The Retreat is way to overpriced. It's really unfortunate that us broke college kids are having to pay what we do. It's like that everywhere in oxford though, something needs to happen

I think that if you are giving out free gifts you should advertise it more so that current tenants will know about it just like new possible tenants.

Very nice living. Couldn't be more pleased with location of apartment. Only wish rent was cheaper for a 4 year old product where college kids lived in. Also have smaller room compared to other roommates with NO CLOSET!

Our house is old and constantly looks dirty from the stains on the floor. I can hear my neighbors easily through the walls, and it can often be annoying/loud. The set up of our house is pretty inconvenient; I live in the four bedrooms, three floors one.

Security is not strict enough on who is allowed to enter the pool and basketball area. Most days there are tons of people out there who do not live here.

I like living here but sometimes they are slow to make repairs. We've had our air go out twice this semester and it took nearly two days to get someone out here.

I enjoy living at The Retreat. The pool is nice and I have not had very many problems with our house. My main complaint is about the wifi and the fact that the pool was closed all weekend for Labor Day weekend. I did not think that was fair for paying residents.

The Retreat is a great option for students who want to live off campus in Oxford. I have really enjoyed living in here and highly recommend it!

The apartments are really nice and a great place to stay for anyone looking for a new home. Look no further for the best apartments in Oxford.

Maintenance takes too long to be completed. I love The community though. The basketball courts are kept clean. The pool is always clean. Just need better maintenance response

The retreat has great amenities. That's about all I enjoy. The walls of the houses are not built very well, you can hear EVERYTHING even people just talking in their rooms. The staff is not very friendly or helpful either.

The Retreat is a great place to live. If anything is wrong in your house maintenance is always right on it. The amenities are alway very useful.

fantastic but the houses are in need of cleaning like the carpet is so dirty and the stoves are herendous but other than that awesome, i love the amenities!

I think the units are a little cheaply made and that the maintenance is not very helpful but other than that it has been a good experience overall.

The location and amenities are awesome but the maintaince request take forever ! I would live here again and I really enjoyed my lease here! Also some of the front management people are really nice and some act like they don’t care

Doing well but things could always be better. The new section bathroom toilets suck though and the water pressure is garbage. Overall, good.

The retreat has some nice amenities, but isn’t the best place to live in Oxford. The college students who work there are no help when it comes to most problems.

The Retreat at Oxford is a great place to live! I love the spacious living room/ kitchen and my huge closet! It can get loud Thursday-Saturday night outside.

I love the placement of my house because I am by the bus stop and club house and pool, but the workers don’t know what they’re doing half the time and maintenance doesn’t come for months to fix problems and loyal residents don’t get rewarded but those who sign last minute do

The community is nice and safe, but come on there is no hot water. I think there are some small housekeeping things that need to be done to all homes. Carpet replacement and a fresh coat of paint on the walls would do nicely.

The amenitites are enjoyable. The rooms are decent. The house size is decent. The maintenance is not so good. I have waited many days for multiple things to be fixed.

Really expensive for cheaply built houses in a college town. I think thank my $700 rent should be about half of that considering the quality and I'm a college student

Definitely a college living community. Everyone here is a college student and goes to Ole Miss. A lot of fun but can also be a distraction. People here love to party

I love living here at the retreat at oxford. The community is nice and quiet. If you are looking for somewhere to stay this fall come and see it for yourself.

facilities are great and the property upkeep is great. However, the inside of my unit looked like it wasn't inspected too well before move in. There is damages too the uni, such as a crack in the front door, missing lightbulbs, and a broken closet door.