Kelly has made our transition seamless. Showing us multiple floor plans, made great suggestions and we are very content with our choice.!!!!

Clean apartments, well equipped, nice view, great location and pets’ friendly. Neighbors are well selected. Quick response for maintenance calls

Great location, management and maintenance staff are great. However, some of the residents don't follow simple instructions about trash disposal or cleaning up after their pets.

Very near to the Park and Shop and the Brendan Theater. Quiet somehow. And good for walk exercise anywhere. Plus going to Todos Santos for the Farmer's Market every Tuesdays. And at the end of the Memorial Day and to the plaza every Thursdays.

I'm quite pleased with the place. The building is constructed well, it's comfortable and the staff is very good. Recycle bins on each floor would be a plus. And the construction is what it is, but it can a nuissance.

It’s been such a great experience. Even though we moved in shortly after the new construction burnt down, it’s been nothingnnut positive. The staff are wonderful, maintenance is done with in 24 hours, the neighbors are friendly and we live by everything. I’m so happy we chose to live here and look forward to being here for the time to come!

So far, living at Renaissance Square has been amazing. From the two ladies in the main office to the two gentlemen that take care of our maintenance and grounds. I always see everyone working hard, saying hello to tennants and if there is any type of issue, it's taken care of right away. The response time is grade "A" and i wouldn't have picked a better place to live.

Kelly and her team doing a great job at the office. Always want to help with a big smile on their face. I feel really happy after choose this place

It’s been great living here! Definitely more than I could have ever hoped for as a first apartment. The atmosphere is great and so is the location

Love it, clean, downtown, close to work. Quick response on maintence. Enough parking. Storage. Pool. Jacuzzi. Amenities. Great design. Safe.

Renaissance square has amazing staff and a remarkable management team. They are very helpful, genuine and kind. I'm happy to be living here.

Overall my family and I love it here at Renaissance. Need to improve on handling tenants requests & issues. Special deals & discount for tenants

The reason since is a quiet place to live on the side where I live however the trash rooms are not the cleanest and they stink. People leave trash everywhere.

Great location and the facilities are in good shape. The dog poop situation has gotten much better. Issues with WP elevator also appear to be resolved. Visitor parking is more readily available thanks to the permit plan.

i have been here a few years now and it’s the best place as far as i can tell in the area by far. security is getting better each year and the staff is wonderful to work with.

I enjoy living at Renaissance. One of the best experiences I have had. I enjoy the peace, tranquility and the neighbors and how nice they are when you see them. LOL

Very close to BART station and downtown area. Not so noisy as expected in downtown area. Convenient to high way 680 and 242. Friendly staffs. Amazon delivery cannot enter when no one in the office such as weekend.

The apartment is great and mostly safe. The gym is a bit lacking and the maintenance of the building could be better. I feel the lack of maintenance staff leaves the space a little unkempt.

Great location, great neighbors, great community! I am looking forward to having things back to pre-fire status, and I know it will happen quickly!

I absolutely love living at Renaissance Square. Best apartment complex in the East Bay. It’s walking distance to many eateries, local park & coffee shops.

it’s home. the staff are very helpful and friendly. great location in downtown. only downside is some annoying neighbors and some outside riffraff in the area

I love living so close to restaurants. The community is kept up. I also like how maintenance repairs are quick. I enjoy being a Renaissance Square resident.

Fabulous apartment. Can't wait for the construction to be done. Looking forward to the expanded gym and community room. Staff is always responsive to issues raised.

We love it here and we want to tell all of our friends about our experienced living here at Renaissance Square Concord! Thanks Renaissance!

property is still the best around and will only get better with the new space. security has improved a lot but some neighbors are not great(but same as everywhere)