I love the maintenance staff. They always come within 24 hours whenever I put a request in. They fix everything and I have never had issues after.

nice enviornment, not bad, prices are good compared to other properities here. Also, it is close to the school. However, the are still somewhere need to be improved

I very have greatly enjoyed my time at Parker 301. This is my first apartment, and it has been a positive experience. The rent is relatively cheap, the people in the office are nice, and the actual apartment is nice.

Great atmosphere and awesome quiet roommates. I’ve had a great experience here it’s very calm and peaceful environment. Parker 301 is a place I plan on never leaving.

Maintenance requests are filled quickly, and the staff is always friendly. The online resident portal is easy to use. But the rooms are small, and the kitchen area is tiny.

I love this place because of who I room with and it’s mostly pretty awesome, but in some ways it is very lacking. The WiFi is also very spotty but I feel it will get better.

Nice staff as far as maintenance and leasing staff. Manager has bit of attitude I had a terrible move in experience. My apartment wasn’t prepared properly and when I threatened not paying instead of solving it manager pushed corporate number on me and didn’t wanna speak. WiFi service isn’t good and the buildings are in my opinion out of date. This place needs to be torn down and rebuilt

I enjoy the green areas. The shower and bath water is hot. The gate is broken... Roaches everywhere. Roommate usually keeps to herself. Just got a new stove, a lot nicer.

Living here has been great so far ! I love the community ! I love how close it is to campus and the provided transportation! I am so exicited to head back to the pool this summer !

Parker 301 is a great place! The atmosphere is amazing and amenities are all excellent. I feel a good sense of security as well as the people who are working there are great help.

I love living at Parker 301. The staff are friendly and makes you feel at home. They really make you feel safe and wanted. The staff actually build relationships. There are also a lot of activities to do on your free time such as a tennis court,volleyball court,swimming pool,game room,and computer lab.

I like the environment, pre moving in my unit could of been cleaned better though.. I love the fact that the entire complex is gated and that you guys have WiFi

My bathroom wasnt cleaned when i came in and the oven doesn't work either. The people cool. But other than that it everything else is great.

It’s usually great, this place is a great value and when we have problems the response time to fix those problems is usually very quick. Thanks

The place is close by campus and cheap. A decent value. However the staff is awful and not informed. The apartment is also not in best condition

I've had problems with staff members being rude and unprofessional, I feel unsafe at times when I am walking to and from my apartment, and several of the amenities are never fully functioning (ex. printer, gates, etc.) but overall, for the price, it has not been the worst living experience.

The staff here is very helpful and always wanting to make sure you get the best experience. When there is a problem the maintenance people come in a timely fashion

The amenities and staff are on par with anywhere else in the price range, but the area has a problem with residents disregarding others and leaving messes in common areas and not caring for the amenities

Everything is nice ‘ so are my roomates.I just moved in last week and live it , everything is so peaceful and quiet we never have alot of traffic and the place is well secured

I love it so much it’s very quite here! Thanks so much for hovering me a place to stay I love my room and I love the washer and dryer and I just love it all😘

So far, my stay at Parker 301 has been amazing! I really enjoy the sense of community. Everything seems so tight knit and welcoming and that’s something that I knew I wanted when apartment searching. I’ve been so happy here I’ve even had two of my closest friends sign on to live with me here next year!

It’s an O-K experience so far! The CA’s are very helpful at least. But the amenities are not great. The power bill is always ridiculous and I think we should only be paying a cap overage! Then the office never told me about the water and sewage bill either. For the quality... it’s definitely not worth it.

I like how the front doors are kinda ducked off. I can sit and relax on the front porch. I would have like a door to separate the living room and the bedrooms just for the noise. The living is very loud when you have people over. A door works wonders.

I love my residency. It’s very quiet and peaceful. The office staff is very prompt, helpful, and has always helped me when I was in need of something.

Reasonably safe and well constructed space. Love the upgrades. The furniture is nice and I LOVE the countertops. Microwave was trash for a minute haha