of turn over is high and maintenance is slow about fixing some things. I see a lot of people moving out as well. It seems like a good structure to work around why is there other things that haven't come out that I'm not a ware of.

We just moved in and haven't live here long. The entrance gate doesn't close so there is no security. That the only thing I have an issues with so far.

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Overall it has been okay. When renewing our lease, it was a bit overwhelming due to the fact that we wanted more space. Nothing was available around the time our lease was up but ever since our lease was up, we have had at least 3 vacancies in our building. It sucks because now we would have to pay a transfer fee and application fee but oh well now. Other than that, we enjoy the quiet area.

Its a nice apartment with pretty grounds surrounding the area. The staff is new to me so I cant say much about them. There are areas on the buildings that need a little attention, some of the curbs that are tore up and needs repainting, some of the service doors on side of the buildings replaced and or painted. The residents with pets to pleas pick up there waste and be considerate of others as well as the cigarette smokers in the complexes.

Still waiting for repairs to be done like light fixture hanging out of ceiling.No hot water in kitchen etc.So far ok.Why do I need to write so many words when I can write what I need in short tearmd

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Just moved in. The process is smooth and ladies in leasing office are very friendly and helpful. The community is clean and well maintained.

Other then the apartment not being made ready My experience with most everything else had been fantastic! Very happy living here so far, I will say maintenance orders are not done in a timely manner as Ive called in an order days ago and still no ones showed up. Still a great place to live

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I moved in back in April because the pricing was unbeatable and I love the area. I’m only a short drive or walk away from the Dirtbike tracks and I can hit the highway in less than 5 minutes.