The property is nice and well maintained and quiet. The staff has always been friendly and helpful to me. The only complaint I have is that the shuttle is inconsistent and can be unreliable which is really frustrating when you don’t have a car and have to rely on the shuttle.

The maintenance here is really nice. Les is probably the best guy out there, always willing to work with us and make our apartment better. Communication between residents and the office could be better, I had some issues this year that resulted in headaches and almost missed rent payments.

Really fun atmosphere and I appreciate the proximity to nature. Could get more size wise for what you pay but the complex itself is not bad at all

Decent place to live at. When we first moved in the furniture was pretty messed up but they gave us new one this year at least. Decent location

Maintaince guy is amazing!! He is so helpful and very quick. The people in the front office is very helpful also and as quick as they can be!

I have been at The Ranch at Star Pass for about 3 weeks now and I enjoy living here! I like how we have a pool, convenient study rooms, and an awesome gym!

I like it here it a really good place to live, however there are little details that can be annoying and sometimes it seems unfair but overall it a good place to live

I loved Living at the Ranch. The staff Is great, Maintain is Always Helpful. And The apartments are Beautiful. I would recommend it to any one! Its a safe Place to live.

The 4x4 is pretty spacious, but the washer and dryer seems dated. It takes a couple cycles in the dryer to dry clothes. The white mattresses on the beds are pretty comfy but mine has a body-shaped stain in it. Other than that, this place is pretty nice. 👌

The place is pretty good and the staff are really nice. The place is far away enough from city lights to actually be able to see the stars at night.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences. Staff is great. I love all the amenities and the things they do for residents. My apartment is in great conditions.

Improvement was made from last semester. Cool neighbors, nice amenities everything thing is lovely and a lot of fun outside of school. There’s others that can vouch

Great experience so far. Other than my hair turning green from the chlorine in the hot tub lol. Love the residents, great atmosphere! Staff is great also.

Great neighborhood on the west side of Tucson, friendly staff that is very helpful, great amenities including a pool, gym, game room, and tennis court, good price.

Really great amenities and the staff is very helpful. I would definitely recommend to a friend or family member. Also, the rooms are spacious and the apartment I received was well wept.

The Ranch is a good place to live at, has nice facilities and they do giveaways and rewards very often. My main issue this year has been with compliance.

A great place to live! Their rates are amazing for everything they offer. The community is nice, maintenance is always on top of everything, and Ruth the bus driver is the sweetest! You will find a family here at the Ranch at Star Pass.

The best apartment complex in which I have lived for the time that I have been living in Tucson, AZ. In my opinion, there's no other apartment complex that offers these many amenities and awesome events.

Awesome staff, easy to talk to very helpful, great community, calm and clean environment. Haven’t had any issues while I’ve been here, I’ve enjoyed my stay.

So far all the staff have been such a great help; they've made the move in experience terrific. Prior to move in it made me feel pretty anxious, but knowing how friendly all the staff is made it so much easier.

The Ranch Star Pass is an overall nice please to live, with a great value, and looks very nice in and outside of the apartment. I would say this place is perfect for any college student.

Great place, management always listens and works with you. Maintenance is active and repairs/improvements are always being done. Pool just got new furniture.

The ranch has been a great place to live. The pool is awesome and so is the fitness and study room which I used a lot. The staff and maintenance people are super nice and always say hi when you're passing by, it's just very friendly and welcoming living there. Anyways I recommend it. The only thing I warn is make sure you do a walk through when you move out.

Very convenient shuttle to Pima college and the U of A. Excellent staff and customer service. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an affordable housing complex.

The staff is nice and maintenance is always quick to repair whatever you need to be repaired. The pool is also a nice place to hangout during the summer.