The Registry is a good place to live in order to walk to cam & get to your classes quickly. It’s worth the price especially if you’re able to live with people you know.

My experience living here at The Registry has been very positive! If we ever have any issues with maintenance then they are usually fixed within a couple of days. The community is welcoming and is a great location from campus!

The couches were low quality and have recently not been having hot water. I like how close it is to campus and have recently found out there is security every night on the property which I really enjoy.

For the price, this apartment complex is a steal! It’s super close to campus which is so convenient, and the staff is super helpful and nice!

The Registry is great given its location so close to campus. It also has some of the best prices you can find nearby. However, I have had issues with the entire office in the few months I have lived here. They are hardly willing to listen to complaints or suggestions and are very unorganized from what I can see. Also, the parking garage is extremely dangerous.

The carpet is really nasty, and maintenance is kinda slow on fixing things. The location is good. Staff is very friendly to the people living here

Fun atmosphere and nice community. Perfect Waking distance for students who take classes on campus. Beautiful in the fall, and love hang out at the pool in the summer

The Registry is good enough. Rent is inexpensive, and the location near campus is great (other than the train). However, it’s not the nicest apartment complex out there. The staff isn’t necessarily helpful either. It’s not somewhere I’d want to live long-term, but for student housing, it’s most definitely gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank.

Management is poor, facilities are dirty. My room has stains in it and holes in the wall and came will missing knobs. too close to the train

It has been a great experience so far! I have enjoyed living here, the staff is very friendly and patient and maintenance has been swift and convenient.

I have enjoyed my time here thus far and haven’t had many problems accept for the maintenance people possibly leaving my door unlocked after doing something. But other than that everything is fine.

Nothing really special, but nothing to be upset about. Just overall, just an average living experience for college. Wish the train was quoted, but I know there is no controlling that.

I love living here. I’ve lived in multiple college apartments and this one is by far the best! The staff is phenomenal and the apartments are so spacious!

My apartment wasn’t finished when I moved in. They didn’t complete some of the requests they said they would complete after move in. It’s in a convenient place and has good utilities.

Apart from having to clean every inch of the apartment when we moved in, it’s been a great experience so far. I like that I can walk to class and the train isn’t as loud as I thought I would be.

I have throughly enjoyed living at the registry. The location is great for walking to campus! Everything is included and whenever there is a maintenance problem, it has always been fixed fast!

So far everything has been great! Everything has been fixed by maintenance within a reasonable amount of time. I really like how close it is to campus!

when moving in it was dirtier than I would have liked it to be and maintenance is a little slow on somethings, but other than those things it’s in an extremely convenient area, and the staff are super nice!!

It’s an okay apartment complex and it’s nice to have your own bathroom. I love that it’s pet friendly, but most of the dog owners do not pick up their dogs feces from the grass. Every time I leave my apartment that’s all I smell.

Maintenance has been fast and helpful but we are disappointed to not have hardwood floors. We've also heard that the cameras aren't working and that is scary to me.

Living at the Registry has been great! It is such an easy walk to campus and the free visitor parking is awesome. All the amenities that come with living here is also a plus.

The Registry is a good place if you’re looking somewhere to start out, but I wouldn’t stay more than a year. The amenities aren’t up to date, the neighbors party all the time and smoke, and the stairways up to your apartment are full of trash and spiders. The staff, however, have been nothing but kind to me and have helped with all my problems.

It is a great location and we love the amenities and furnishings. We adore our space so my roommates and I renewed our leases for this year! However, since allowing dogs the lawn has began to get messy as many dog owners do not clean up after their pets.

It has been a very nice stay so far at The Registry. I enjoy many things about living here. The apartments are very nicely put together and to have all the amenities and utilities pretty much included is a nice touch. The community itself seems very nice and safe.

The Registry is a great place to live. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I have not had any issues so far! I would definitely recommend this apartment to a friend.