Staff is great and the renovated rooms are wonderful. I'm glad that tyler gentry worked with me on getting this unit and even offered me a job working for his company.

Excellent place to live! Love the staff, they are always so helpful. Only complaint is that I wish the pool opened earlier in the season. Other than that, everything is wonderful!

Was very helpful during the application process. I called like a million times! An easy to use online website to pay rent! I move in in June and I can't wait!

My apartment was far from being ready On Moving Day but with the help of Robert it is now right where it needs to be. He was prompt and friendly.

Still in my first month here but I must say it's very clean and quiet. Oh did the walk through called maintanice. They came quick and solved all my issues.

Point Breeze is a dream so far, roomie apartments, High ceilings, and easy access to everything in Nashville. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable place to live.

Clean and quiet community. The location is very convenient. The complex is close to the highway and a short drive to nightlife, restaurants and more.

Like it here! The conplex is in a nice area and it is easy to get to other parts of Nashville. Cute apartment. Some people do drive a little fast through the parking lot.

I'm very happy with the apartment and the community. The office is very nice and the leasing staff is great! I'm very happy to be part of the Point Breeze community.

So far so good,just moved in. Community seems nice. Neighbors seen pleasant. We have to learn how to get access to laundry, but we will today.

Wonderful place to be living in a beautiful city. Everyone who works for the apartments are so welcoming and make you feel right at home. Lucky to be living here

The Point Breeze community is quiet, clean and cozy. The place is is peaceful and pet friendly. The environment consists of a number of Midwest and southern families. The environment is safe , quiet and peaceful. The views of the city make coming home relaxing. Five star staff make this a place to call Home!

Generally great maintenance, people above are so loud though. Don't usually have any problems but facilities are older and the heat isn't very good in certain rooms.

Can't really tell if the renovations that is bringing the rent up is anything more than cosmetic, meaning just new appliances. The structure and everything in the apartments seem exactly the same.

It's a good place with good neighbourhood. Has beautiful scenery. Though, the apartment is little old. I'm really enjoying my stay at point breeze. They have been very responsive to all of my needs and concerns. Very helpful and very friendly!

We enjoy living in the area, but with change in management we have not gotten all of our maintenance done. We are expecting several more things to be completed, but we don't know if the new management will agree to what we were told.

Denise is the best! It is a breath of fresh air to work with her. The new renovations look great. And, I look forward to being a part of this community.

The staff at PointBreeze is helpful and quick to respond to maintenance requests. The prices are affordable and the views are great. The recent painting of the outside colors were unfavorable by myself and others.

I like living here...Everything close to the complex...and my friends I invite over all ways comment on how well the complex is kept and the grounds so WELL KEPT.

Great and friendly staff. The buildings, yards, and pool are kept looking nice. Great location with plenty of privacy while still being close to everything.

You get what you pay for. The area isnt the greatest but you're 10 min from everything and Management is making this place better by remodeling all of the apartments. Maintenance has been great.

Everything is good! Very clean and the staff and neighbors are friendly The pool is always clean,the only complaint is with the plumbing,we have had a lot of issues with that.

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I really love living at Point Breeze appartments! The staff are all super friendly anstaff always respond quickly. They work hard to resolve any issue. I have had issues that have taken a long time to resolve, with maintenance coming in again and again to try to fix it, which is my only complaint. The place is clean and quiet. I have a lovely view of a treed area from my apartment. The pool is mice and clean. I went for my first swim of the year this past weekend. So far all the residents I have encountered have been very nice. I am a single woman and I feel very safe here.

awsome people to work with amd the maintainence crew is spme of the best i have worked with. great location close to east nashville and dowmtown