It’s a good place to live in troy. I love to stay here because I feel safe as pointe is a locked community. The maintenance people are really awesome.

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So far very happy with the community and amenities. Staff is very nice and helpful when called. Gym is great and easily accessible, especially with it being 24hrs

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I love my apartment, nice furniture, lots of space, I have mu own bathroom and there are doggy bag posts all over so very pet friendly. The pool is so great in the summer.

Pretty good, The staff is great and you wanna know why because I am on it. So if you don't like the pointe you must be crazy haha. Well yeah everyone have a great day

A good apartment for students as long as you got in when the prices were low. Nice pool and gym and the maintance workers are amazing! Some jobs do have to be outsourced though.

The only problems I have had was that the washing machine was leaking when I moved in and I didn't have a smoke detector. The washing machine is fixed but I still don't have a smoke detector.

Apartments could have used better fixing, updating, and upkeep in between inhabiters. For the $200+ fee when signing the lease, I expected it to at least be cleaned when I arrived on move in day. There were clothes leftover from the last person to live here, the walls were dirty, there were dead bugs on the floors and in the bathrooms, there was a broken drawer and towel rack in my specific room, the fridge was dented with a broken shelf, the over sunked in, chairs ripped, paint on the leather couches, whoever painted the walls painted over the light switches which looks tacky, and so much else. I really don't believe this is worth how much I'm paying for the month nor the security deposit to "get the room set up for move in." I was led to believe it was a lot nicer. I do like the pool though. Not the worst but definitely not the best.

What I like the most about the Pointe is the staffs and the manager. They're always helpful and enthusiastic. The room is quite reasonable to me. It is equipped with essential goods, so when I moved in, I just need buy some personal items. There is nothing that I can complaint about the Pointe up to now. Highly suggested to anyone want a place to live in Troy!

The apartment is worth the pricing. Only wish they were quicker about pest control coming to spray the apartments. But I really don't have to complain about anything here

I have to say I am pretty pleased with what the pointe is doing and all they have done for me. I also feel like this is a very safe place and very friendly

Living at The Pointe is nice. The rooms are kind of old looking, but are good enough for the price. The staff is friendly and helpful, and maintenace is usually pretty quick at fixing ptoblems.

It is a fantastic apartment besides the bugs that happen to becoming into our appartment. My room is good and I love the community plus a lot of my friends live here and the pool is great.

Living here is great so far😁 The only thing that's killing me are the stairs because I love all the way on the third floor. Talk about being out of shape😳

As a community everything is great. But as an individual not so much. When I first moved in I was given the key to another room and not the one I was supposed to be staying in. It was handled quickly but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. Also the maintenance men are very nice and they help out as much as they can. But when I first moved in people were just now coming to paint my walls over again which is another thing that should have been done before my arrival.

Ready for year two at The Pointe! I'm so glad that when I need help fixing something or solving an issue, it's usually taken care of in a matter of days or right away!

in my opinion you guys are doing great. i dont have any complaints. cool little rewards system i suppose. overall just great, no problems at all.

I LOVE The Pointe! It’s a awesome place to be. The atmosphere of the community is great! And the pool is a nice relaxing spot! It’s a great place to live!

Excellent job. Keep up the good work. I'm so excited to be living at that pointe in only a couple of weeks. This is a start of a new journey

Just got a room and can't wait to meet my roommate. The whole place looks great. Just trying to figure out if I can move in early so I don't have to get a hotel room for a few days.

Staff in lobby were always willing to help when it was needed. I think it is great that the apartments are getting updated. Loved my experience here!

The Pointe has gotten a lot better than when I moved in. The amenities are great, and the staff is friendly! I'm glad they are renovating the apartments! That needed to be done, but otherwise, great experience!

From what I have seen the community around the Arch is set up very nicely. All of the extra things such as the pool and basketball court make it an exciting place to stay.

The Pointe is doing great! I love living here. My dog and I have been so excited about the new dog park and the new pool area is beautiful!!

Good quality apartments, convenient distance from campus. Lighting on the property is worse every month, lighting at the entrance and over parking lots go out every month. If lighting was kept up, this would be 5 stars.

Pointe at Troy is a nice student apartment for Troy. The staff was very friendly and helpful in helping me decide if this was the place for me.