Overall am having a splendid experience. This is the first apartment I’ve moved into and being on my own was tough but I’ve found a home her at Pointe at Central.

An ok apartment for the price. Walls are paper thin. Maintenance is quick on work orders. They host events pretty regularly. And free coffee

The pointe is a good place for any ucf student to live. It's quiet, clean, and the neighbors are friendly. This has been the best student housing since i've been in college.

Haven’t lived here yet but overall customer service has been good. When I call there is always someone who answers the phone and helps me with any questions I have.

It's not perfect but it's the better priced in the area. Some things need to be remodeled but at the same time, that'll probably drive up the costs. I look for affordability when looking for student housing as I don't plan to make these places my home permanently and Pointe fit that for me for the 3 years I've been here.

Alright overall but apartment itself has issues (pest, maintenance) and nothing is done about it. shuttle service is convenient, and amenities are nice. staff barely help and confuse with different answers to questions

It's an overall good place to stay in as a college student. Staffs are friendly and helpful. There are cool events for students and its fun to hang out with people

I like that the rent is affordable and work orders are resolved quickly. I don’t like that before move in, people come in my apartment without warning. It catches me off guard and makes me feel unsecured. We should be given a schedule of maintenance that’s going to be done so we know when to expect people. I also don’t like that they open the door without warning. Sometimes I’m at the door looking through the hole to see who it is.

I enjoy living here for the most part. It’s relatively quiet, I feel very safe for the most part and the maintenance is efficient. The only thing I don’t like is the leasing office ammonites- I feel like it could be a lot better.

Have lived here multiple years, very convenient in terms of shuttle service and location. Also, generally a very clean and non-disruptive area.

Great community with a caring and responsive staff!! It’s great to be around the UCF area and be able to have my own room while doing so! Love it here!

I love the pointe at centeal! The environment in here is friendly and they create a good atmosphere for studying and meeting new friends in the hood.

The pointe at central has given all amenities I could ask for and more. Great experience living here while attending school at the university of central Florida.

I absolutely love the area and the apartments, unfortunately I’m not moved in quite yet but I move in 13 days from now and I’m super excited

Good security, helpful front desk! I love it here. The pool looks Nice and the common area is nice. The gym is nice, with good equipment. The apartments are also a good size

I have lived here for almost 2 years and would not recommend it. The management here is rude, unhelpful, and at times a bit aggressive.The maintenance crew and other staff are great, but the leadership just couldn't care less. They will try to fine you for every little thing yet not listen to your problems or complaints. Overall you get what you pay for, The Pointe has some of the cheapest rent in the area but with rates increasing to $660 and up soon ,it's just not worth it. I would recommend finding a different place if possible.

Its alright. Maintenance is slow and everything is meh at best. Several things could be better sych as appliances and flooring all of which are old and have yet to be changed.

Free coffee and transportation, and a large apartment space are all I need that The Pointe at Central has. With that space, there's enough room for movie nights and study sessions.

So far it's been great, I've had no complaints and everything has gone smoothly. I'm excited to move in and start the school year. it should be fun.

The semester at the Pointe was great, the amenities and staff did their best to make sure everything was in running order. Cant wait to come back for the fall semester

My resident experience has been great so far! The staff has been so helpful with the information I needed to get my ESA approved so my living experience can be the best yet.

It’s not the worse community ever. I chose it cause it was the cheapest one in the UCF area, I wasn’t expecting the best because of that but at the same time I was expecting more

The apartment itself has wonderful amenities and exceeds the basic needs. The staff at the leasing office is extremely helpful and were always willing to help with whatever I needed.

Rent is the value of what you get . Office is sometimes confused on what’s on what your them. Don’t look like that if your a first time leader you have to give a deposit for the last two months

It’s too expensive for what it’s worth now that they’ve upped the price and added all these random charges. Like how did rent go from 510 to 600 + cost of insurance + utility set up fee (the dumbest charge of all) + utility cap. I feel like this is kind of excessive.