The stairs never get cleaned and are most of the time a mess. The buildings look nice and there isn’t too much noise. I enjoy the game nights and food.

It's good but it could be better. Sometimes it can be too loud which makes it hard to focus. I like the pool. I like that I get my mail on time.

The apartment community is friendly. The proceed to do anything and everything to make you feel at home. If any reports were called upon within the apartment complex they would immediately take action.

My AC was broken for months and no one came to fix it. Every time I put In a maintenance request they would do a fix that only lasted for one day.

It’s been ok so far. It’s room for lots of improvement with renovating and there should not be a cost for it . More community social should happen.

My experience at the pointe has been great I’ve enjoyed having my first apartment Bsjsvsgvs bags hsvs Hays jsvshxubsuz hsus ysya jags USA hsvs

I move in on August 11, but my experience from just visiting the pointe at Troy has been amazing! The staff seems so friendly and nice. I can’t wait to move in. The pool looks so relaxing and I’m ready to take a nice swim especially on a hot day.

I have had an amazing ride with pointe. The point probably has the fastest internet speed that I had ever used and I am very content. Moreover, the customer service is very responsive and they come almost immediately when I need them. However, the houses are getting old. I hope y’all will do some more repairs in the future for the better experiences. 9/10 overall! Great job

I have absolutely loved my time here. Everything from the people making this place feel like home, to the amenities, and everything in between this has been a fantastic place to live and I've loved every second of it!

I really enjoy living in this neighborhood, it is quite amazing; in fact, I have asked a few friends to move in as well. The location is great for students that attend Troy.

So far my experience has been good. The Pointe is awesome! They work so hard to keep residents informed about what is going on in the community.

The Pointe is a great apartment complex for students. The pool gives students a time to go just relax after a hard week of studying and exams. The Pointe at Troy has gave a great experience.

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So far my experience has been better than I expected. The only thing I don’t like is that our amenities are not entirely ours. I like living here.

Decent place to live. Maintenance seems to lag a lot. I have had a leaking hole in my ceiling since the end of last summer. I was promised it would get fixed multiple times. The leak was finally fixed in May but the actual hole is still there.

I absolutely love living at the pointe! I do wish that they would update the interior of all of the units though! It would bring a modern and new feeling to the community

Everyone in the community is so nice and caring. The apartments are affordable and well kept-up. There’s plenty of living space, and more than enough amenities. It’s all around a wonderful choice for living.

I like my apartment and the community. The pool area is awesome. Sometimes the people upstairs are extremely loud but I try my best to get through the madness. The walls are just thin to be honest because you can literally hear everything inside the apartment and outside.

The apartments look nice and has a homey feel to it. The office. staff here is wonderful and the maintenance team is quick to respond on work orders.

Not a great place to live. Most of the staff isn’t helpful or don’t know anything about the apartment complex. I have fixed everything in my room cause maintenance either didn’t know how to or wouldn’t come do it

Living at The Pointe is an okay experience. I understand that they may not be the best, but in my opinion we as residents are over charged for what they offer.

The Pointe is a very nice place to live so far I have enjoyed my stay here. I just feel maintenance can be a little better other than that I like it here

It was great. I love it. Lots of stuff to do. Great people. Great views. Cute animals. Friendly people. Great staff. Nice pool. Good up keep.

So far living here has definitely been interesting. My mirror shattered in the first semester I was here but other than that no problems. The community at times can be a bit annoying around

The 1.5 stars that are not here is because of minor wear and tear. The Pointe is an older apartment complex. It shows sometimes, but they are constantly trying to improve it to give residents a warm stay! The office staff is very friendly and the maintenance staff is very knowledgeable. They respond to problems very promptly to keep our lives running smoothly!

Enjoyed my stay here. Only thing that will make the stay better is adding elevators and being able to open both side of the gate instead of having to drive all the way around.