Pet friendly, convenient location, near shops and restaurants. Clean amenities, quiet, safe, friendly staff and neighbors. Would recommend to family.

Love my apartment, but have had things stolen on different occasions, I thought people in this gated community would respect more. Love our ladies in the office, always informative and gracious.

Had issues with dryers since we moved in 11 1/2 months ago and it’s not fixed, and now there’s mildew on ceiling in two locations. We’ve had been robbed on three different occasions and we live in secured gated community. We have hot air in summer and cold air in winter come in through our glass doors and although I’ve complained nothing has been done which has resulted in very high electric bill.

I love my complex, but have issues with the way it is run. My car has been broken into twice. The bird droppings are rarely cleaned up in the hallways, and I have yet to get the intercom set up after years of trying. I love my space in the building, and don’t want to give it up, but I don’t feel that the management is doing it’s best to create a luxury experience.

Not bad. It could be better if it was cleanner and more secure. Staff ate great and very helpful. They are always available. If you have a pet you would be more comfortable.

Renaissance Square is perfectly located in downtown Concord, literally a few minutes' walk to restaurants, movies, shopping, and BART. The building is interesting architecturally, and a manageable size. The grounds were beautifully maintained when we first moved in 3 years ago, but have been neglected recently. Hoping new owners will restore it to its former profile. Biggest drawback: lax security. We've had a bike stolen, both of our cars broken into, our storage bins tampered with; others have had cars stolen and encountered homeless people climbing the fences to use the bathrooms, showers, hot tub and pool. Perhaps the new owners will take steps previous owners refused to. We hope so.

The reason since is a quiet place to live on the side where I live however the trash rooms are not the cleanest and they stink. People leave trash everywhere.

The leasing office and staff are great!However, the people are less than desirable.Pot smoking in the garage, dog poop in the stairwell yuck

Very happy with the new management. They are more available and very pleasent. I would like to suggest that they implement the guest permits for guest parking in the garage. This is for the safety of the residents and their vehicles. I would also like to see more security cameras installed at the entrances and exits of the complex as well as inside the parking garage. Safety should be a number one priority for its residences.

Yes we see at night seqourty but Sunday and yesterday holiday time we sow people siting in tv room and we ask them do you have a key this building he sad no someone open my door but they were panicking we look around us to see one secourety non of them there we called main day say we Mack a not I com sistem I need to be a safe I have a teenager they go to t v room to do homework we need to be safe ...!!!!

Overall my family and I love it here at Renaissance. Need to improve on handling tenants requests & issues. Special deals & discount for tenants

The apartment is great and mostly safe. The gym is a bit lacking and the maintenance of the building could be better. I feel the lack of maintenance staff leaves the space a little unkempt.

Too early to rate....only had 3 weeks under new management. First impressions are positive. The community has a diverse guests and it will take the management some time to fully understand in order to manage effectively.

It is wonderful living there. The place is very well kept and managed. The leasing office staff is a pleasure to work with. The only negative I have is your move in procedure really sucks. You should allow the elevator to be booked at least for an hour. You should try moving in and/or out yourselves and feel the pain!

Rents are not cheap, but it's probably the best apartments to live in in the area. There is some crime and noise, but that is probably everywhere in Concord.

Very near to the Park and Shop and the Brendan Theater. Quiet somehow. And good for walk exercise anywhere. Plus going to Todos Santos for the Farmer's Market every Tuesdays. And at the end of the Memorial Day and to the plaza every Thursdays.

Clean apartments, well equipped, nice view, great location and pets’ friendly. Neighbors are well selected. Quick response for maintenance calls

We are disappointed the leasing office is no longer open until 7pm to get packages that are delivered. It makes it difficult when you don't return home from work until 6.

Renaissance Square is a nice place to live and very close to downtown. It is safe and well maintained. Staff is very courteous and helpful.

Fabulous apartment. Can't wait for the construction to be done. Looking forward to the expanded gym and community room. Staff is always responsive to issues raised.

My only gripe really is people not picking up poop and the elevator seems to be out of service every other week. Other than that things are great!

I love living so close to restaurants. The community is kept up. I also like how maintenance repairs are quick. I enjoy being a Renaissance Square resident.

property is still the best around and will only get better with the new space. security has improved a lot but some neighbors are not great(but same as everywhere)

Very close to BART station and downtown area. Not so noisy as expected in downtown area. Convenient to high way 680 and 242. Friendly staffs. Amazon delivery cannot enter when no one in the office such as weekend.

I'm quite pleased with the place. The building is constructed well, it's comfortable and the staff is very good. Recycle bins on each floor would be a plus. And the construction is what it is, but it can a nuissance.