We LOVE our new home! Quiet neighborhood, everything we want or need is close by. BEAUTIFUL apartment that we are extremely happy with(except the unpacking part!)

I wish the outer door was more airtight and that it had an extra lock or chain for security. I love the location and the apartment is very nicely furnished.

Grounds well kept. Response to issues are awesome. Upgrade regularly. About to work on the roof. Gym could use a little love ❤️. Treadmills are a little rough,

We have lived here for three years and have enjoyed our experience. The staff are wonderful, maintenance is done quickly and the units are kept in good condition. Only complaint would be the parking which is pretty terrible. We have to pay an extra amount each month to have a spot to park.

The staff is awesome! From the initial phone call to the personalized service, Marcy was great. After meeting the staff, then being shown the actual unit I would renting...I was SOLD!

Good Experience overall, except lack of parking spaces and unpicked dog litter & other litter. The quality of neighborhood has gone down since 2014.

The Maintenance here has been a huge issue and how the have “repaired” HUGE problems and the length of time it took They also made the problem even worse tracking mud all Over the disgusting carpets

The staff is amazing and it's a welcoming environment. Looking forward to the community garden this spring. The only constructive criticism I have is that if you own a dog please please pick up the poo. At night when you can not see it can be disgruntling to step in a pile of doggie doo

This is one of the best places we have lived in the KC area which is why we decided to move back after 3 years. The apartments are large, the community is pet friendly, and the office staff is on top of their game.

I like the location and homey feel that the community provides. There isn’t very many issues with noise or finding parking which I really appreciate.

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Love the layout and all the features this complex offers like pool all year long, community garden, etc . Tracy and team do an amazing job, we made a great move moving here!

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Still here after 13+ years. That has to say something. Great staff and maintenance crew. If I had one negative it would be the grounds need to be kept up better.

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Just moved in a week ago, the people have been very nice. They have been on top of everything that I ask to be fixed. The area is great lots of fun stuff to do.

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Move in procedures are well stream line . We just moved in hence can not give them a five star yet. After my lease am hoping to give them a five star.....Tracy is awesome at what she does

Still loving this place! Friendly people, quiet surroundings! Love the gym and pool! It’s a great place to live; they live dogs of all sizes. My dog is a German Shepherd and he is very welcome. This makes me happy!

So far, everything has been great! The staff is very friendly, and the apartment is lovely. We haven't met anyone around us, yet, but hopefully we will soon.

Great apartment. Nice quiet community. Responsive staff. Barking dogs can be annoying on occasion but it's not a big issue. Loving it here so far!

It’s great!! Very nice apartments and pretty quiet for the most part. The pool is very nice after a hard day at work!! Park nearby and gas stations and places to eat close!!

Apartments very nice and spacious. Office staff nice and courteous. Love the view from deck and windows. Respectful and courteous neighbors.Enjoy the heated pool and other amenities.

Everyone and everything is great. The apartment keeps lawns and walking paths, as well as the trash pick up, very contained. Would definitely recommend living here if moving to the KC area.

We love this place! It’s affordable and very nice. The staff is wonderful. They even keep the grounds well kept. Also there are fun events for residents including a nice pool.

We have lived at this apartment complex for three years. They have some great amenities including a community garden, off leash dog area, trash pickup and year-long indoor/outdoor pool. Our only complaint would be parking. The parking situation is dismal at best. We have to pay an extra 40$ a month just to ensure we have a place to park one of our two vehicles. There is no free parking in front of our building, so when family visits we have to leave our paid spot open just for them to be able to park their vehicle. Very frustrating. Each apartment should come with at least one free parking spot, as many other apartment complexes do.

I love how hard they work to keep us happy hear. They keep doing the work until it gets done correctly even if they have to come back several times to do it.

Apartments are clean, close to shopping and convenient. Staff is always very friendly and helpful. They also allow large dogs, which is a huge plus!

Really enjoy living in this property. It’s quiet, and the constant communication from the office is amazing. We also enjoy how friendly everyone is.