I think the units are a little cheaply made and that the maintenance is not very helpful but other than that it has been a good experience overall.

The Retreat is a great option for students who want to live off campus in Oxford. I have really enjoyed living in here and highly recommend it!

The amenitites are enjoyable. The rooms are decent. The house size is decent. The maintenance is not so good. I have waited many days for multiple things to be fixed.

The retreat has some nice amenities, but isn’t the best place to live in Oxford. The college students who work there are no help when it comes to most problems.

Doing well but things could always be better. The new section bathroom toilets suck though and the water pressure is garbage. Overall, good.

The Retreat at Oxford is a great place to live! I love the spacious living room/ kitchen and my huge closet! It can get loud Thursday-Saturday night outside.

For the most part it is a nice place to live. I’ve lived here since 2016 with my 4 other roommates and we like it fine. Maintence requests take too long and the office staff seems to never know what is actually going on but that’s okay they are students like me.

The apartments are cheaply made and not kept up very well. Every room in our house had water damage. None of the doors shut properly due to being uneven. The staff never does what they say they will. I have had to call multiple times on different occasions just to get them to put my correct email on my account.

I did not enjoy living at the Retreat. I felt like it was ran by people my age, and I am not old enough to run a living complex. I also paid a lot to do a little. I never used the amenities, so it just wasn’t worth it.

The apartments are really nice and a great place to stay for anyone looking for a new home. Look no further for the best apartments in Oxford.

The community is nice and safe, but come on there is no hot water. I think there are some small housekeeping things that need to be done to all homes. Carpet replacement and a fresh coat of paint on the walls would do nicely.

The location and amenities are awesome but the maintaince request take forever ! I would live here again and I really enjoyed my lease here! Also some of the front management people are really nice and some act like they don’t care

I enjoy living at The Retreat. The pool is nice and I have not had very many problems with our house. My main complaint is about the wifi and the fact that the pool was closed all weekend for Labor Day weekend. I did not think that was fair for paying residents.

The Retreat is a great place to live. If anything is wrong in your house maintenance is always right on it. The amenities are alway very useful.

Over all great place to live, I love having my own bathroom and walk in closet. It does take awhile to get a service request fixed though. Love our 3 floor apartment.

The retreat has a great location, busses that take you to the square and campus, and good amenities. The negatives are thy you have to go into the office multiple times before they will do something, the houses seem to be falling apart, and workers here let them selves into your house as they please.

I like the layout of the house but maintenance and management isn’t good. I’ve had a bad experience with management at check in and uninvolved managers with problems.

The Retreat at Oxford was a decent place to live. Maintenance was generally helpful whenever I had issues, and there were A LOT of issues. When I arrived, my bedroom didn't have a door, fire alarms were missing, and there was an old couch in the living room that they never ended up coming to get, among other issues. The amenities were nice and the events put on by the Retreat were fun, but overall I would not recommend living here.

had a lot of problems with the office following through but everyone has been super kind despite my frustrations. also repaired our door to look like new and it looks great.

Cool houses, not the best maintenance, walls are thin. I’m working on studying right now and I’m just doing this to procrastinate because I really hate studying

The apartment itself is nice but the internet causes more problems than it might be worth. Other than internet mishaps and odd blackouts this place is really nice.

Faciltiies are nice but the inexperience of the young staff is frustrating. It takes several attempts for management to reply. Because of age, some repairs are often overlooked.

Definitely a college living community. Everyone here is a college student and goes to Ole Miss. A lot of fun but can also be a distraction. People here love to party

I love the placement of my house because I am by the bus stop and club house and pool, but the workers don’t know what they’re doing half the time and maintenance doesn’t come for months to fix problems and loyal residents don’t get rewarded but those who sign last minute do

Very nice living. Couldn't be more pleased with location of apartment. Only wish rent was cheaper for a 4 year old product where college kids lived in. Also have smaller room compared to other roommates with NO CLOSET!