Parker 301 is a pretty good place to live. I’ve enjoyed my time here. Rent is very cheap, and it seems like a very quiet environment. I would recommend this place if you don’t mind living with other people.

good i love it sooooo much its a great place and i would recommend to anyone who asks for a recommendation for an apartment. really close to school

The staff are always helpful. They go out of their way to help you. It's snowing today, and staff are in the front office. Not to many other apartment complexes can say that.

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Great location with great amenities. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The price is worth it. I love the trolly that comes right out front.

The apartment community is not bad. Everyone keeps to themselves. My roommates are great which is good since it was random and I didn't know who I was going to room with but it all worked out

Great price and great amenities. The leasing staff is so and helpful. The location is awesome walking distance to campus and a shuttle comes right by that can take you downtown.

This is a pretty decent place to live. The staff are always friendly. There are fee issue that are eadily resolved and I wish that would give us new walls or edges of walls like the corner bottoms on the floor are filthy

The staff is very friendly, and it’s so cool how many events they host each month. The apartments are a little dated on the inside, and the dumpster pile up is kinda crazy

Hasn't been too bad. It's pretty quiet, clean, with nice staff. I don't have too much to complain about, other than slow maintenance requests.

Parker 301 is not a bad place to live for the price. It is excellent that utilities are included. The staff is great and they try to get things done ASAP. The apartments are cheaper for a reason, this isn’t the best apartment, however no place offers the same level of satisfaction for the the price.

Living at Parker 301 is great. I don't have to worry about noise and the amenities are great for the price. The staff really care about making sure residents have a great experience here and they plan a lot of free events.

Parker 301 is close to campus and easy to bike to and from, which is important to me. The rooms are decent, but the kitchen is tiny and the internet is subpar. But overall, you get what you pay for, and I think it's the best place you can get for the price

Things have been better since the start of the semester. The events have been a tad better and I feel like overall I don’t have too many complaints thus far. The whole over flowing dumpsters thing was kinda gross though.

I’ve just moved in recently with my roommate and it’s great so far. Nothing seemed out of place or broke when I got here , and everything they said were included are true plus a whole lot more .

Been living here since 2010 & I must say this is the best staff to have been here since I've been here! They are much more efficient & friendly

good overall. Gate needs to be fixed on the south end. Staff is great. They are open to listening to our needs and preferences. Could do a facelift to appeal to other residences.

It has been ok but maintenance is slow and I can hear everything through the walls. The office does some action like “pet day” or s’mores day but they always run out before it ends, say the Time was from 6-8 they would run out of supplies and shut down early.

generally good experience, some issues with work orders not being completed on time, but overall no big issues in the apartment. all appliances worked upon arrival.

Good, maintenance is slow but overall a decent apartment. Good location close to school, though the bus is not always on time or very reliable

Its not bad for the price I pay. The insulation is bad, rhe walls are thin, the roof is leaky and some pipes leak, but other than that its not bad.

My experience at Parker 301 has been good so far. It is nice as peaceful and I enjoy the convenience of the location. Definitely would reccommend

The staff is really nice. When I put in a work order the maintenance staff always responds quickly. The office does a lot of activities for the residences.

I love love love living at Parker301!! Everyone is so nice, and my dog loves it here, too. The amenities offered here are great, and I use the fitness center every day.

Needs in Wall Ethernet Kitchen is small for 4 people Furniture isn't great Wifi is open and insecure, which is alarming when trying to do anything with sensitive information.

Overall I have liked living here. The only problems I have had were several maintenance issues and the apartment wasn't clean when I moved in. However, the rent is cheap, the location is great, and the staff are pleasant.