Great location and amazing rates for the amenities and things provided. I was referred by a friend and had to leap at the opportunity to acquire the place.

So far so good I love it so far great place to live I love the pool the game room ,and the computer room this is my first apartment and I’m really looking forward to a great year here at Parker 301

Anyone who works early shifts and long hours cannot use the gym because the office locks the pool gates at night and maintenance can't open the gates until 7:00a.m.

This place is amazing and run by the most reliable people. I had an issue when I first moved here and they took care of it as quickly and professionally as possible.

I just moved in two days ago to find out that my apt is a little filthy after previous residents and also dirt , mold, and old hair everywhere in the bathroom .

The living space is nice the people are friendly the maintenance is a lil slow but that’s ok I know they have more people to attend to but they are good people

Decent job some times y’all messed up some stuff. You tried and the expedite was sub par but acceptable. Recently invited friends to live with me here. Hope to enjoy the stay

Very nice environment i love it so far no problems as of now love the 24 hr gym pool game room ans also the study room great place to feel at home

Parker 301 is conveniently located. 5 to 10 minutes from everything. The rent and lease process is the best in town. So good that I moved back, because I missed being home.

I love it . It’s so quiet out here and I love the people in the office they make sure everything is ok with you and your apartment. I love that we also have on site security.

Great place to live & staff are great I recommend any answer everyone to come stay here . Great prices for rent and maintenance comes when called upon

I my resident experience, overall, has been positive. The staff has been extremely friendly and helpful about 99% of the time. I love living this close to campus. My only complaint really is that my apartment was really gross when I first moved in (due to the previous residents) and the cleaners that Parker hired did a half-assed job cleaning it up. I wasted a lot of time and money cleaning up after people I never even knew.

It has been alright, there were a few massive miscommunications that really let the whole experience down. The fact I was told a week before school started that I would be now paying utilities and had previously been told when I signed in the spring I would not be really hurt my opinion of the place.

I love everything the environment is very nice, traffic isn’t hectic at all , Everyone is very active and I love how there an event every other week for us

I love Parker. I recently just moved into a newer model apartment and it is so clean. The only dislike is the HIGH Conservice bill every month. They are definitely overcharging.

It is a great price for what we are getting. I do feel like it is not as safe here as it should be. Maybe more security for what goes on at night? Other than that everything is great!

The units are nice and it is decently close to campus. My biggest issue would have to be the inconsistency with the internet but that has gotten better recently.

It’s great here , my roommates are clean & They make sure the house stays clean . I love the pool & Beach volleyball area . Everything is walking distance from my house

The rent is affordable and the staff is very welcoming and helpful. The amenities are amazing considering the price. I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the apartment. 8/10 would recommend 👍

This place isn’t too bad except the separation of amenities. It isn’t even nice enough for that. The maintenance team is pretty great and the staff is awesome but the amenities are terrible

Its been alright so far. Had a roommate who was a thief but Parker actually did something for me. Maintenance team is always very ready with the help!

Pool is sketch. Office closes too early. Social events happen during school hours. Barbeque pits are small and sad. Some places smell like weed and gross substances.

It is a nice place. I definitely am getting what I pay for. Main office is pretty nice, I have never had an issue. Honestly, the main problem I have is my roommates...

I love the maintenance staff. They always come within 24 hours whenever I put a request in. They fix everything and I have never had issues after.

nice enviornment, not bad, prices are good compared to other properities here. Also, it is close to the school. However, the are still somewhere need to be improved