Dis satisfied with railway plaza. While moving the house was nit as expected and every thing in the house cleaned by us. Not all satisfied by this community

For the amount of rent charged, the property severely lacks of amenities like play table, entertainment area, renovated computer room and much more. Even for obtaining a cup of morning coffee residents would have to wait, until the leasing management arrives. Absolutely disappointed with my stay so far.

We have been issued notice about loud noise distrubing neighbor 3 times so far.we are peace loving and courteous people and while there have been 2 to 3 times that noise more than general was caused it had to do with a 4 year old staying with us and a few other children joining for a get together. 2nd time when we were warned I respectfully wanted to know who complained so we can work with the concerned but we were not provided details.the make of building adds to the woes as if the kids run or jump it causes a lot of noise and vibrations for folks staying downstairs. But it's hard to contain children at all times. So if in our almost 1 year stay this has happened twice or thrice we should not be threatened with legal actions.

Apartments are good .No problem at all but facing parking issue.No elevators difficult to live on third floor.it would be good if apartments have elevators.

Just the fact that Railway Plaza is near the Metra station doesn't mean that rent could be charged at exorbitant rates. I have resided at numerous properties and this is by far the most expensive one, yet no adequate amenities are provided like pool table, 24 hrs access to the coffee station, printer paper, a tennis court, etc. just to name a few. What amazes me is that the coffee station couldn't be accessed before and after the leasing office hours, when asked for the logic behind this was given a lame reason that anyone would be able to break-in the leasing office....this reason was like accusing the residents residing here being thieves. There are super limited parking spaces for the residents and if in the dire need of a guaranteed spot then get ready to shell out an additional garage fee of $125 over and above the rent charges. This is like minting money from the residents because of the drawback of the limited space this property has.

Management is not controlling tenants who are living in our building . Really annoying the weird sounds of their footsteps during night times on dialy basis

Still many things are to be improved,customers have to be considered more,for they make the whole railway plaza community, their views to be respected too.

Offered one deal and provided another deal, very late in response of submitted application. Provided false updates after submitting the application. Locked out for 1 hr on first day, main door keys did not worked. Raised emergency request none of them contacted. Still issues with door tags to enter. Hassle process to initial set up as resident.

The community lacks amenities as well as parking spaces. There has been timely completion of the maintainence requests, however the maintenance team seems to have an accent which makes communication difficult.

This apartment having parking issues. We need to walk 5 to 10 min in winter to reach our car and no visitors parking available . Visitors hava to walk 10 mins to reach pur homw. No palying area, very samll gym...etc..need lot of improvement.

Just an average community..with no park and less parking space.Quite old buildings.However,very close to metra station. Spacious rooms and kitchen.

We have issues with things not being fixed in our apartments, and for how long we have lived here we really need new carpeting. I'm not a fan of the limited visitors parking, and we get info flyers in our door about all kinds of stuff, but then only send an email on some really important things.

Ok... I'm neither happy nor disappointed. I'm fine.. They people staying in the upstairs are really disturbing. When we took this to management they suggested us to change our home instead of convincing those people

A great disappointment ... the rent is increasing every time with the lease renewal, but the amenities are not improving . There are so many pets in our building but some are not potty trained. And more over the remaining kept on lying in the hallway for couple of days. The authorities should take care of it.

The community is goid but current residents have to pay too much rent. If you can reduce rent for current residents then that will really help.

1)Apartment is good. 2)Maintenance team is good. 3)Encountered some weird policies with leasing team like holding mail keys till I finish the check list etc, never saw that anywhere.

its over all good experience and railway station is near , whoever commute to downtown over the train this is the good. Railway station is near

Overall good experience. But annoying noise from upstairs. Near to metra station is great option. Good ambience and accessible to all shopping malls

So far the community has been very friendly. I have only lived in the apartment for less than one day, and in fact the majority of my time on property has been moving. Still, it seems nice.

Apartment Rent is too high. Please reduce the same. It will be a great idea to reduce the rent to attract more residents into the community.

Apartments are nice and specious with good ventilation and light around. The location is good. Need to work on cleanliness and dog poops that can be seen anytime at the building entrance.

It has become an average place to live now. Pond is extremely dirty and there seems no attempt made to clean it, it has become breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects

There were definitely things that I didn't realize until after the ink was dry on the lease: 1. This is a family complex, but there's no park, so the children and the parents treat the parking lot as a playground and they look at you crazy for having the audacity to try and drive. 2. Parking is terrible, I will definitely find a place that allows visitors anywhere 3. I will always demand to see the apartment that will be mine in the next place I move, because the apartment I ended up with backs up to the train and this is the loudest place i've ever lived. I have to keep all windows closed to hear the tv. 4. The lease is super strict. There's only one day grace period before a late fee is issued. Even a credit card has a 5 day grace period.

Proximity to metra station is good. Parking situation is bad, also quite noisy. Counter and closet space is limited. Apartment lacks a play area.

Nice place to live, very near to commute. I wish some playground in the community for the kids, unfortunately it doesn't have any playground.