So far everything has been very easy going the apartment feels like home and we are In love. The people are sweet the features are awesome. The space is beautiful.

The community is very friendly and clean, residents are nice and curtious to other. We love the dog walking area and my daughter absolutely loves the park

Love how the move in inspection was presented and how they make sure each apartment is up to date with new appliances and new locks and thermostats just and overall great place

The location of Peppertree Apartments is very convenient. It is reasonably priced, pet friendly, and tucked away, so it's quiet. I love that my apartment has a fireplace!

So far everything has gone great! I Love the environment here. The move in process was very easy, the staff are extremely nice, and there are plenty of perks to living at PepperTree.

Everyone has been so nice and helpful! The house was amazing! My leasing agent was so thorough and attentative through the whole process! This was more than I could ever dream of! Thank you peppertree!

It's okay have never lived in a apartment before. I have always lived in a three bedroom house. It will take a bit of getting use to, but I think it will be okay>

Area and apartment is nice, neighbors like to play video games on surround sound speakers at 4 am but I have a crying baby so I guess we’re even

I've lived in Peppertree for >6 months, and have overall been very pleased with the experience. The rates are, in my opinion, fairly average, as there are better deals at a few places around Lawrence in my opinion. The monthly fixed has been pleasant, but there are several smaller charges like pest control and lawn maintenance that are thrown on that weren't disclosed to me prior to starting my lease. Nothing too large however, and not a very big deal - just a slight annoyance. The unit itself is lovely. I have a 2B2BA that was recently renovated (new flooring throughout and newer appliances). There's a ton of space, and it's held AC and heat fairly well. The fireplace is fantastic (especially now that it's snowed this year). Something worth mentioning: one of the bathrooms and the laundry room smelled pretty foul upon moving in. This frustrated me and I avoided those areas for a month before identifying that the smell was coming from the drains in each room. Turns out the unit sat for 3 months vacant prior to my move-in, and there evidently weren't p-traps in these drains, hence the musty dirty stink. After 1-3 weeks of regular usage, the smell was gone as the pipes were used again. This is likely an unusual circumstance due to the vacancy of the unit before I moved in. The maintenance has been excellent. Most issues get solved within 24 hours. The biggest issue I've had was a leak in the ceiling (very small and just caused the popcorn spray on the ceiling to be damp enough to fall off in a certain spot). Maintenance took almost 2 weeks to resolve this after reporting it, though this was due in part to the solution being a roofing job, and some inclement weather. All the maintenance guys I've met have been really friendly and respectful. The amenities are fine. The pool is nice and is kept clean. The office is welcoming and always has cookies. There's a laundry facility which I can't speak to, as I got my own W/D. While I don't have a dog, the dog area looks like it'd be great for some fetch. Overall, there aren't many amenities going on at Peppertree, but of the ones offered, they're good. Overall, I'm pleased with Peppertree. The units are very nice, the staff is good, and the amenities are fine. I've only had positive interactions with the office and leasing staff. I'd love for lower rates, but who wouldn't? The location is really nice. The neighborhood is quiet, and right next to the brewery, a Hyvee, a gym, etc.

i love the community here at peppertree. Everyone is so helpful here and always wants to ensure it’s residents are fully satisfied. I would definitely recommended housing at peppertree.

I have live here for over 4 years, its a nice quite community with great residents. The property is kept clean and maintained all year and its just a few minutes from almost anywhere in town

This is a nice quiet place to live. The staff in the office and maintenance are always polite and professional. Never had any issues living here and hope to continue to reside at peppertree.

My maintenance requests are always handled quickly, the office staff are always very kind and helpful, and living here is fun and easy. Plus my dog is thankful for all the space to run and play.

So far so good! I can tell the apartments are older and have had some questionable repairs, but the stagf was very helpful in getting me moved in quickly!

Peppertree Apartments is in a really quiet neighboorhood and has very nice units :) I love the hardwood floors even in the units that are not renovated

Very kind considerate neighbors, staff is amazing and understanding. Beautiful apartments, the new updates are beautiful. Gorgeous campus, I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to live.

I love my apartment! There was a smell, but it's going away. Is very clean. Bedroom light is wierd, but I can work with anything. Need to do the walk through

Enjoy living here. Very nice ladies in the office. Always willing to help. Only downfall is being charged if you choose to upgrade (add on to current rent) your living space. To us that should be done without residents paying for it.

A few things need to be looked at in our apartment such as a leak in our bathroom but other than that we couldn't be happier. This place not only makes our animal happy, but makes our relationship better as well.

Peppertree Apartments has been a great community to live in. Our apartment is nice and really feels like home. The staff is friendly and welcoming and maintenance is helpful.

A Professional and genuinely kind staff helped with the stress of moving. Clean and classy apartments. Residents near me are quiet and respectful. I don’t mind the dogs barking ! Loving it here so far.

I have lived in PepperTree for approximately two weeks now. I've met all of my neighbors and all of the leasing agents. They have went above and beyond in making me feel welcome here. It's very quiet and the apartments are quite modern.

Entire Staff is really great! Love how everyone has worked with me through my relocation. My appartmebtbys really nice and the DOG PARK IS AWESOME!! Lots of complex activities and ways to earn rewards!

Very quiet and great location. The price is very reasonable for it's size, as well as a caring staff that puts its residents first. The amenities such as the off leash dog park are such a blessing.

Great living community with reasonable prices, the townhouses have been updated to give it more of a modern look. The neighbors are respectful and everyone gets along