Staff is very helpful and energetic. Whenever we call for maintenance the problem solved within that day. This apartment is very live with so many families

a good place to live very safe and excellent maintenance they are located in a very good area we really recommend these departments tamika excellent person

Our experience with this community was awesome we lived here for 2 and half years and they were great. Staff is great and so is maintenance was also good.

I have enjoyed living here so far. The place is pretty quiet and clean. Rent is affordable and office staff is friendly and have been helpful in the times I have interacted with them.

Office staff always friendly. Maintance request are fulfilled timely. However there are times where I have called maintenance to fix the same problem repeatedly as it related to my air conditioning. It is easy to hear noises from the outside which can be disruptive. Overall I enjoy living here because of the location and school zoning.

This Apartment complex is located at very prime places surrounded by all major grocery shops, hospital, clinics, restaurants on walkable distance. It would be very great if they make small play area for children in future.

I’m living in this community since 1 year and it’s a great community to live in. Good staff and management is very helpful whenever you need help.

The community is good and very well situated. Everything is near by. One of the big concerns though is that there have been a lot of break ins.

Community is safe good surroundings and maintenance team is faster never had any issue Gym is ok and apartment is pricey aparat from that everything is ok

Good place to live, easy access to 59, great staff, nice amenities, quiet, clean, great location and being gated were all a plus for me. I’m satisfied!!

Other than the parking being terrible, I've had a good experience living here, I've been here a year. Ms. Timika is awesome, when I first inquired about the complex, she made us feel so welcome. I was a pest with so many questions and she took the time to answer all questions and inquiries. My son loves living here, being able to hang out with his friends from school. He went trick or treating for the first time in the complex, he so super excited.

The complex has been improving with staff more accommodating and facilities being updated as we speak. Service is definitely improved with new management.

I love the location and neighborhood. I like that it is close to everything and quiet. I would like a nicer gym with newer equipment and more upgrades throughout the community for the monthly rent that is paid. Overall, I'm satisfied.

Thus far, my time here has been very smooth sailing. The staff has been great, the neighborhood has been great, and the location is to die for. While some things in the apartment can be changed, I am satisfied overall with my experience here at Regency.

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The Staff has always been always professional, courteous and completes my maintenance requests quickly in the 2 years living here. The location is conveniently located close to a mall, a major Freeway and many grocery stores.

the apartment complex is located in city center which is useful as shopping, dining and schools are near by. The locality is kept clean and service requests are addressed in timely manner. Property managers are courteous and welcoming. on a serious note, there have been quite a lot of break ins reported lately which is causing discomfort, and raised concerns about safety of loved ones.Measure to avoid it in future is welcome. During summer time the swimming pool is not kept clean consistently. please look into this. Can a safety rod be installed in balcony door to ensure the safety of small kids .

Reply from Regency at First Colony Apartments


A very good community to stay in, really nice neighborhood. People staying here are quite nice and decent. Community is very appropriately located.

So far so good! Have not had any major issues as of yet. The parking can be a problem at times and building tenants could be cleaner and not leave trash out, but other than that it's been fine.

Given the great location, I think the rent is fair! But the building is quite old, and not so clean. The stair should really use some kind of deep clean! Nice neighborhoods!

I like this apartment it is safe and i never had problem regarding payment or any other issues and i always get issues for parking.

Great place to live in. Great schools. Easy access to highways and businesses. secured. Office staff are great to work with. Recommended to couple others.

Community is good. We have been here almost 3 years and it is going well. Except for break-ins once in a while which still worries me a lot.

Very clean in the building and the door is sealed well so no roaches were found. Have nice pool, and good fitnesses center. Nice place to live.

The location of this apartment complex is very close to restaurants, Mall, highway. The management staff is very helpful. Overall is a great place to live.

My neighbors are friendly, helpful and understanding. We get to taste their native dishes and us sharing too our. The one thing that concerns me is how some would leave their trush outside the bin whenever it is not open. Can’t even lift the cover a little to put their trash inside