Parker 301 is very affordable and the new management is very responsive to any issues we do have. However, our gates have never worked as long as I've lived here and many lights still do not work, so safety is sometimes questionable.

the apartment complex is relatively nice overall and the staff is helpful/nice. I think the location is great with it being only about a mile from campus it makes walking to classes easy.

Pros: pool, trees, gym, game room, low cost Cons: high speed bumps are damaging my car, only having one community-wide wifi router is letting other people play p0rn through my google home.

Great place to live. Location is prime, maintenance works super quick. No problems with the community. Nice little fitness center for when you’re trying to get your fitness on.

This is my second year living at Parker 301 and overall it has been great so far. It is close to campus but still pretty quiet which I enjoy. This community offers a lot of amenities and free events and my apartment is nice for the price I pay.

I like it, the residents near me that I have spoken to are very kind. I like the location too. Sometimes there are lots of stink bugs around but I could just put in an order for exterminator that's my fault.

I love staying here! Its so quiet and i haven't been having any problems with staffs. They are so friendly anf willing to help you with anything.

Decent experience here. It is one of the cheapest places in town and you get what you pay for. The amenities here are simple and easy to access.

We need better internet or at least the option to upgrade it. Also some neighbor keeps dumping the trash from their car into the parking lot..

Ita a great community to live in. It offers a lot of great services at affordable rates and also provides you with a much needed student friendly environment

So far my experience hasn't been too bad but my main issue is having to pay con service power fees with my monthly rent payment. It makes renewing with a cheaper rate almost not worth it

I love it here but wish there was the safety/security that was promised, Such as having a gate closed and an officer that patrols. The gates were supposed to be closed in August but it is now October and nothing has been done.

I very much enjoy the location of Parker 301 and the price per month. There were a lot things that I had to put in service requests for but the maintenance team was quick and usually came within 24 hours even on weekends. Most of the workers in the office are great and very helpful. Overall 3.5/5.

Decent place to live, close to campus, good location, decent apartments. Management isn’t the best, but the low price makes up for it. When we moved in, it was dirty and some things were broken, but after a couple weeks we got it cleaned up and maintenance fixed everything. They’re great

Great staff and ammeneties. Far enough from town to be quiet and miss a lot of noise that goes with it, but close enough to get anywhere within a short period if time

Good for the price but community is noisy at times. Bug problem when we first moved in but it's gone now. Kitchen a bit small but manageable.

Friendly neighborhood / everyone is clean a d minds their own business. I love it here and I'm going to renew my lease next year for sure. Thanks

could use some improvements, but overall not a bad place to live. could use some more events and activities to bring the community together more.

A lot of problems with security and appliance quality. It’d be nice if they could update a lot of their appliances. Still, the price makes this place worth it.

Overall it’s a great environment not too much to complain about but my roommate was slightly thrown together and I’ve been charged a few fees without notice.

Everyone is really nice we just have a gnat problem and have called to get it fixed multiple times and the guy couldn’t fix it. Also the air conditioning doesn’t circulate to my room very well but besides that everyone is super nice and helpful and the apartment is great.

The place is overall nice and comfortable to live in. The kitchen is a little small but it’s workable for only two people. The only thing I really don’t like is that the walls are very thin and so you can hear your neighbors a lot.

Staying here is cool and it has its perks. It's real convenient because it is so close to campus and the people in the office will work with you.

The location is great, but the gate is usually open and I do not always feel the safest. I love the amenities but not everyone who lives there is a college student.

So far so good. Did have a couple issues. If they tell you utilities are in paid in rent that is a lie. They will send out an email later about a $50 charge. If you are going the cheap route stay here.