I’ve been at Point Breeze going on four years now. I’ve never had any issues with the complex or the apartment. Anything that needs fixing is done in a quick and efficient manner.

Not bad,, Isulation is terrible, and or sound proofing, you can hear every word when neighbors below converse, walk, even use the toilet, Music bass booms is the worst, oh, and even sexual relation can be heard plain as day.

I am fairly new here and we Love it! We moved here from FL without stepping foot inside an apartment. Luckily, we really love our place! It's close to the highway and very convenient.

nice place live pretty place nice pool ppl work thier are sweet u look aroud lot place cauese up big hill ppl look after each other have place cook outside

There's a creepy guy that stands outside all day long and stares at people. The people in my building are always blasting music at all times of the day.

The floors in the apartment are not level and have many soft spots. The process of getting the apartment switched over was exhausting and I felt like every time I walked in the office I had to reintroduce myself. I still don't have much information about being a resident because I joined two existing residents so they just assumed I knew everything and didn't give me all the info.

We really like living here. Our school is only 6mins. away. The staff is efficient and helpful. We've enjoyed our time here so far and plan on enjoying it for some time to come. Thank you

The people are nice here and the front office staff are great. They will answer any questions they can and they will help you when needed. The maintenance people will fix anything you need fixed and they usually do it in a timely manner. Great place to live.

Great! The staff are super friendly and professional. My boyfriend and I came in to apply and preview the apartments, we fell in love with the place and were approved as soon as the next day!

I'm doing really really well been feeling really good and everything in my life is going good doing good in school and at home so everything is good.

Looking forward to my cabinets and mini repairs. Tyler in the office is very helpful and I appreciate his professionalism. So far it's been a good experience.

Great apartment complex! Got back to me very quickly about my application and the office staff was very kind and helpful to me. I just moved in and I love it already.

Wonderful and friendly staff! We've been here going on 3 years, loved it the entire time. Maintenance is friendly and prompt, they do a fabulous job !

Walls are pretty thin, but everything is really nice compared to everything else in the same price range. It's nice, quiet, and there's lots of greenery and scenic views from certain balconies!

Great community in a greasy location. I like that it's closer to the city without being right downtown. Denise in the front office is very nice!

Was able to move in right away after getting out of a horrid living situation. The a.c. works great and I really dont even have to use it very often. The repairs needed were done within the first week of my lease there.

Very friendly phone operators, office workers, and community overall. If you're looking for comfortable living spaces and quick travel through booming areas, this is perfect!

This is a nice area and apartment complex. The only problem I have are the ants inside my apartment and the spiders outside my apartment! I hate bugs!!!!

Been living here for over a year and I have to say it's really been great. First time renting at an apartment complex and its been a much more positive experience than I originally expected.

Friendly office staff, they are usually good about urgency with things going on in your apartment. It was almost a month after that the pool opened, however, than we were told.

I am really enjoying living here so far. I'm really glad the pools open now, and the locations great. So far, I have no complaints. Five stars.

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It's a good community , however property lights are regularly burnt out, rent is a bit high for the quality of the units (and rising apparently), also the pool still isn't open. All in all I would still suggest this place to someone looking for a place to start out in Nashville. The management is friendly and addresses tenant needs quickly. Still give it a B+

Staff is great and the renovated rooms are wonderful. I'm glad that tyler gentry worked with me on getting this unit and even offered me a job working for his company.

Excellent place to live! Love the staff, they are always so helpful. Only complaint is that I wish the pool opened earlier in the season. Other than that, everything is wonderful!