I love the neighborhood and residents are super quiet and respectful. :-) I equally like the maintenance crew and they are responsive in a timely manner and nice and courteous. :-)

The location is perfect, just 5 minutes from my job. The staff in the office are always friendly and helpful. The maintenance crew always respond to our needs in a timely manner. The only problem I have is that it’s coincidental since the owner of the property, the rent went up about $75 with no explanation, so I’m not too happy about that and I’ve noticed the valet trash isn’t being picked up regularly here lately either.

The staff is amazing! They go above and beyond on making sure you have what you need. Very fast and prompt. The community is very clean. The staff and the community are very friendly people.

It has bee a nice stay so far with amenities and spacious apartment. Also neighborhood is quite and has lot of cool places to hang around. Love my stay so far.

Everytyis very good. Leasing staff are awesome. Maintenance are always on time. Only problem with stair case maintenance everything is super

Everything in the community is great the staff are nice and awesome the environment are very clean. Love the apartment feel let a home safe

I’m happy with the staff, the transition with the new company was a little difficult for me and it didn’t seem like there was a lot that could be done to resolve my problem but with that being said the staff was good at communicating and it has worked out so far since then

Great peaceful and Safe place to live! I lived here for several years and don't have any complaints. Maintenance is very prompt, whenever there is an issue or concern. Staff is very pleasant.

It was a rough move in but then I thought everything ironed out. I really enjoy the trees and bunnies and the community is quiet. My daughter is my POA and worked everything out foe me. Then I get a lease violation because my daughter has a federally protrctrd badged and serviced dog. The assistant manager and manager said she cant be on property with it and then did not tell the truth. If you lie about something so small you will lie about aomething so big. The call is recorded. My daughter is allowed her dog. They need to review the law. Also, I bought my own refrigerator because they just couldnt get theirs fixed and I lost 2 refrigerator loads of food. Did they care? Nope. All I got was attitude. Becareful people...passive aggressive noncompliant people. It turned my happy into miserable and I'm 84 years old. Ive been and seen enough at 84 but this is just a sadness.

I love Quail Landing Apartments! It is a very clean facility, I love my fireplace and always get multiple compliments when family or friends visit. The upkeep on the lawn and bushes looks very nice. It’s also quiet at night so that’s a plus for me because I hate loud apartments, and I always have a parking space available right in front of my door. My toddler loves the pool and asks me to take him almost everyday. The pool is beautiful as well. Overall, I would give Quail Landing more than 5 stars if I could!

We had a somewhat rocky start in outback initial move but since the beginning the management has gone above and beyond to help us feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible! We really look forward to living in this community!

Even though it started off a little rough I feel as if we’ve been treated fair and taken care of. You guys have been great throughout the entire process!

Me and my husband love our apartment! The space is so nice! It’s cozy and homie! We love the neighborhood and all of it’s amenities! The pool and workout room are so nice!

Some maintenance issues. If your late on rent it's really expensive per day. Love the location and it's peaceful. I have no trouble usually with anyone. Pool is great! Love the late hours it is open. Clubhouse is pleasant.

Great community in a great location! I've lived here almost 2 years and I love living here! The maintenance staff get my work orders done the same day and I love having an attached garage. I have plenty of storage space and my son loves that we are in Edmond Public Schools school district. I would recommend Quail Landing to all of my family and friends!

Pretty good place. Always room for improvements but for the location, price and amenities it is good enough! Valet Trash is the best amenity and so convenient.

Living here at Quail Landing Apt. has been a great experience so far! Wish to see many more months to come and experience and amenities gets better day after day!

Living here is really nice. The front office responds quickly. It's a very quiet community and we do appreciate all of that. Not a whole lot of drama unlike other places we've been to.

Lack of proper communication skills among staff and third party's alike. Maintenance is unknowledgeable and snarky along with being unmannered and even rude.

Gated and safe. Love the trash pickup. Quiet. Good location. Wish they had keyed pickup boxes for packages like some other apartments I've lived in. Going to the office during open hours to pick up my online orders is the only hassle.

I love the curb side apeal . They pick up your trash at your apartment. Wonderful swimming pool. Big and clean. Office staff very nice and warming.

The location is great. The maintenance problems have gotten so annoying, and the lack of care and delayed response time is so frustrating. Waiting months for an issue to be fixed should never have to happen

The staff is great and maintenance takes care of problems if they can and if they can’t they find someone who will. I do wish that the price was lower but compare to other similar local properties they’re in range or lower and more spacious.

Best location ever and great prices. Walking distance to the mall, little shops and restaurants. Appliances a little older but they’re reliable. Management very helpful.

Very good and safe gated community for living with family. Location is closer to everything. Maintainance is prompt. Staffs are friendly and helpful.