Great customer service! Very helpful and friendly. They do a great job involving the community and updating residents on what's going on! So excited to move in!

I think this apartment is very nice, I chose to live there because of convenient location to campus as well as the new feel of the apartment.

The entire process for signing my lease has been awesome! I move in August 2019 and I can’t wait! The accessibility to ask questions and find out more information about the apartments has been simple and easy!

Staff was extremely helpful with the signing process I can’t wait to live here! Shoutout Craig and marissa for doing a wonderful job and being very professional

I dont live here yet but I really cant wait until I do. Everyone has been so helpful and nice which I'm not used to at my current apartment.

Obviously the proximity is not open yet. However their presence is amazing! All the staff and sites and everything is so professional and nice. I cannot wait to live here this fall!

Can’t wait to move in! the leasing staff is great and the apartments look like they’ll be amazing! we are all so excited to move in august!!