Terribly rude and noisy neighbors who play music at unreasonable volume at all hours of the day and night. Concierge did not do anything about noise complaints either

Península apartments is a great place to live with a pool, nice apartments and great views, but it is just not a place for me. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I have no idea if we are a community. I see certain events but have not participated in any since they are within work hours. If events are at night that would make sense to take part.

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It’s okay. Neighbors can be loud and everything is so expensive here. The people that work here have attitude at times. The rooms are nice though.

It's sad to see that I'm paying expensive rent and have only one operating elevator for half the year. The only reason I live here is that its close to campus and it's better than Harbor Point, which isn't saying much. Granted some of the stupid things like the fire alarms going off, broken exit signs, and trashing the elevators are due to college students that live here, I will be glad when I am gone. With the installation of the new dorms there are going to be so many more people and problems here. I am not looking forward to it.

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The morning cleaning staff are very courteous and do a great job. The overnight security person, Mr. K is also especially cordial and professional

I just wish I could communicate more with a person instead of being referred to numbers or the site but some of the leasing agents are great and the security is very nice

Elevators always breaking, hallway carpets always messy, gate never opens, lots of work needs to be done. Nice friendly staff helps you with whatever you need.

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it is very nice, but too expensive. The prices at harbor point are way more reasonable. Everything else is nice though but also wish the gym was cleaner.

I would say the building overall is pretty nice. The only issues I have had is the constant weed smell and the elevators smelling awful and the package room is always cluttered. The staff/leasing office are very nice over the phone but in person,( Breanna) they always act like everytime you ask them a question or even bother them they act like its a huge inconvenience for them when it's their job. Alex was this way at first but then I called her out of it and she apologized and has been amazing since. It's definitely not luxury. Its a great place to live if your a Umass boston student though. Harbor point is less expensive though.

excellent amenities and staff but gets noisy through the thin walls and the loud neighbors. maintenance is excellent. view is great. great service when needed.

Really nice management beautiful housing units. Friendly staff and lovely view of the waterfront. Can’t wait to start our new Boston experience here

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Move in is a bit difficult as require 2 checks and for me ask international student it is hard to get them. Staff is friendly and service like internet is eazy to get as they have dedecated staff in building.

Although I love the amenities, view, and space in my apartment, neighbors are extremely loud and uncaring, and the wooden cabinets and refrigerator have a lingering smell that I just can not get rid of.

Nice facility, no community events have been advertised, community events monthly would help learn about neighbors! This could be low lift activities and meet and greets

The property is very clean. Office staffis tremendously helpful. During snow storms they are on top of plowing empty parking spots. Neighbors can be a bit annoying, especially with music with a lot of bass.

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Construction can get noisy and there isn’t nearly enough visitors parking. But overall, the accommodations are good and it’s a nice place in general! But yeah, figure out visitors parking please.

I love the location for school and getting to the grocery store. It is a little tricky to get to stores conviently but that’s ok, it’s the city. I wish the floor plans made a little for sense, as the bedrooms could be more proportional to each other and the living room area does not have to be so big.

I love it here! Super clean and very spacious. 10 minutes from the train and super close to umass campus. Great pool and workout room. Overall great apartment building

Decent place. Bit expensive, gets very loud over the weekend. Needs better overnight security. Gym and pool is very nice along with the community room in the lobby

Many aspects of living here is good, but get too loud at night (regular days and weekends). Also at times grill area, and area around the coffee machine are not cleaned well. For example at times there are small insects around the coffee area at the common room.

I have been living in Peninsula for five years, since I started college to now I have my own job. It's fine so far. I have been living in 5 different apt rooms. Now I live in the first floor in front of the gym and my window is facing the driveway. There are people who still hanging out late at night in the driveway. It's just that the noise is crazy loud, I think peninsula should put more security to keep the neighborhood quiet

We have been living here for 5 years We loved it. We are a family of 4 . My daughter loves the pool during the summer time. Maintainance is excellent.

the peninsula apartments are a great location for college students especially those attending UMass Boston! With that comes a great and comforting living experience, knowing that other residents are in the same boat as myself.

Beautiful apartments with homey touches, garage fantastic, great location so close to the water, limited storage space, maintenance not helpful