Pointe At central is a great place to live. It has reasonably good prices. Im in a 4x2 and it is going well. One con is the awful carpets. & always try to get a 2x2. Personally, less people and having your own bathroom is the best thing you can do for yourself

For the most part I've liked being at the pointe, it's quite and i've been paired with great roomates. Maintanence is also respectful and they do their jobs well.

I believe that the point at central is right on the ball when is comes to getting for what you pay for. Personally is was a great environment for me because it is school affiliated, so when mid-terms and finals came around, everyone had a sense of a mutual respect because of this. Overall I have no complaints at all. Living at the point at central has been a great college experience so far.

I’ve enjoy my time here meeting some amazing people here that turned out to be some amazing friends and plenty of fun events I can’t wait to seeehat happeneds next

I am extremely impressed with Pointe! They are welcoming, reassuring, and the apartments are just stunning! It’s my home away from home! I can feel safe and comfortable at the same time and I won’t pass that up, it is so important!

Really good experience overall. The rate changing during the next lease doesn’t makes sense to me at all though. And I hope the unlimited utilities continues to stay with 4x2 apartments

What a great experience it has been since the moment I signed my lease. Everything is continuously ran smoothly and I never have any trouble.

Maintenance has been on top of all my requests. Management is pretty good and they are always sending updated text messages about what’s going on in the community. Only complaint is that my roommate moved out and they changed the front door locks without telling me. They did leave a note on the door with instructions to get the key even at 10:30pm. So far I’ve been happy hear.

I enjoy living here, my roommates are great and love how close it is to UCF. Having the laundry inside the unit helps so much and having no cap is also great, but that will be changing.

I think the place is great despite a couple of things. I like the clubhouse, like how close it is to school. I don't like hearing the people above me walk every time because the walls are too thin.

I really enjoy living in my apartment at the Pointe at Central. The apartments are upkept very well and are extremely clean. All the amenities provided make for a great living experience

I love the convenances of the shuttle for UCF and the printer! Plus all the activity throughout the year is amazing! The pool table is cool, and the gym is good! The sucky thing is the hot tube was never hot on the days I went in!

My third year living in this complex. The living room is spacious, staffs are friendly and helpful. Its convenient because only 7 minues drive from UCF

Maintenance is super quick and everything is up to date! I have lived here for three years now and they have always been accommodating with all my needs.

It’s great! Love the amenities and the community, very good economically and very close to campus. Shuttle service is ideal and everyone is very friendly

Wonderful staff that showed me and my guests around. The tour was very informative and concise. Impressed with the way the grounds are kept and the level of security.

Living here has been great so far and the shuttle makes commuting to campus significantly easier and very convenient. I use the pool often and the clubhouse is always hosting fun events for free.

Its an around good place for the money. I’d recommend more activities in place that encourages residents to be more outgoing. Other than that its a pretty good place

It’s not bad, I just wish there were one bedroom options and also less noise. I enjoy the amenities , rent is alright, safe area.. For the most part its peaceful spare for the noise from neighbors

Honestly I'm satisfied. Sure we get gift cards for doing these but I enjoy living here. I'm disappointed that we'll have an electricity cap soon, it was a selling point for this place for me. Aside from that I'm fine with everything else.

I take the bus from Pointe at Central to UCF campus nearly everyday. In addition, free coffee, convenient recreation, nearby eateries, and being affordable are why I plan to stay.

The community is ok, the staff is rude and there needs to be a better way to pair room mates together. I had a terrible experience, which in turn made the pointe a bad experience.

I just moved in and I love the location and my apartment being so spacious. It feels like home. I love being able to wake up and walk across the parking lot and go to the gym.

Staff is nice. I enjoy the club house. It’s mostly just the residents. Some are beyond loud and don’t care. They bang on the stairs, they will yell, etc. It just gets annoying.

So basically I just moved in yesterday. I went to the leasing office to see the manager and pick up my keys. I welcomed me pretty well. I got my keys and went to my apartment. I just noticed a few things to need adjustments like the lights. But overall the apartment was clean.