I love living here. The pointe is a great place to live. The only thing that bothers me is maintence can come in whenever they want which is very annoying especially in the morning.

WiFi is spotty. Amenities are good. Experience depends on who you’re roommates are. The hot tub is nice and there is a shuttle that goes to ucf.

It's okay, Noisy and the walls and floors are paper thin, which is really annoying. Waffle wednesdays are cool, the gym is nice. The package system can be really annoying, and the fact that theres only one gate for both residents and guests is super annoying sometimes.

It has been good living here, the rent going up for the new year wasn’t the best however. But the maintenance responds fast and I made friends

Im really enjoying my 2-2 room at The Pointe. I changed from 4-2 to 2-2 and it is much more convenient. If you are not the resident I recommend you to register for it next semester!

So far so good. Maintenance is quick to respond to requests, which is lovely. However, the walls are incredibly thin so I can hear everything going on in not only my roommates room but also out into the kitchen, and even outside.

I really enjoy living at the pointe. Everyone is super friendly and nice. The pool is fun and I love the affiliation with UCF. That means we can have a bus to campus which is super sweet. I already renewed for next year.

Living jere is good and it is cheap and affordable , the walls are however thin and you can hear your neighbors upstairs walking or even getti g on their bed . Other than that the room is spacious and comfortable

When I took my tour for the pointe I loved it. I knew right away that I would have to live here eventually! The rooms are so nice as well as the community. The pool, gym, and everything is so clean and nice.

Its a great place to live. The Amenities are amazing along with the friendly staff. I'm so excited at the fact I get to have a wonderful college experience here at The Pointe

I've had a lot of ups and downs here but i gotta say the best thing here is the convenience. The fact the amenities are included takes a lot of stress off of me once the bills come around.

Overall living at the Pointe at note this year was by far the best out of the past two years I have lived here. If it wasn't for the access two cleaner amenities than I would not have been as satisfied as I would have been.

Moved in flawlessly even decided to renew, Love the amenities keep it up. my friends and i love walking around the pool and using the grill for munchies

I am new here at The Pointe but I really like it. I feel comfortable here. My roommates are basically never around, but I have everything organized and neat

Nice place to live no complaints about anything. Although the 2/2 is more expensive I enjoy my own privacy and I don't have to share a bathroom with anyone only the kitchen which is not a problem.

very nice for the price. the cheapest complex that I have seen. Awesome shuttle service and amenities. They are good at keeping up with maintenance. I have had a good experience here

I enjoy living at the pointe because it’s very clean and the staff is easy to contact and always answers my questions when I have them. I enjoy living here

the apartment livingroom and kitchen are spacious. the neighborhood is nice and rarely loud. the people within the community are very friendly and kind

So far so good. Loved the tour and friendliness of staff. Hoping to have a great time at the Pointe. The pool is clean and the club house as well.

My friend lives there & I know that staff is amazing. I'm beyond excited to live here with my friend. I don't find it expensive & think that it's totally worth it

I like living here, the place is awesome.My next door neighbor and I exchanged phone numbers. I felt hesitant to do that because I didn’t want to anyone to be in my business, but realized that an extra set of eyes and ears won’t hurt. Although this is my first time living alone, it feels good to know that someone is looking out for me, and I’m willing to do the same

The people at the pointe are very nice. The rooms are a bit small and the carpet is old, but it is a good place to stay for the price you pay.

Staff has been great in helping me out and really have no complaints. The property looks like it is maintained and i have access to a lot of things.

I love this place, never want to move again!!!!!everyone is nice roommate is awesome , community extremely upsdatdd and more fun. Best update is the grill

That a had been my first month at pointe central and all I can say is keep up the good work. Everything is well kept , the community is enjoyable and the staff is easy to talk too.