I have had a very good experience at the pointe. Even when problems occur, the staff is very good about tending to each redident’s needs. Each member of the staff is very friendly and they really seem to care about their residents.

They’re really nice and helpful in the front office. My neighbors are really nice as well. They had everything ready for me on move in day and made me feel welcomed.

I absolutely love the Pointe so far! I have had zero problems with anything! Maintenance solves most of our problems quickly when they occur and the staff is super friendly!

The Apartment 703 has been a sanctuary of peace and has done the job of living here for the Fall Semester. The Pointe is a great place to live and the management really tries to make living at the Pointe a good experience.

the pointe at Troy is a very quiet neighborhood. The staff in the office are very helpful and patient. I like how y’all interact with y’all residents and make sure we are safe. Thank you

The maintenance is always kind and always on time. I feel like they do all the work orders on time. I feel like the electricity bills are always weird and sometimes crazy high if you can check on that it would be awesome.

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So far my experience at the Pointe has been great. This place really feels like home and a place I could live while I’m working toward my degree!

A convinent community to live in! It’s not too far from campus or from the shopping centers. It’s even better because it has a transit which helps save gas.

Staying at the Point has been a great experience for me. They have activities for residents to keep them entertained. It is very nice. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

The Pointe has been excellent so far! I love it here. Th staff is ready to help out in any way they can. The maintenance did take a little time to get completed at first, but it was still done and haven’t had any problem since then.

Living at the Pointe at Troy is fair. It’s a great place for a college student to live. The WiFi is excellent and living conditions are fair.

Everything has been really great so far, except for how much trash covers the property. It may just be around my Apartment building (200). I’m glad that we have a working gate to keep people out, and I am glad that cars are actually towed out if they do not have a Pointe decal. I really like always having a parking spot.

This is a great place to live. I love that it’s pet friendly & the the dog park is ideal! Staff at the pointe are really friendly. The apartments are well maintained. The balcony is a great place to sit and study. I love the built in bookshelves in all the rooms.

Very professional staff.. kinda rude sometimes. Ground are kept nice and clean. Sometimes the residents can get a bit out of hand. Nice neighborhood.

The pointe you know is just the pointe. Looking good on all ends of everything. The staff is nice and very approachable. I love the pointe, it really is great.

Pointe is a great place to live. Residents are awesome and staff members are always happy to assist you with anything. Its a quiet place with minimal noise.

For the price I think these apartments are great. When I first moved in the apartment was very dirty and the furniture wasn’t even in the living room. There is also a lot of bugs. The stair case to my apartment is dirty and even though I’ve talked to somebody about it still nothing has been done. I know that isn’t the apartments fault but it would help if they came a sweeped it or picked up some trash.

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My residential experience so far has been awesome. I moved in August to The Pointe. The atmosphere is nice and I am generally happy about being here. Plus the little games and activites the staf host is a PLUS!

Pretty good. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Glad I chose this place over the arch or dozier. I like how close it is to my classes

I love the idea that we have our own living room and our own bathroom. I lived in a dorm last year with 4 people and one bathroom. The space is a huge upgrade. Although it was nice to walk to class, the Pointe is not too far from campus. Overall, I have enjoyed my stay at the Pointe.

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It has been great . I love the privacy and how the apartment come fully furnish . I love that we all have our own keys and locks to outlet room . The property is always clean.

Lovely Community and great amneties! I especially love the pool and the personal bathrooms. The grounds are always kept so nice and the staff is so accommodating!

I enjoy having my own space and being located so close to campus. I also enjoy the pet friendly environment and the opportunity the staff provides for social activities. I also enjoy the amenities

So far I love the Pointe and the privacy and friendliness. Maintenance is great . The pool is wonderful and always clean . The workers are really helpful and kind .

Super nice staff and maintenance workers. Whenever something needs to be done, all I have to do is ask and they make sure to help right away. The staff also does a great job of planning fun events and giveaways for the residents!