It is a nice quiet community. Free coffee and tea in the clubhouse is a big bonus. The shuttle service is pretty reliable and very convenient for getting to campus. Pretty cheap and includes all amenities. I haven;t had any bad experiences here

The Pointe at Central is an alright place to live. Not the best, but good for the price. With no electricity cap, there's no pressure to conserve any electricity. 4/5 stars.

I love the pointe. The apartments are great ive had no complaints and the shuttle is close by and comes every 30 minutes and they are good about being on time. I love it here and would recommend to anyone

Living here has been a great experience. maintenance is always on time, staff usually gets everything done promptly. Can't complain about this place!

wifi is absolute garbage though, please fix or at least allow for us to get our own service. appliances are all mediocre at best with the dishwasher easily being the worst thing

It's a good starter apartment but I wouldn't want to live here too long. They do a lot of noisy and inconvenient maintenance and their maintenance crew barely speaks English even though they're coming into your home.

Waffle Wednesday's are pretty great. The place overall is quite nice for the price. Maintenance is responsive. The trash problems are a bummer.

Lots of cool offers and easy ways to get points. Thought it wasn't gonna be that good at first but they also just throw points your way sometimes

Great job. Love the upgrades being made. Maybe next we can get a new stove. I appreciate the speed at which works orders are completed and all the events put on by the community.

I'm really tired and don't know what I should write I'm sorry. I wish I could help but I just want this gift card so I can buy more parachute aliens.

Fantastic it's easy and fun to use and it's actually worth spending time on the site opposed to other sites that redirect you to other sources

The best place to live and super cheap. They always put on different events to get everyone involved. Most of the staff is friendly and tries their best

great the place is really good really good great place nice place place good clean big space clean place nice place livable lit fun place big space

Love living here! Maintenance is very quick with repairs. Plus, they call to check up just to make sure. Waffle Wednesdays is also a bonus. Overall, it's really just a nice place to live.

I like the space but could work on maintenance speed. Also wish they had more apartments with the bathrooms inside the rooms. Overall good community

Here at the Pointe the neighborhood is very nice and clean. The staff are very nice and are very well with keeping the area as clean as possible. If you have a problem they are typically very quick to fix the problem. I really like how they come in and do inspections to make sure everything is clean and working properly. The Pointe is an amazing place!

The Pointe is a calm and relaxing environment. My neighbors are all very respectful and keep noise to a minimum in the evenings. I love the community atmosphere!

Everything is great! Besides the loudness of motorcycles right outside my window and the people above me keep making a lot of noise. Great maintenance!

Great! The complex has security so it feels safe. The office members are all very welcoming and helpful. The roommates are a bit annoying but not bad people!

It has been all good so far. I have had no issues with anyone even my random roommates, all cool guys. The reviews may seem scary but ive had no issue with anything here so far.

Great Housing, although rent is high due to the market value, the Pointe at Central is clean and a wonderful place to live. If maintaince could be a little bit more efficient.

Can't wait to move in in the fall! My experiences with the workers in the office have been nothing but pleasant and helpful so far, and they have always been available to answer any questions I have had!

Overall the facility is satisfactory. However, the rent, including the raised rates in the fall, is just too high. Residents such as myself just don't see enough value in the property to want to stay here another year. Major upgrades are needed.

It's a nice place for what your paying. The rent is all inclusive and there are no caps so I can't complain. Also having a pool and a gym is really convenient for when you don't want to go to campus.

The carpet has stains from previous residents that we have told maintenance about. However, maintenance is good about fixing appliances when they are broken.