I have enjoyed living here it is close to campus and the maintenance staff responds quickly and effectively. The only problem that I have had with the Park Lakeside is the transition in online bill pay system.

My experience at The Park at Lakeside has been ok. Despite some personal issues of my own, the community and staff have been nothing but patient and accommodating to myself. I love this place

Very nice, quiet and peaceful place. The neighbors do not really cause any trouble. Festive encounters are sometimes organized but the downside is that schedules are not so suitable. Socialization among residents could be improved.

It’s better to choose higher floors rather than the first floor cause it is humid all the time specially during spring. Anyway people there are very nice especially the officers.

I love living at the park but sometimes we have bug issues. If they are able to get rid of that, that would be great. I also sometimes have maintenance issues but not that much. Except from that everything else is great

The bathrooms aren't ventilated very well so mold grows easily and the apartment isn't as clean as the models they show you. Most of the cabinets have yellowed and the sinks are also yellow.

Overall for the price it is a reasonably good place to live, but there are some unsolvable problems like the ants and roaches. I also, don't particularly appreciate that it is furnished because I'd like to put my own stuff in here. If I were to put my own stuff in here, it'd cost me to store the original furniture.

It’s a great neighborhood and pretty quiet usually, I would recommend better kept rooms, my room has a leak when it rains, door knob that is detached

the bus service is terrible. Never comes on time and the app never works. The rooms are okay in the first semester but then the problems start.

The residents here are down to earth.. My packages never get lost.. If I need anything I always get more than adequate help from the staff..

Maintenance request are slow at times, the paint job is absolutely atrocious, pest control can't keep the bugs away, but amenities are good and the apartment is a good size and in a good location and the apartment just needs an overall update to bring it up to date (i.e. new cabinets)

Sometimes maintenance is a little slow but otherwise, I’ve enjoyed living here. There were a few times where certain things happened and I felt I didn’t get enough notification. Since I have a cat, it was a little bit of a hassle when the inspections kept being delayed since I was supposed to have my cat restrained and sometimes that meant he was caged for almost 8 hours only to find out no one came.

A lot of roaches in the apartment. There should be pest control on a regular basis. Very nice pool facilities. Very good gym. The office staff is very supportive and nice.

Overall, you more or less get what you pay for. I would say that maintenance is pretty good but management is another story. There seems to be a lot of miscommunication between everyone in the office which can make things tedious. The gym is also in poor shape with some of the equipment fraying and catching.

The park has really nice amenities. This includes the pool, gym, and a really cozy study space next to the office. Personally, I find that the apartments were in very good shape but that the quality of the interior is lacking. However, given the price, this is one of the best bang-for-your-buck apartments.

My experience at the Park Lakeside has generally been very good! My apartment is exactly what I need and the amenities are great. My only problem with the management/staff is sometimes when I put in maintenance requests, it’s takes a long time to happen or doesn’t happen at all. For instance, I have requested for the pest control to come to my apartment 4 or 5 times this semester but they have yet to come. My only other problems have been with my particular neighbors. They can be pretty loud and inconsiderate and have a tendency to leave trash out in our shared hallway, which attracts bugs and even a raccoon once.

Bugs everywhere. Pest control only made it worse. Pool and amenities were really nice though. Dishwasher was broken numerous times. Appliances were a little out of date.

I’ve lived at the park for almost two years and I’ve enjoyed it. The only thing that I think would need work is that some things need better detail like the cabnet doors are old, dingy and gross and things like that. It’s also been a struggle to fight a cockroach infestation that’s been in my apartment before I moved in. Thankfully after putting in a work order every week for 4 months and plenty of bottles of Raid it’s dialed down a lot but still not over.

not the best, very outdated and things often break... you get what you pay for, and with that being said you can't complain too much.. but it isn't the luxury housing they market it to be

I moved to The Park: Lakeside by taking over someone's sublease. The office staff was so friendly and helpful! They quickly handled our complicated and unique situation and got us into our apartment the same day. The staff here is awesome! But the maintenance crew needs to take better care of the amenities here since most of them are broken or not cleaned.

everything is perfect just hate all the inspections. The staff is respectful and I actually want to get hired as one of lakeside employees. And help out just like I get helped out.

Living at Lakeside has been great. I enjoy my apartment and the staff that works here is really friendly. There are just some minor issues I have such as bugs and size of the apartment that make it a little less enjoyable.

The apartment homes are worth the money you pay. Service is mostly quick, but if it's delayed you would be without a working appliance for at least 3 weeks. Roaches are a huge problem, in spite of getting multiple pet control they are always there and irritating.

I haven’t had any problems so far, and I’m glad to say that my time here has been nothing short of perfect. I definitely would recommend that people live here.

I have had a time wonderful living here. There are some noisy people but staff and maintenance have done a wonderful job responding to issues.