Services are great at the office. The housing is fairly basic for the price, but everything works as it should upon move in, other than a few corky things. Neighbors aren't great.

The office staff and maintenance staff are very friendly and approachable and are very good about resolving any issues you might have, immediately. The complex is very clean and well kept.

I have to admit I do feel taken care of after the administration team helped us perservere through what appeared to be an impermeable obstacle.

Pretty nice spot to live. I wish lawn care wasn't done so early in morning and so frequently. I feel people are mowing every morning and it doesn't look excellent still. I do really like the new package system

I’m from another country. Living here is the best experience that I have had! Thank you for made me feel at home. Employees are the best, very respectful and kindness. My family and I love this place!

Answered my calls on time. Very nice, and always takes time to listen! Really cool amenities. Love the bbq. Make the spa 24hrs! -Michael Von Doom

My wife and I have been here for just over 5 months and we still have throughly enjoyed living as a Parkside resident! The staff is very professional and has made living here a joy. That facilities are always well kept, and we feel that the the overall security is fantastic.

This is a nice place. Office has pass to a lot of changes and the new system in place to pay rent and keep track it has cause a lot of confusion and miss understanding from the management side. Hope to see more improvement as new personnel is coming in.

I love living here, but management is very slow to help when things are broken. We moved in in may, and we still have broken items in the house. We put in a ticket for a fire alarm, hopefully they get it fixed before there is a fire. Besides that, I love our apartment, the area, everything else.

Could have been cleaned before I moved in. Homeless are annoying and some bitch(905KER) parked in my spot and nobody did anything about it!!

I have lived here 9 months. Office staff is friendly. Maintenance has been quick and efficient. From what I can tell there doesn’t seem to be much drama. Neighborhood seems to be getting iffy at times in regards to theft but at no fault of the complex.

Quiet neighborhood with beautiful grounds. Love that dogs are allowed. New dog park and bbq area are great! The staff is helpful and kind and the maintenance is stellar!

Everything that has been a problem has been taken care of very quickly. The professional response to everything has been nice! The hot tub is great too, a very quiet place.

Every neighbor we've met so far has been extremely friendly and helpful. That, coupled with how many people spend time outside with their families, makes this feel more like a community.

This place is pretty amazing! The staff who work here are great! Having a food truck here every Thursday. Yum! Friendly neighbors! Overall a great place to live.

Very friendly staff. If I happen to have any issues they are right there to help and in a timely manner. I absolutely love the fact the landscape is taken care of. The company they have to do the work are also very friendly. It seems to be very quiet around here and neighbors are kind and Courteous.

No issues, neighbors are friendly, received maintenance support very fast. Everyone’s is respectful and sweet. The apartment itself is okay for the price, it’s a little creeky answer old but I guess that’s to be expectedly.

In a non-renovated apartment, there were lots of little details to fix on move-in but staff has been AMAZING and SUPPORTIVE of all our questions, concerns, and potential ‘deal breakers’. Happy to call this home for now <3

I enjoy living here. Is quite and people are nice. The maintenance guys are very helpful as well as the office staff. There is a dog park where I can take my dogs and let them run around freely.

Love this place, and all the wonderful amenities it has to offer.. I highly recommend.. Full size indoor Bball court is a huge bonus! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

I’m loving it here! I like the feel of the community and the small dog park as well! It feels like home every time i come back and i am very happy!

We just moved in but are loving it so far. The apartment is nice, the grounds are clean and well maintained, and Susan in the office has been helpful and welcoming.

I love it there! The people in the office are so sweet😊 my mom and I just moved in and the ladies in the front office are the nicest and helped us out with everything.

Applying and securing an apartment was super easy and all the staff were immensely helpful and friendly. I was blown away and have been wholly satisfied since!

It's a nice complex, just very overpriced and rent goes up with each new lease you sign. Matinance was always very helpful and friendly. The parcel lockers are nice too