I have yet to move in, but I feel as if I will have a great time here. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The facilities seem to be very nice as well.

Very excited to be moving in 49 North this August. The Environment is clean, the staff are amazing, and the people seem very nice. I find myself thinking about the experience of living their everyday. 49 North is definitely the place to be!

I will be moving into my apartment in August and so far have had a good experience. I am looking forward to living here my first year of college.

I feel really comfortable in the community & welcome. The experience that I have had are awesome. I have access to major things. For example, the pool, gym,computer & more. I love living in 49North.

I love living here so far ! The staff are amazing and so are the people. The rooms are big and it's pretty much quiet in this area. I love how the keep the grass cut and the area clean.

I just dont like that you can get individual furniture if you move into an unfurnished unit. But other than that i love the roomate matching

49N is good for the price. I've had only one issue when the air-conditioning was out for 3 weeks and honestly that's the only reason for the 2.5 stars. If not for that, this was an easy 5. Or even if we were compensated in some way for the inconvinience.

It's been great so far. I love everything about the experience. I would let everybody I know that this place is amazing. It's also amazing how communication is easy.

Awesome! Neat, clean, convenient. Nice location. We toured the apartments on 6/7/16 and were impressed. My son has found his new home! Nice people as well.

I like how the office staff is always trying to get to know residents and establish connections. I've always had a great experience getting help from the office. Sometimes in the summer the pool music can be too loud, and occasionally there are some crimes here and there, but I've generally always felt pretty safe thanks to the officers that patrol at night.

The rooms are alright for a great price. Everything is decent. I haven't had any real problems with 49 North quite yet which is good since I live here.

Haven't been disappointed with anything so good job! Staff is really nice when I walk in the office and the pool is really nice. Of course people make it hard to live here sometimes but overall it's good.

So far the pool has been great and well kept up. However, the bathrooms are not very well kept up and a little moldy. Maintenance is really helpful and prompt.

49 is great so far. It's comfortable and very close to everything the university area has to offer. I love the pool area because it's so relaxing.

Great experience so far! Affordable rates, friendly staff - what more can you ask for? I especially love the pool. I would definitely recommend to friends

Living conditions are awesome, and really good rates! The Area is right near UNCC campus and close to all other shopping centers! The staff is very friendly and will constantly work with you if you need assistance or have any problems!!

I haven't moved in yet, but I already love it. The staff is friendly and I hope to not have any problems in the future. I am very excited to say the least.

I love 49 north. It's a really quiet, safe, and comfortable place to live in. I would reccommend living here to any student attending UNCC because it is really close to campus. I love it here.

Experience has been okay so far. Living with 3 strangers can be a bit much sometimes but the people in the front office are pleasant and willing to help. Besides one maintenance issue that took a while to get fixed everything else has been taken care of within 48 hours

I have no complaints I think 49North is great! I'm very happy living here. I think the staff is great and the property is great too. I love my apartments location and proximity to the office too.

So far living here is ok. having all bill combined into one payment is a major plus. Parking spaces however are too small, and I normally have to park 3 bldgs away from apartment.

I love it here the staff treats me so well and always keeps me updated on everything going on around me. I always recommend for my friends to move here

Gym and pool are great amenities. Overall quit neighbors and pleasant atmosphere. Furnished apartments come with two couches but not much else.

49 north is awesome. It's a great place to live. Everyone is always so nice. And it's really easy to get to and from school everyday. I love it

Doing a great job considering what we pay for! I love that anytime I have an issue with something in the apartment, I always have it quickly repaired! Thank you!