It's great living there, but it is hard to deal with the roommates when the office is not willing to help you out even though the contract is violated

Positives: Staff is decent, average weekend nightlife(neighbors are pretty chill), and the pool and gym is alright Negatives: Distance from campus, consistent maintenance repairs, and unusually high electricity bills Overall: Try looking somewhere else to live, but it isn't the worse thing if you get stuck here

I don't have any complaints but one. Just that the apartments themselves are sometimes not kept up to par but other than that this place is nice. The staff is friendly and the amenities are nice.

Ya'll are doing pretty well, I just wish that the office was open earlier and later to get packages and other things. It seems to open way too late and close way too early.

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Just wish the dishwashers were better and the Internet was a little faster. Other than that I love the community here as well as the new munchie box!

Since I've signed my lease, the ranch has been a nice place to live. I haven't really gotten to enjoy the extra perks but so far so good! An average experience.

Love the ranch, very nice complex especially the pool, gym, and game room. The office staff as well as the manager are very attentive. Plus it’s super cheap

Great staff. Everyone is very helpful and kind. Everyone was knowledgeable about what is going on. The events held are fun and help network to meet people who live in the area

Beautiful grounds. Kelly, Ruth, and Les are the best. The shuttle is very unreliable. Rates are very high and package reminders don’t always get put out

So far it's a been great. The people are cordial. Everything is nearby. The maintenance service is efficient. The wifi and cell network could use some work.

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The apartment itself is in great condition and has great amenities. The staff has been really nice and helpful. The front office, gym, and pool are always clean.

Shuttle is somewhat unreliable, maintenance requests take a lot of time to be fixed. Main issue is rude receptionists and sometimes unwilling to help much. Other than that, it's still OK.

The Ranch is a good place to live at, has nice facilities and they do giveaways and rewards very often. My main issue this year has been with compliance.

The 4x4 is pretty spacious, but the washer and dryer seems dated. It takes a couple cycles in the dryer to dry clothes. The white mattresses on the beds are pretty comfy but mine has a body-shaped stain in it. Other than that, this place is pretty nice. 👌

It’s a pretty good price, but the carpeting makes the apartments feel a little too much like a dorm and the set up of the common areas make the apartment seem a little cramped.

Really fun atmosphere and I appreciate the proximity to nature. Could get more size wise for what you pay but the complex itself is not bad at all

Although it’s a little bit further away from campus, the multitude of amenities make up for that. There’s the shuttles that run hourly; gorgeous pool and clubhouse; and so much more.

The maintenance here is really nice. Les is probably the best guy out there, always willing to work with us and make our apartment better. Communication between residents and the office could be better, I had some issues this year that resulted in headaches and almost missed rent payments.

Management could be a bit more clear on moving out of the apartment. I wasn't informed about all the fees. Other than that it was a nice apartment to live in.

Ants and termites everywhere! But maintenance always have great service. Administration is really hard to reach if you have a problem with your apartment.

I like the area location and how well kept it is. It is also very quiet and peaceful for the most part. Everything is great, but maintenance is a bit slow

Decent place to live at. When we first moved in the furniture was pretty messed up but they gave us new one this year at least. Decent location

Its nice and nature-y. It has some very cool features that need improvement, gym equipment, shuttles and the like but makes up for it with effectiveness.

Everything is going perfect. There is just a large bug problem that could possibly be solved by spraying the perimeters of the apartments or even just near the doors of the apartments.