I have had nothing short of a pleasant time living here at the Registry! I am so thankful for an apartment complex that actually cares about their residents!

haven't started living there yet, but I've heard good things. excited to have a furnished apartment, low leasing price, pool, gym room, et cetera!

Amazing staff and close proximity while I attended WKU. If you’re moving out just know your mails won’t be forwarded as a heads up, so sort that out. They try to keep in clean too.

Living at The Registry has been a great experience. It’s so close to campus so you don’t have to buy a parking pass. I love how everything is included here.

Awesome! I’ve lived here for 2 years and have renewed again. It close to campus and the WKU med center. I’ve had a great experience here so far

The Registry is a great place to live! The staff is extremely nice and helpful and they ensure you feel at home. The amenities are kept up to date and are always being improved. The rates are affordable and perfect for students.

The best apartment complex in Bowling Green. The Registry has it all: convenient parking, beautiful units, a refreshing pool, and suitably furnished-- all at an unbeatable price. We don't just like living here, we absolutely love it. My roommates and I have just renewed our leases for another great year.

My experience at the registry has been a relatively positive experience. My neighbors have been kind but from time to time they have been noisy. The people in the front office have been very helpful and kind when you need help. To the physical apartment itself, you almost get what you pay for and that’s why I’ve rated it at 3stars. Everything listed in the amenitiesare not always there. Like they say there is a basketball court.

Great, friendly people. Nice staff. Amazing rooms. Perfect location for the price. Couldn’t ask for a better pool. Would definitely live here again as well as refer family or friend

The amenities really need to be updated. Also I understand that we do have neighbors but there big tree just destroys my view. Overall this is a good property.

Good staff with nice rooms. Inexpensive which is good for a college town. The only complaint I have is the cleanliness of the room when I moved in. We had to deep clean the first day

My experience has been extremely well thus far. I have had questions concerning roommate assignments and parking situations and have easily been able to find answers.

overall, not bad. i think there could be some improvements in the efficiency of the maintenance staff but, for the price you pay, it's really not a bad deal.

Great apartment. Very helpful and friendly. Also, a great atmosphere and close to campus is a plus. They also do a pretty good job at roommate matching as well.

Awesome. I love it. it's great. The best. Never better. Awesome. Awesome. I love it. it's great. The best. Never better. Awesome. Awesome. I love it. it's great. The best. Never better. Awesome. Awesome. I love it. it's great. The best. Never better. Awesome.

I love the apartment and the person who showed my mom and I around was amazing. I can’t wait to move in and have my own lil place to get a way from campus

The registry at WKU it’s amazing! The staff is really helpful and the apartments are so close to campus! It feels like living in the dorms you don’t need car or wake up too early for your classes because is literally right there! And the experience to live with your best friends not just one but with three of them is real really fun! The facilities of the registry are great. Everyone is really helpful and kind here!

It’s been great living here. My roommates were super cool, and maintenance is never late! i’d reccomend to anyone! Parking is always great and it’s located so close to campus which is awesome!

The overall experience is excactly what you would expect. Nothing too crazy and nothing too bad. Maintenance can be troublesome sometimes, but that's nature of the beast, only other thing is that with no lines in the parking garage, people drive like jackasses in the middle of the road. Besides that, it's all good.

Not a great neighborhood, but overall good experience. People need to clean up their dogs poop everywhere. Some neighbors are really noisy, but if you get lucky your neighbors might not be bad.

I have enjoyed living here, however I have never had so many issues with my AC and the AC closets are absolutely disgusting. The are covered in dust which I am allergic to so being in my apartment is miserable. I have had sinus issues for months and my eyes have been red and itchy ever since the weather warmed back up and I know it is from the apartment because when I go outside everything clears up and when I get home my sinuses close up and my eyes get irritated.

this apartment is very clean, there have never been any bugs found. the only bad part is they started renovating the gym a couple weeks before summer when it would’ve been better for all residents to start it once school was over and no one was living there anymore

I love living there and I love the people that work that at the office. I love the part of the summer when the pool is open and that you can go use it.

Pool is really strict and has weird hours but nice. Place picks weird time for renovations, always in the busiest times for students which is a huge inconvenience.

The location is great. However, there are a few problems with living here. The pool is open much shorter in the year than places like midtown. Midtown also offers much more give seats and freebies to its residents. The reg is consistently dirty, and taking trash out across the parking lot is a hassle. The gates/key fobs are useless. Internet is definitely not satisfactory as well.