Definitely should check it out love it here. Staff is great and make you feel right at home. Republic is the place to be for the school year so don’t miss out.

I really enjoy living here and the amenities that come with it. The area doesn’t have too much noise, the neighbors are friendly, and my apartment is cozy.

The staff here are amazing, they always make sure to take care of whatever it is I need that day in a timely manner. Also have great events.

Everything here started off great but the longer I’ve been here the more problems I have. They send out dates when they will be entering. That’s not what I hve a problem with. What I have a problem with is them not coming on the dates they say. They either come early or late because they didn’t get it done in time. Last time they came late I had $500 cash on my counter for bills and my dog wasn’t locked up. Maintenance has come to my apartment with NO CALL OR WARNING to fix a leak in my bathroom. (No my maintenance request but the person who lived below me) so I had no idea I should be expecting them. They knocked and I didn’t hear. They let themselves in because they assumed I wasn’t home. Again I understand they are doing their job but if I didn’t make the maintenance request call me before entering my apartment. Maintenance is great and I need to clarify I have never had a problem with any of the staff. I do however have a problem with how the property is run and the fact people can come in my apartment on a whim.

I really enjoy how the workers here are extremely friendly and helpful. It’s pretty close to campus so I am able to walk to class as well. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to work here in the future.

The staff was great and so was maintenance. The community was quiet overall. It was enough space to live in and I was really never bothered.

Pretty good experience, but a few issues with staff and the apartment. Amenities are good, but I wish the campus was safer also. With the events that took place here we should have security or a gate to keep random people out of our campus.

I’ve loved living here! The staff is so great and genuinely care about their residents. Most maintenance requests are also done quickly! The apartments themselves are nice too!

i like how close the apartment is to campus.also how it is near everything. the location is nice. the gym is also a decent size. i wish the kitchen was bigger and rooms were more sound proof

I wish there was less events that are better planned instead of more events and poor planning for residents. There is also a huge pothole that is never fully fixed near buildings 2 & 4.

Overall I am very satisfied and happy to live at a The Repulblic ! The office is very friendly and I love the events. I am definitely happy to renew my lease !

I love the people who work here!! Coolest staff around. Very helpful. This is the perfect place to live and be a student at the same time! 5 stars

I enjoy the environment, it’s really visually pleasing and just a chill place to live. The amenities are top notch, and i love having my own washer and dryer!

I enjoy staying at the Republic. I stay in a 2 bedroom and my year lease is almost up so i went ahead and signed for another year! The management and staff are so nice and caring and they know my name as soon as i walk in! Makes me feel like I’m at home and I can come to them anytime i need anything. Glad i choose to move here.

I love being at the republic because they have super awesome events that happen every month! The staff are pretty friendly and helpful as well. Overall I’ve enjoyed my time here so far and I hope to continue living here next semester.

Overall good experience, a good distance from campus. Every helpful and nice people at the front office. Good community to live in and an overall good first apartment living experience.

Great staff. Great amenities. Great value and close to campus. Good experience with roommate matching. Never loud or noisy. Great option for SHSU students.

The apartments are great and staff is very helpful and welcoming. I would like them to be more strict about people picking up there dog poop though it is everywhere

It is a fun place to live. Lots of fun community events and never too loud around the complex. Appliances and everything around the apartment is pretty nice.

it was ok... I wen to a couple gatherings with a few stangers and I wasn't to much out of my comfort zone and was please with the hospitality.

wish there were more events, but i enjoy the ones we have, i also appreciate being notified on the safety of the complex, i was glad to be aware of what is going on in the community.

I love it here, very quiet, friendly staff and residents. Hated the crime here lately but the finally cached the guy so I feel safe again. y

I’m enjoying it so far. No real complaints. My roommate and I are thinking of resigning again. We just haven’t done it yet lol. But all in all, great place to live.

This is my second year living here and it has been a pleasant experience. Maintenance is speedy and always does a good job. Love how furniture is provided.

Honestly this has been the best place so far!! So good i renewed very fast to lock my place. I really enjoy the staff, they are so nice and willing to help you out!!