I enjoy the building and facilities here. I do wish that there were less critters (like lizards and moths), and that the staff were nicer, but I am liking it here.

The Pointe at Central is great! The facilities are very well maintained and there are tons of fun events. The price is very affordable and the staff is very nice too.

Lived here for over a year and half a semester now, it has been consistently good. Not many problems at all worth mentioning except for the electricity cap.

Cheap in all senses of the word, but management is also cheap and stingy. adding a cap in most places is normal. But one of the reasons why you just can't add a cap here is because the apartment is electrically inefficient. No insulation, single pane windows everywhere. For the most part, the only lighting in this place is the stuff you bring yourself.

I really like the RAs and staff put extra effort into getting us together and planning events so that we can have fun. For the first time since my first dorm/apartment experience, I actually want to go to these events and get to know people rather than just stay in room.

I lived here for about two years and it has been a blast so far honestly I don’t think I can go any where else because this place is very friendly

Excited to be here! I love the basketball courts! Everything about here i love im new to this but i feel at home because everyone treats me good

I like my apartment; it's nice and fairly clean. The staff is also nice. However, there have been a few bugs popping out of no where someone. Nonetheless, this situation is manageable. Maintenance is also very helpful; I haven't had a problem from them yet.

so far my roommates have been pretty chill the shuttle has been useful and usually on time with the app and not too full or anything events are cool

its been great. I like it here. so fun . so many things to do . man its great. so awesome. everything is here. life at the pointe couldn't get any better

This apartment is pretty close to UCF main campus plus they offer free shuttles to school. This complex also offers events every month that can help you interact with the community & you can also have fun

Was really pleased with living at The Pointe until they choice Conservice at their utility company. I’ve had utility caps in previous student housings so that’s not the issue. The issue is that Conservice is a scam company and college students are the perfect prey.

The community staff are friendly and the grounds are well maintained and look nice. The events held are fun to attend and do promote a sense of community.

Good for the price. There are lots of activities throughout the months. Gate at the front. 2 pools, which is pretty cool. The apartments could be cleaner. Other than that it’s good.

The Pointe at Central is a great place to live! I love the location being so close to campus and that we have a guarded gate. It makes me feel very safe! I also like all the amenities and events offered. The staff is always helpful and nice! Our apartment really feels like home. I love it here!

Good place for the money we’ll worth it. Some issues with old appliances but everything is decent and working. Work orders are placed here and there but it’s ok.

I like living here, it’s great, safe, the events are super cool & i enjoy attending them. I make sure i go to most of the events that are put on. If i have any questions, someone is always there to answer them

Great place to live, maintenance is always super quick to come. I've referred two of my friends to live here and they like it as well. Overall happy.

been living here for 3 years and it was the cheapest student housing but now prices are going up. free shuttle ride to campus is nice. the apartments are out dated could definitely use a remodel. got some mold in our apartment

I really love living here. I love how they host many events for the community and the staff is very good at responding quickly and positively to my requests/needs.

been good since i moved in. not too loud and the community always has things to do on the weekends. it gives people an opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

I was glad the people were up so early so I could get it done quickly and early. My parents like getting things done at the crack of dawn so I was glad I didn’t have to wait around for an hour before moving in.

So far I’ve enjoyed living here at the Pointe. The apartments are pretty spacious for what’s around the area. I love all the events they offer every week and all the amenities provided. It adds up to a decent value for Orlando. The only problems I’ve had is with some things in my apartment. For example my water valve on my toilet started leaking while I was asleep. Thankfully maintenance fixed it and it works good now. They’re pretty responsive and fix things in a timely manner.

Its been good, Have had a fun time living here. The walls are'nt that thin, a lot of privacy, good balcony. The security guards are pretty cool. and the staff knows who you are

Excellent service & staff, and the events are well-done. The prices are great and maintenance is responsive! Plus, everything is included in one easy rent payment.