I really love the community here and the events that are put on for the residents. I also appreciate how quickly maintenance staff responds to concerns.

im moving in the fall & im excited. Office staff sucks and has no idea what they are doing. Bugs everywhere. I just want the points for a gift card

I love this community and everything it has to offer. The apartment offers the best size and quality for the lowest price out there. And most communities don’t have a hot tub.

Redtail on the river has been a wonderful living experience throughout this academic year. Maintenance is always timely whenever they come to fix anything

I really have enjoyed staying at Redtail on the River. The only complaint I have is that my apartment (particularly my room) was not the same as the one we viewed before signing the lease.

My experience at Redtail is pretty awesome. Every time I come home from the shuttle or late at night from the library, I love pulling into Redtail. It just is an apartment complex that makes you feel at home. When it comes to the maintenance too, those guys are fast and always help with the problem.

I love the location of redtail on the river and the proximity to campus. The shuttle service is also very convenient. Parking is pretty good for residents although not enough guest spots. Overall a great place to live.

super fun and safe just wish we were informed of things more in advance. for example we get emails about things saying oh today’s the last day or don’t forget but we never got the notice in the first place.

Overall Redtail offers great value for what you pay. They have great amenities including the pool and shuttle. The maintenance staff is responsive.

I've had alot of fun living here! The staff and maintenance guys are nice and so are the people here. There tons of social events going on and safe community

Redtail is a great place to live for the price your paying. Safe, gated community. Great front office people. Any problems get fixed fast. Free printing is awesome.

Staying here at red tail so far has been a great experience. I love the community and office staff. The staff is very helpful and kind. Thank you

I love redtail! Staff is always so nice and the shuttle is always on time which was very important to me since I rely heavily on it. Maintinance is always on top of requests and the apartment complex is always well landscaped.

A great community to live in for students. The office and maintenance staff are friendly and the shuttle is always on time. Great location near campus and local attractions.

Perfect and amazing and I love Redtail so much. The hot tub is awesome and the people are friendly. My dog loves it too just like me and I love the pool

I have not had the greatest of experiences here. It is a great location which is why this is my third year here, but I cannot wait to leave honestly. We have had bad cockroach problems in the past despite spraying, and our washer and dryer keep beaking on us.

The appliances are extremely dated. We have had trouble with our dishwasher, washer, and sink molding uncontrollably. I cleaned the washer 3 times in a row to still find mold in my clothing.

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This is a great community. Management is usually quick to respond and maintenance gets done fast. The place has some great amenities and management listens to its residents when making changes.

This is a really good apartment complex. I really like the amenities a lot. The shuttle is really convenient for me when I have to go to my classes.

I love living here! People are always friendly and the maintenance staff respond quickly. Fun activities and there are always snacks in the main office!

The management is excellent and really care about the residents here. They’re very good at taking responsibility and working with the residents to make this place a great place to live.

Redtail is your average student apartment complex in Columbia. The maintenance staff is absolutely amazing. The amenities are clean and not as crowded as other apartment complexes. The office staff creates free and fun events that involve various activities, food, etc. The apartment in itself comes furnished and each resident has their own closet and bathroom. In addition, the shuttle is always on time. However, there are also multiple downsides. There are only a few visitor spaces, which are mostly parked in by residents. If you do not park in a visitors space, even if there is not a visitors space open, you will be towed. The parking spaces in general are extremely small, which have lead to multiple scratches and door dings in my car. The office staff is relatively nice and helpful, unless you talk to Jeff Dunn. I have never had a nice encounter as he is extremely demeaning and rude. Each month, you will be charged overages. I have had multiple issues this year with the overage charges not being added to my online account in time, therefore I have to bring in a check or a money order. The office does nothing to correct their mistake, they don’t even notify you of it until you receive a “late rent notice” email. I would suggest finding a friend who lives here to allow you to tour their personal apartment, instead of the model apartment, before signing a lease at Redtail. In all, I have lived here a total of two years and my roommates will be signing a lease to live here a third year. Over this timeC the rent has increased quite a bit. It could be worse, but Redtial could make A LOT of major improvements.

I've had nothing but a good experience living here. The only complaint I would pose is that the rent is slightly expensive, but living here is worth it.

i had a bad experience at a previous complex and I was welcomed w opened arms here! Jordan Lee was amazing and made me feel at home! Super excited and I am definitely loving my new space !

The staff has provided excellent customer service and is always helpful. The apartment is one of the best in the area and the lowest price you’ll receive for the quality you get.