Love park van ness. The staff is amazing and super friendly. Also, the maintenance staff is incredible and very quickly and diligently. All around i am having a great experience here so far!

I like living here. Price for rent is great and everything I need and want for living purposes is within reach. Staff is friendly and works with me when I need help.

Amazing location and great place for families as well as top tier public schools. Within walking distance to Metro and green spaces, as well as grocery stores.

Staff was very helpful and friendly. Service is effective and efficient. Nice business lounge. The neighborhood is amazing and the neighbors are so nice and helpful.

like living here. the staff is great. the apartments are small, but very nicely done. I like the in unit washer dryer. The balcony is very nice and traffice isn't bad.

I'm really happy with my new apartment at Park Van Ness. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful and the amenities are brand new and top-of-the line.

Love my apartment, use the fitness room often, staff is cordial and helpful, a very clean place to live, the roof and swimming pool are icing on the cake.

There are some great staff that work the front desk (e.g. David) and some that are not as friendly and don’t open the door even if they literally make eye contact with you through the door and see you struggling find your keys with a million things in your hand.

Community lounge, gym, rooftop garden, etc...: we have plenty of community service. Some residents seem to be too shy to say hello, which is disappointing, but this is a nice apartment.

Apartment community is great! My only complaint is that there is a constant smell of marijuana on the third floor by the elevators. I know that this problem has been addressed by management, but it continues to happen.

We love living here! The apartment is great and spacious, the shared areas in the building are perfect! It’s feels great to return to a place that feels like home!

Friendly staff great service. The amenities are good. The building is kept clean and neat. A very safe environment. Neighborhood has everything you need.

Living in Park Van Ness, I can enjoy the most luxurious apartment in Connecticut Ave. All the amenities and facilities are awesome compared with some neighboring building.

Attentive and friendly staff, high end finishes, convenient location, great amenities (gym, rooftop pool and grills, rental space for parties).

Nice appliances, experience could improve in other areas. Management not very effective, which could solve many other issues going on in PVN

I dont feel we have comunity here. We're just sometimes say hallo to each other. But im sure or will be better during summer when everybody is using the rooftop.

I love the amenities. The terrace overlooking the park is a fabulous place to enjoy being outside but is private for residents. The lounge is comfortable and quiet. I wish the pool were fixed and I wish they brought back yoga like they said they would. The building staff are wonderful! They are kind and always willing to help, I very much appreciate all the good work they do!

Experience has been going well. I do hope the TVs in the gym could be fixed and. Also the weight stand needs to be replaced because it is broken.

Park Van Ness is a great building, with pleasant staff, and nice facilities! Wish there were more community connections, i.e. with restaurants, businesses, services. etc.

good equipment, nice pool, good view, nice people, and close to everything, everything is perfect. i love living here. if you have free coffee, much better.

Recently there aren't events anymore in the lobby, i would it to come back. I enjoy the utilities including the gym the grill and the poll, also the representative taking car of each request of the resedint.

Living at Park Van Ness has been great so far. Staff has been friendly and great. Neighborhood is nice as well with decent stuff to do around.

Overall the experience has been wonderful. I am eagerly awaiting the pool area being brought back to the level of previous years. There have been fewer community events this year. I do love my apartment, I just hope the building keeps up all the other wonderful elements that make it worth the cost of living here.

Great place to live. Staff is friendly and helpful. The few times we've had to bring maintenance in to fix things the repairs have been completed quickly.

The noise makes living here difficult. Dogs always barking, children screaming in hallways. Too many maintenance issues with the building, which usually takes extra long to address, none of which should exist for such a new building. Water pressure is poor quality. Shared areas are frequently dirty.