Not a fan of the music from Wednesday night- Sunday Night but, that's student living. I live in building three and the doors are constantly unlocked. The rest of the building doors are locked. I also don't like how Progress isn't strict about trash being thrown out the windows or never being picked up unless it's picked up by the grounds crew. I do love that the new hire, Emma, wants to meet everyone in Progress!

I love it here at progress 910 so far. The pool, tanning beds and printers are all apart of what makes progress a great student living environment

Progress isn't all I expected it to be. While I do enjoy it here I did expect it to be a little more taken care of and a little less of a buzz kill on the weekends.

The staff is very helpful and always cheerful whenever helping me out. The residents are nice but can be really loud because walls are a little thin

I enjoy living at Progress 910. It has a luxurious pool and volleyball courts. The spaces in the apartments are very roomy. I love progress 910.

The people can be loud sometimes and the hallways arent always in the best condition cleanliness wise but everything else is just as i expected

Best decision I ever made was living here, no where else can deliver this atmosphere or these amenities in Wilmington. Being able to take the bus to UNCW and not have to pay for a parking pass is amazing

Student college life here at Progress 910 is super relaxed and perfect for students who want to have fun. The hammocks, the 24-hour gym, and pool amnesties are my favorite part.

I love living at Progress. They offer so many different things to the residents including different events that they host at the facility. Everyone is very friendly and is always willing to help if there is a problem.

Progress is overall a great place to live. It is a great community, everybody is so nice and I feel at home. I love spending my time at the nice gym, in the tanning bed or at the pool. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

Fabulous experience here i love being at progess there are a lot of beautiful women and the pool is nice, it always smells good and the security are actually not douchebags!

I love living at progress! It's a great community everyone is so friendly here and the people in the front office are always happy to help us!

progress has been great so far! I have met so many cool people and having a great time! The apartment are spacious and feel like home! I am really enjoying my time here!

Moving into progress has been such a great experience! Everyone has been so welcoming, I'm in love with my apartment and everything progress has to offer!

It's great so far. The staff at the clubhouse are very friendly and helpful. The environment is very clean and "homely". There aren't too many events, but that's ok since school keeps us busy anyway.

Living here is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Everybody here is friendly and makes it comfortable to be here. The staff is great and are always there when you need them.

Sometimes it takes maitnance a while to fix things but other than that it is nice. The walls are thin, so I can always hear people in the next apartment or in the hall way.

Really chill place to live. The noise level is loud pretty often but that comes with any apartment you sign with in the area. Maintenance was required when we first moved in however to fix some small details

I've loved my apartment it is a nice size. I love having my own spacious room and bathroom. The amenities go on forever and I've been loving taking advantage of everything you guys offer.

Love this place! There's always something to do here which is amazing! Also, love how close everything is to here. Pets being allowed is also a huge plus!

Great way to earn rewards for my apartment. Great for college students. Had this at my last apartment and won tons of awards. Super easy and fun!

I'm having a great time here at progress 910, the people on my floor are awesome. I am brand new to the area and ever since I got here it has been nothing but positive.

Awesome I love how fun it is to party and how easy it is to make friends and the pool is the best place to chill and meet new people, and the volley ball court is awesome

The appartment is very clean and nice. The fact that it comes fully furnished is a big help and time saver. The noise level is very nice for the area.

I love it here. I have not yet encountered anything bad within the community, but I really enjoy the people and the management. The only bad thing is one of my roommates continued her lease so my apartment wasn't repainted and when I requested maintaince they still didn't repaint it. Other than that, I love it here!