Well I just moved here and the community and people are great but last night I came a across a huge infestation of roaches. I really hope they have pest control. The staff is nice also

When I first moved here there were a couple of neighbors that were rowdy and their company was loud, rude, and disrespectful. I made one complaint to the office it took a little while but the issue is finally resolved so I just hope it stays that way.

Good location and great leasing office also the The property is getting better and getting cleaner also don’t know if you need to calm down people need to stop leaving trash on the ground other than that my unit is clean and free of bedbugs which we never had

My son's motor scooter was broken up not two weeks after move-in; two delivered packages stolen at front door; smell weed outside daily; slow response to repair requests (month & half to get mail key, two months to get air conditioning unit repaired, oven gasket still not repaired, dryer vent still not repaired). But staff is always friendly and seem sincere in apologies.

Is going amazing the people have been nothing but nice everything's near walmart and a couple other places down the street places to eat this place is just wonderful

So far so good 😊 I have no complaints!!!!! The staff is nice and answered all the questions I had. If I need anything they are there. They keep the community clean and if anything goes on they let us know! Keep up the good work!!!

A lot of traffic, no respect for others home and vehicles, it’s always a lot of ppl in front of our home. It’s just too much. I moved for peace not to have to watch my back. My neighbors are cool but I’d like to be respected.

It’s ok for the couple of months I been here nothing to major just people and their trash all over their porch?! But other than that it’s ok

I wish I had a better looking stove it’s old fashioned and it’s ok but I could really use something more modern to fit my cooking needs lol.

I like living here and the staff is very friendly the cleaning and when I need something fix it dosen’t take along time for someone to come and fix it

The entire process went very smoothly I love the location of my apartment I love the level the less I know the better the floor level of the apartment I love the room it is just for me

Not bad, just wish my downstairs neighbors would stop fightIng, wish the gates worked, wish the trash wasn't filled up all the time, and i wish they would do my maintenance order in a timely manner

I enjoy the community, many residents are considerate, but few with children litter and damage mailboxes. Property landscape improvements were nice, parking etc is great, but gate entry up and down, mostly down and trash compactor issues are just a few problems that needs addressing. Residents need to take more pride in community.

Latonya gets the job done! Anytime I have a problem and I talk to her, she makes it her business to see that she can get it done. Even tho it’s her job, I feel like she go above and beyond

We had to scrub roach poop off of everything on move in day. Draws are broken then glued sloppily back together. Broken and no screens on wi

Great place to live clean apartments quick response from office team. Great information provided. Relatable staff and very professional.....

I have had no issues or concerns so far! Been a nice place to live. The staff has been outstanding and they go the extra mile to ensure everything is working out for residents. Thank you!

I do not like it here I'm only living here because school and work is near by. It is super noisy people is always shooting just because and the leasing off seems a bit off.

Nice but poor mantaince in not worth the price because with dont get mantaince like we should plus I think they should at least give of till the 5th before it's a late fee charge

I love staying where I stay is peaceful no noise no shooting it just what I wanted I'm relaxed I'm at ease I love it and I will stay here sign my lease next year I just love it

Tarea helped me tremendously! I was unsure if I would get approved because of my situation but ahe believed the whole time up until I got my keys!

Really love living in this quiet community..staff is great ...my Neighbors are very friendly and the are is very clean as well as the staff make sure every day that the needs of the teatants are being met

Not to bad just the management in mantance been waiting in getting my tube resurface and it been going on won't years kitchen floor still falling in

The complex is not the best. I moved in around the end of Sept. Took them 2 months to fix stopped up sink in the bathroom, garbage disposal and non-working stove. Maintenance is sorry, but they want that rent paid on time... They need to do better...

Need more than one trash can at the front of the complex. The compactor is to small for such a big community. My apartment is big and spacious but the walls are thin so I can hear my neighbors music & conversations.