My time here at the republic was the best. I met a lot of new friends, enjoyed the clean amenities and rooms, and had fun cooking and hanging with all my roomies.

It was nice having a place I can call my own however the apartments were very small. The staff was always nice and helpful with questions and tasks.

Great place for college kids to live. Pet friendly and very friendly community. Short distance from campus and plenty of activities to do in the clubhouse.

It has honestly has been a great experience so far i only have lived here for two months but nothing bad to say about this place. the staff is super helpful and nice. There gym is very nice and clean with good equipment!

Great place to leave in , very safe and i love the fact the internet is not slow and i have good roomates and always great customer service when i have questions about my billing

the staff is amazing. Super kind and understanding and willing to do anything to help you have a great move in experience. So many bonus and perks of living here like gum pool and even a tanning booth. Friendly neighbors as well

my experience has been pretty good for the most part with minor issues. inside my apartment is good but outdoors in the walkway there’s a lot of waste from birds and dogs.

I like how understanding staff members are. Maintenance is on point. Only thing I ask is to not be bothered by issues I find stupid from the leasing office such as minor noise and pets not on leashes. Thank you. Also better security would be greatly appreciated

I’ve lived here for almost 2 years the first year was fine so I decided to renew. As soon as I renewed I regretted it. Maintenance requests were never answered or they would come and not fix anything. Mold is coming out of all of the air vents and they will not acknowledge it. The washer in our unit has flooded our kitchen 5 times and has caused damage to the floor, cabinets, and wall, and they will not fix it. That’s just a few of the problems me and my roommate have faced.

The new staff need better training. They need to learn how to actually be attentive to residents and put on better events. Terrible service and always looked annoyed

Living at the republic was an eye opening experience for me to have my own place away from my mom. I enjoyed my stay for the most part and would do it again.

Living at the Republic is one of home, although their have been many problems with the plumbing within the apartment. But otherwise all has been lovely, homey, and the neighbors have been very welcoming and friendly.

It’s really cool and chill. Great space for dogs as well as areas to take them. I love the option of one bedroom and a studio so everyone can find somewhere that makes them comfortable.

everyone has always been friendly and helpful when i go into the office and it has been quite easy to get maintenance in quickly so no complaints there.

I love the community and the 24 hour on call and maintenance team! This is the best apartment complex I have ever stayed at and I wouldn't want to look anywhere else! With there amazing deals and super low prices I'm surprised there not sold out already! Also, the amazing event they put on monthly are awesome!

It has been a great experience as it being my first apartment and living on my own. The office is very community oriented and friendly. The property is always clean and kept up.

It was a good experience, the roommate matchup could’ve been a bit better but other then that, it’s a good and heap place for college kids. The management is pretty good and they get your utility problems done ASAP which is great.

This apartment complex is alright, but they seem to have issues with billing and such, which tends to get a bit confusing and frustrating at times.

the location of republic is the best for me since i walk to school and the walk is not far at all. the price is pretty cheap compared to others apts in huntsville as well

The staff are friendly and it is a close walk to campus. The rates are generally fair for living in a 4 bedroom especially given its distance to campus

Honestly this place is great! No one messes with you and it very quite. Great place to live. Not to mention the staff, they are very helpful.

Nice place, with amenities and a cute pool, but maintenance could be better, and people do not pick up after their dogs so the whole place is like a huge bathroom.

The events hosted are great! I enjoy getting to see all of the fun stuff the C.A.s are planning. Everyone is super friendly and it's so refreshing to live in a place where people know your name.

The events here at the Republic are honestly the best. I always look forward to the crawfish bowl and getting to bring a plus one is awesome

I gave this place a four star rating because of the customer service. It’s one of the best customer service teams I have ever experienced. My only issue is the appliances they come with the apartment as far is the barbecue pit , pool access and sometimes the printer access.