Honestly I’ve loved living here the last few months. If there were 1 bedroom apartments with pets allowed, I’d never leave! Maintenance staff is incredible and super quick to solve any issues.

Ive loved it here at the Pointe, its easy to get to public transport. Friendly staff, nice living space, and friendly neighbors it makes you feel at home.

Good for the price, I haven't has any major issues. Shuttle system is great, amenities are nice. It's not the nicest complex but its cheap. Wish they recycled on property.

This community is very involved with its residents and is constantly adding new events for everyone to attend. I really enjoy living here and plan to renew

its really amazing here i honestly love living here with my sister and the neighbor exteremely nice here and i recommend everyone to come check this place out

It’s great! Haven’t moved in yet, but leaving this message gets me points for something I don’t even fully understand! Sorry for such a useless review.

i have no complaints so far since living here. The apartments are maintained very well and is super quiet in my building. Even the front office has been super nice in what ever i need.

Everyone is so kind and helpful! You really don't miss home too much cause everyone at the pointe is a family. I would 100% recommend staying here if you are a UCF student looking for off-campus housing it has everything you need and more.

This is my first semester living here and I have no complains. Perfect place to live at. The clubhouse is a great place for my friends and I to hangout or study. I would definitely recommend this place to other people.

Overall nice community. I don’t like the fact all our neighbors have newer and better functioning appliances while we have the older models but other than that I like the people I’m around as well as the events and amenities I am offered at my complex.

Great experience, activities, and staff. Weekly events are really fun and thoughtful. Easy to sublet and pay online is extremely convenient.

I have lived here for 3 years now and I love the amenities, especially the pool, clubhouse, and gym. I sometimes have a hard time sleeping in my room because it's right next to the stairs, and whenever someone stumbles up at night my entire room vibrates and there's this crazy banging sound when someone slams into the banister. That's a bit annoying. I appreciate maintenance - so far, they've always been there for me and I can't complain. I wish we had better stoves - not the ones with the spiral - because it seems that most of my roommates are unable to use them without dropping half their food in, which has led to a small fire in the past. Overall, it's been a good experience. Thanks!

It has been incredible living here. Stuff is friendly, amenities are great, and the price is unmatched. There is also free coffee every morning, plenty of events with games and free food, and utilities, cable, and WiFi are inclusive in rent.

The Pointe is a great place to live for the price we pay. I appreciate all the amenities at hand and the absence of a utility cap. I just don't like how thin the walls are, and some things could use an upgrade.

The point is a really nice place and the people are honestly so freaking nice you will definitely love it if you have the opportunity to check it out “

I love the residency but I feel the actual apartments could be better. Not only could they look better but I think hard floor would be better than carpet, coming from someone who has bad allergies especially with dust!

Been living here for two years. Maintenance always comes quick, the shuttle is a little slow but reliable, and the complex is generally very quiet! I’ve loved it!

I've had a great time here and can't really complain too much. Most things get done pretty quickly and issues get resolved so I enjoy being here.

What I love the most about the Pointe is Waffle Wednesday!! The maintenance people are very nice and every time I need something fixed, they come right away.

The Pointe at Central has good rates and fun community events. I enjoy the neighborhood. My only complaint could be noise at times. It’s very easy to hear noise from outside or in other apartments at times.

i haven’t lived here yet but i love the community! I look forward to living here in the four bed two bathroom with my friend! I just wish it was pet friendly but don’t we all!

Maintenance is on top of making sure that everything is running smoothly. I just wish that we had more of a presence for recycling and more dumpsters to accommodate the trash.

I keep catching the security guards sleeping at the gate but otherwise no issues. Waffle Wednesday is a great park and works fairly well with my schedule.

My resident experience was great starting from the tour through the application process and signing the lease. Im looking forward to living in the pointe at central next semester

Beautiful property, lots of fun activities, best deal in the area price-wise. I’m very excited to move in and have heard so many great things from my friends (future roommates) who live here now !