I have never had a bad experience with living here. Kim, Charla, Lorena and all of the amazing CA's have always made this amazing place a home away from home! We love our Pointe Family!

thats good . It was great. I felt at home.I'll recommend my friend to stay here.The infrastructure here is perfect, and I feel very happy, because everything here is great.

Needs improvement in a lot of areas. Remolding is definitely needed here up to date appliances new floor tile in kitchen and much more. That would definitely bring in more students .

I love staying here, the only thing I hate is how some of my residents are inconsiderate of others . They let their dogs poop anywhere and we have plenty of spots for them to pick it up. But my experience here is great. When I have a problem they take care of it, they have things for you to participate in, overall a good place to live at .

The community is friendly, the amenities are fantastic. The rooms are plenty big and the move-in process was simple and fast. The ladies at the front desk were very helpful and friendly. Overall I'm very happy with The Pointe at Troy.

Everyone is so nice! The apartments are an amazing size. The grounds always look pretty! The staff is interactive. Parking space is amazing.

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I have had no problems since I have been living here. The office staff and maintenance staff are pretty great and always try to help as much as they possibly can.

Everything so far has been pretty great, maintenance are responsive and so is the rest of the staff. It is a fantastic model to stay in along with the amenities being in good condition

The pointe could be a great place to stay if the rooms were clean upon move-in and all the utilities were checked ahead of time. I believe ending leases in May instead of July would give staff plenty of time to check all of these things. The Pointe is a student complex and most students go home over Summer break. We should have a choice to continue our lease over the summer or end it in May. It would benefit everyone on both sides.

Living here has been such a blessing! I got this apartment with my brother because I didn't get housing for next semester and we live out of the city which would've made it hard for us to travel every day to our classes. It has provided more than enough :)

The apartment community is great living culture for students to communicate with others to have study groups or maybe just fellowship with another. But also the staff here is great and very understanding with problems and always on point to let us know about events.

So far for my first few weeks living in The Pointe it has been a great experience! Compared to living in a trailer last semester and living on campus the Pointe is very friendly and you can just enjoy your time here.

Amazing staff and maintained crew that are always super helpful. Amazing community building activities and giveaways for broke college kids. Y’all are the best!

My experience here has been a great one so far. The distance from campus is not far at all. The parking availability is also good. I plan to remain here for a long time.

It’s alright living at the Pointe I just wish the rooms were cleaned by the time you get there. The individual rooms are okay though and overall it’s okay.

The Pointe is a great place to live. Everybody is friendly and as helpful as they can be. I have not had any problems with them. It is a peaceful environment where there's plenty to do. Having the bus shuttle has been helpful as well.

My experience at The Pointe has been awesome! The staff is amazing and always there to help out. I feel confident about living at here for the remainder of my time at Troy!

Things could be better as far as cleanliness and staff. When I first moved in the facilities were not very clean I and my family had to clean them ourselves. The staff can be standoffish at times

The Pointe is good place to live, but is very overpriced. The maintenance man is great, but management is lacking in enforcing their own policies, such as the trash policy outside of rooms and in the parking lot. Also, there is junk all over the parking lot unnecessarily filling parking spaces, and there isn't near enough visitor parking for each building.

My experience here has been great. This is my second year here. The location is convenient. The staff has been helpful, and maintenance has always been quick and happy to help.

The Pointe at Troy is a very quiet, friendly and comfortable apartment community. The staff is nice and my questions never go unanswered. I give it 5 stars.

Living at the Pointe is great. I enjoy living here although, I do feel as if some things about the pointe as a whole could be much better than it is.

It’s okay. Management and maintenance is a bit slow but very welcoming and nice. I have been moved in a different room bc my assigned room has water damage in it but once that is fixed everything will be fine!

It’s geen good so far. I cannot complain. Move in was a hassle but everything was sorted out for the most part. The community so far is pretty decent I’m able to enjoy the atmosphere that’s provided here.