Maintence and staff are not great. Reminding the staff constantly and still nothing is being done. Home has mold in it and only live for less than 6 months.. I cant shut my door because the doors are not fixed.... Maintenance did not finish my list I submitted and had to create a nee one with more things added

It’s a place to live. There is no sense of urgency on fixing things or solving problems. Complaints are always left unanswered, security sits by office at night and doesn’t even drive around.

Living here is great ! I love the amenities and the low cost of living here. Staff is always professional and friendly. When something is wrong they fix it in a timely manner.

Some things need to be worked on. I like the place but the maintenance isn't the best. I always have to wait at least a week before I ever see anything

It’s great love it already !!! Keep it going and the community keeps me so safe because there are security and it’s quiet and the neighborhood is quiet and I love that I chose this location.

Great neighborhood with friendly neighbors. Clean and spacious unit that fits my needs very very well. Comfortable living area and well working appliances.

The location is great and the apartment is nice. The office needs help as far as maintaining staff but so far so good. The main issue is the bugs, large water bugs and small roaches.

My neighbors are crazy but at least the staff is friendly. Walls are really thin, so I know all my neighbors business when they fight. They stairs need a good power wash, they are disgusting

Since the first time I walked through the door. I was greeted with a smile. They try to work with you as much as they can. Plus they will move u in as quick as possible. So u won’t have to wait long to get approve and moved in.

I move in today so we'll see. I wish that we were able to view the property prior to moving but I'm excited and hopeful. I hope the pool will be open and ready for business by the time I'm settled.

Great place so far very clean and very quit at the moment new here to Georgia like that they have swimming pools and laundry on the property

I just move in and I already fell in love with this place , my dogs even love being here , I appreciate that I’m able to get a place without a co signer and ms.tarea made it happen for me . ❤️❤️❤️

So far so good. Great and quiet community. Great schools near by. Dont see or hear sirens that much. Kids seem to play along good. Staff is attentive and helpful.

This is an unsafe community and not a place to raise a family. It takes too long for a maintenance response, and the "emergency" line should be nonexistent. This community isn't worth the asking price. Many members of the community are intolerable. This is not the place to go if you want peace and tranquility. Two thumbs down.

I am not happy at all with the service I get here at the Park 35. I was moved into to a unit that had 11 major things wrong with my unit, starting with the fact that it was only painted and not punched. I moved in on the 10th of July and things did not get done until after the 25. I took pictures at my point of move in a complete mess. I only moved in because my money was paid and my family and I had no where else to go.

I can not believe this shit! He didn’t care for women, instead you fundamentally want to assume the worst! The last thing you should have did ssn and start running Shit!!! I

I like the staff. But since Ive been here 30-40 days I have consistently had an issue with my hot water and the shower leaks on to the floor. My dishwasher is also broken. So there is a lt of room for improvement.

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I think the apartments could use some help in the maintenance department. It took over took weeks to fix my air conditioner and its the end of june begin of july Ga it hot... Lucky, it rained on and off over the days I spent with no air conditioner. Overall office is very friendly

For the price you pay you would think the apartments would be better but they’re not. Everything in my apartment is falling apart and trash is all around the complex

The A/C stopped working the day after I moved in. It's now the end of June and it still isn't fixed. When I moved in, my bathroom sink had a leak. Maintenance came to fix it after a month, and I heard them say the apartment was not ready to be moved into. Now we have a huge leak in our bathroom and no one has come to fix it, three days after submitting an emergency maintenance request.

Well I just moved here and the community and people are great but last night I came a across a huge infestation of roaches. I really hope they have pest control. The staff is nice also

When I first moved here there were a couple of neighbors that were rowdy and their company was loud, rude, and disrespectful. I made one complaint to the office it took a little while but the issue is finally resolved so I just hope it stays that way.

Good location and great leasing office also the The property is getting better and getting cleaner also don’t know if you need to calm down people need to stop leaving trash on the ground other than that my unit is clean and free of bedbugs which we never had

My son's motor scooter was broken up not two weeks after move-in; two delivered packages stolen at front door; smell weed outside daily; slow response to repair requests (month & half to get mail key, two months to get air conditioning unit repaired, oven gasket still not repaired, dryer vent still not repaired). But staff is always friendly and seem sincere in apologies.