I love the set up of the apartments as well as the pool and grill! The staff in the office are always polite and willing to help. Also, I LOVE that 49 north is pet friendly! :)

I've lived here for two years and have renewed for another year and I must say you cannot get a better deal. The staff is friendly and timely and knowledgeable. Maintenance is prompt and I've never had a problem with other residents. For college living, I couldn't have found a better place

Maintenance responds quickly and rent here is cheaper than many other places except UT. However, rent has been increasing here pretty quickly each year.

You guys are great! Some of the people that live here are just kind of sketch like the shooting and the people with the dog the constantly leave poop on our lawn. But you do your best to handle it so thanks!

49 north is so great I already resigned my lease for next year :) I always feel safe in the community and enjoy the amenities offered! I would recommend living here to my friends!

The overall area around buildings need landscaping. In several spots, drainage problems need to be addressed before they become a major concern.

Doing well the staff is very personable here I have enjoyed the years that I have been here and the amenities are very good it is a very nice place to live

Living here for me it has been great. My view in the backyard is great. The maintenance people always come at a reasonable time after I request them.

Living at 49 North is great. I definitely prefer the town home style apartments versus what many other companies offer. My only complaint is that the parking spots could definitely be improved. It's not that there is a lack of space, however the majority of the spots have likes that are far from parallel with each other.

Fantastic management and a nice place to live! It's been a great experience living here. I hope to be able to renew my lease for next year!!

I rarely have issues because i stay to myself but if anything i needed the staff was on it!!! I appreciate the kiving experience i have at 49North!!!

Maintenance and leasing office crew is always ready to help. The apartments are a good first home. Parking violations could be better supervised.

Great roommates, and I love the food themed days!!! Thank you so much for being a good community! I can't wait to use the pool and grill! The pool looks like it will be fun with my friends.

Much better than my previous living quarters. I haven't had any issues with rowdy or obnoxious neighbors. The staff does not barge into your home without warning.the living areas are fairly spacious and the staff is helpful when you need them .

I only have minor problems with 49North. The wifi is ALWAYS out, or hardly working, I've had a few occasions where maintaince was rude and finding parking close to your apartment is pretty difficult. Other than that, the place is affordable, it's in pretty good condition and the staff is always very helpful!

I love living here. I think its a great place for people who are just starting out. I have never had a problem with the office or anything like that. Maintence comes quickly if you have a problem.

I love it here that's why I renewed so friendly! I love the environment and people I have met living here! Can't wait for summer to use girl and pool!

Very prompt service! Professional, great fun and activities to meet your neighbors and meet friends! A awesome bargain for student living would recommend it to everyone I know and I do!

The management is great and is available to answer any questions. The staff is also there to answer any questions also. The taco Tuesdays is great.

I have lived here since august of 2014..... I am a college student. I love it here. They are so friendly at the front desk. It really feels like family here.

Not bad. Maintenance could be better, some parts in the apartment that could be updated a little more and just the parking spots are terrible but I think it's a lot better than what people think. I would live here again.

Living at 49 North is great! I love the size of the apartments/town houses. I also like that the neighborhood is quite. When it is warm I like to go to the pool and relax.

Good experience some minor issues but overall great experience people are friendly and the staff is nice as well I love it here just wish we had a bit more freedom to do things we want as well

You are doing OK. I'm not a big fannof the quartly inspections. I do like the coffee machine. I also dig the different activities like taco tues

49 North has been the perfect place for me to live as a student who hates dorms. The office is always super helpful and maitenance responds very quickly. The activities they plan for residents are awesome. And I love the amenities.