I was really happy to have a unit guaranteed for the incoming school year. The leasing process was efficient and easy and I look forward to a great year!

We randomly had like 4 more stools put in our apartment? No notice that anyone was coming in and then we had 7 stools and they were all different? It was more weird than anything...

Living here has been a great experience. The most convenient aspect is how close it is to campus! I’ve saved money on parking passes and time getting to class! Only hope they can continue to update more on the furniture, appliances and amenities!

I love living at The Registry! The staff are so nice and it is in walking distance to campus! I have lived here for a year and have renewed for another year. I would highly recommend!

I really enjoy living here I have a 4 bedroom layout and I love the space that it has and the bathrooms are probably my favorite part especially in my room!

I love living here, but I wish rent worked around schedules. A lot of the times, rent is due before my paycheck comes and I have to pay late fees because of it

I enjoy living here, I just wish that when I put in maintenance requests, someone would actually stop by and fix what’s damaged. I haven’t had anyone stop by to fix the microwave, dishwasher, ice box in my refrigerator, or any of the sinks that are either clogged or have very little water pressure.

love this community! staff is extremely friendly and always willing to help me. the space is amazing at a low rate to students. couldn’t imagine a better place to be!

My roommates could be a cleaner. They leave trash everywhere other than that I love my room. My oven doesn’t work well and my dryer makes a really load sound.

I don't really know what to say, this has been an incredible place to live and I am so excited to continue my residency here. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

The Registry has a great location as it is directly across the street from campus. There are several amenities and very affordable for a college student.

This is my first apartment and though I haven't lived for here for long, it is better than what I would have ever experience! It is also rather cheap compared to the rest of the student apartments around Western.

Living at the Registry is so much better than living on campus, but it’s just as convenient! I’m so glad I decided to live here this past year.

The maintenance is really terribly slow, and things often don't get fixed correctly. We have put in several requests for our lightbulbs and AC and no one will ever come. The apartment itself is alright considering the rent.

Everyone is friendly in the office, and they always answer my questions! My loft is great! I don't have a roommate, but my neighbors are super cool!

I have been living here more than a year now. I am an international student and I am starting to like this place more day by day. The front office staff have been very friendly and they had been always available when I had queries. This place is nearby the campus and I would highly recommend this to my friends.

We love the registry! The other residents are awesome. We also love how involved the staff is with us. Maintanence is always quick and we wouldn’t want to Live elsewhere!

I haven't moved in yet but the staff is fantastic. They have been super helpful and sweet when it comes to accommodating me and answering my questions.

It’s a great community to live with unique diversity. I live to share my thoughts, ideas and wonderful things with great people here at Registry Apartment.

I really am looking forward to living here. The people are great, the location is awesome, and the units are nice. Overall a great student housing complex.

It has been pretty good. I wish we would of got our key fob for the front gate so it doesn’t stay unlocked because random people are able to come in.

I wish the registry management cared more about their residence. My roommates and I have complained on numerous occasions about a 5th roommate living with us and no action has ever been taken. I find this unacceptable and totally against the apartment contract. I also think the outdoor maintenance lacks severely. Mowers come weekly but barely trim the grass leaving the lawn extremely high by the time they come the following week. The registry also does not maintain the volleyball court, so it looks terrible. They also increased the reserved parking spots by nearly double from the previous year. Overall, the ONLY perk of this place is the location.

Reply from Registry at Bowling Green


Great place to reside, can’t wait to see what the gym upgrade will look like once it’s done. Great staff as always and overall good environment.

I am enjoying my stay so far at the registry apartment. The facilities are amazing. There is free access to Internet which is amazing and great gym facilities as well. It is also very close to school and located in a serene environment. I intend staying at the registry for the duration of my study years.

I have enjoyed living at the Registry. I moved into the Registry last fall with three of my friends and my experience has been pretty good. One of my room mates is not very clean and I have spoken with the office crew and they have been helpful.