I enjoy living here, apart from the gym equipment always being broken and the security guards you must pass to enter the gate. Got lucky enough to have quiet roommates.

The best place I could not have asked for a more positive first time experience for living on my own! The staff makes me feel like they really care and are always going above and beyond to try to make people have the best experience!

Love the ranch. The only issue is the shuttle breaks down constantly. They should invest in a new shuttle bus but the employees are amazing and the activities they do are super fun

It’s a great experience for me to live here at the Ranch because it’s my first time moving out and living with friends I grew up with. I’d probably renew my lease because I like it here

Been living here for 6 months and I'm still loving it. Great events, great staff, amazing pool, and it goes on. I certainly recommend this apartment!

I love it. athe place is so amazing. The app is really good I have an Iphone X so i wished the app updated to that to fit the size but it’s okay i love the rewards

Living here at the Ranch has been a nice experience. I enjoy the pool and gym that are right next to my apartment. The maintenance crew is friendly and always answer maintenance requests in a timely manner

Ants and termites everywhere! But maintenance always have great service. Administration is really hard to reach if you have a problem with your apartment.

I love living in The Ranch at Star Pass. It is the best apartment complex in which I have lived, since I moved to Tucson from my hometown, in Mexico.

This apartment is really great for students, the fact that they have individual leases is awesome and they also have community events which is great for meeting people. The furniture it comes with is nice and the apartment itself is very spacious. For me the amount of windows and natural light that comes in is big, as I've been to apartments that look like dungeons and this is not it. I definitely recommend especially if you are going to Pima or the U of A.

the ranch is an amazing place to live, it is filled with people who are doing the same thing. the staff is friendly and there to help you all the time and they have great maintenance

Great views, there is alot of nature surrounfding the place and its far enough from the busy city. farthest apt complex from campus but close enough and 1 reliable shuttle. the other one isnt though.

The staff are friendly and always helpful. Complex is also always clean and well kept. Maintenance is always on top of things and respond in minimal time

This place is a very nice place to live in. I will recommend it. The staff and the tenants are great this is a beautiful place to live in. love it

Our experience thus far has been very positive. It has been easy and convenient living there. The gate situation is definitely frustrating however.

There is a nice community here. The staff is so helpful and whenever you need to contact anyone they respond immediately. I enjoy living here, and feel completely safe and comfortable.

I've had a great experience living at The Ranch and enjoy all the fun and free events they put on for their residents! Maintenance is very quick and the shuttles to and from campus are useful.

My experience with the ranch has been pretty good,the gate has been broken but that's not a problem pet friendly that's very cool. One thing that would be nice is a vending machine or something that we can get food at and I have to go to the store.

Very enjoyable community to live in, with lots of extra activities for residents to meet each other and relax! The shuttle that takes residents to school is a lifesaver!

Great place. Great people and love all the wonderful amenities. Providing us with wonderful activities and an amazing community it’s greaaaat.

I really love living here! It is such an amazing community and the staff is wonderful here. All of my neighbors are super friendly and I can't find anything wrong with the place!

Friendly Staff, great amenities, the best pool parties, and all at an amazing price! Lived here for a year! I highly recommend it! It felt like a second home.

Love the ranch, very nice complex especially the pool, gym, and game room. The office staff as well as the manager are very attentive. Plus it’s super cheap

I like living at The Ranch. The Community is quiet and I feel like the property management does a good job at keeping the property maintained. The staff has always been really helpful and friendly to me and they know me by name which is nice. The only thing I would change is our shuttles seem to break down often which can be a bummer because some folks don’t have cars and getting where we need to go can be hindered by the shuttles breaking down sometimes. Other than that The Ranch is pretty dope.

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