The community is nice and safe, but come on there is no hot water. I think there are some small housekeeping things that need to be done to all homes. Carpet replacement and a fresh coat of paint on the walls would do nicely.

The amenitites are enjoyable. The rooms are decent. The house size is decent. The maintenance is not so good. I have waited many days for multiple things to be fixed.

I have found to really enjoy my experience here at the retreat! I love the people and all of the events that go on throughout the school year!

Lived here for two years and it is the quintessential college living houses in Oxford. The amenities alone are worth the cost of rent especially if you compare the cost of the living at the Retreat compared to houses in Oxford.

It’s good! Fun atmosphere to live in and has great amenities! During the spring and summer the pool is the most popular in oxford. Great place to have a good time with your friends

I love it here. The atmosphere is awesome. A lot of my friends are residents here and we are having a blast. The house is beautiful and the grounds are amazing.

The Retreat at Oxford has been a great first year living off campus experience. From the amenities to the comfortability, I resigned for the same apartment for a reason. Although there are many other great places to live in Oxford, I really feel at home here.

Love living at the Retreat so much that I will be living here again next year. There is no better compliment than that. The amenities are great!

The retreat is a great place to stay and i have encouraged many of my friends to stay here too. They have many amenities and activities to do.

It has been a good experience living here. The staff is very nice and helpful. The clubhouse is amazing and has a nice computer lab and gym that is easy to access.

My resident experience has been a good one so far. Signing up for the retreat was an easy process and claiming the gifts that were promised came in quickly as well.

The apartments are really nice and a great place to stay for anyone looking for a new home. Look no further for the best apartments in Oxford.

I literally couldn't live without the amazing amenities like the computer lab, gym, tanning bed, and pool! Staff is always available for any questions or issues that you may have!

The Retreat is a lovely place to settle down and relax within the fast moving pace of college. the amenities are wonderful and provide an escape and the illusion of living luxury while still in college.

The Retreat has a lot of great ameninities and the pool is the best in Oxford. They are easy to work with if you run into any issues, and have great customer service.

Ten out of ten would probably recommend, pretty steezy pool and basketball court to get that recreation in. Great community I mean really amazing

The retreat has some nice amenities, but isn’t the best place to live in Oxford. The college students who work there are no help when it comes to most problems.

I have visited the Retreat at Oxford many times visiting friends and such. They have never complained and neither have I. The houses are nice and quiet but capable of a good time.

I absolutely love the retreat. The cottages are so cute because they're all different colors and the pool is super awesome. The tanning bed in the main building is so convenient

Staff at front desk is excellent, roomy bedrooms and variety of house styles to choose from. Been very happy in my two years here and plan on renewing for last year!

Living here has been pretty good. The ammenities are a huge plus when living at the retreat. The pool and work out facility are great and there are always people to chat with.

I love the retreat and it is such a beautiful place for college students to live. I love the space in my milledge home. It makes me feel like I have a home away from home.

I have lived there for almost 4 months and have very much enjoyed the housing as well as all the amenities that come with living there such as the busses, pool, and gym

Solid place to live, wish some packages didn't just get dropped off at our front door. Easy for people to just roll up and take. Other than that, no complaints.

Great place to live, there are lots of other students around the same age. The amenities are awesome with the pool, and basketball court and gyms.