Complex’s were not ready to be moved in or properly cleaned from last guest. Turned in my form to maintenance and still haven’t heard back....

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Pretty good place to live. Had a leak in the ceiling early on and they were very nice and very fast to fix it, and the townhouses themselves are really nice. Only complaints are that the internet and cable is pretty slow, but they're updating that soon, and that even though the community is gated, it's only gated to cars and anyone can park and walk in, leading to a few guys wandering around the property who don't live there.

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The units in the complex are very nice. The amenities are also a nice place to go relax, have fun, or work out. I love my apartment complex.

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I like the feeling of having a home but also having your own space. The hardwood floors are also very pretty. The pool is very nice and relaxing.

Everything except for the slower internet is great. The office has stated that new internet is coming and that is amazing. Problems with the unit were fixed relatively quickly.

I couldn’t have asked for anywhere else better to live. The management here is delightful, if I have had any problems or home improvement issues management are quick to get it fixed.

I have been here 4 years now hoping that it would get better every year, but it has only been worse. To management you are a dollar sign and that's about it. There is no community and rent seems to continue to go up every year with no change. It is not worth it. Cannot recommend to anyone anymore. There are too many other good places around. It could be a good place but that has got to start at the top.

I was promised a $200 gift card when I signed my lease, and I have yet to receive it or any instruction on how to get it. It would have been nice to have it by now.

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I've dealt with 2 shootings, 2 break ins, and 1 robbery which was likely by the cleaning staff who didn't confirm I had resigned my lease. All in 1 year. On the bright side, the central air works and utilities are included into a cheap rent, so there's that. I wouldn't recommend staying here more than 2 years (absolute maximum).

1 of the 3 roommates is disgusting, has extra people living in their room, and is constantly smoking inside. Their “guests” walk around advertising that they are on drugs. Also, when I first moved in, the level of filth was next level. The stove and oven were fire hazards, there was mold in the dishwasher, and you couldn’t walk anywhere without your feet turning black.

Great apartments!!! I also love the environment and the roommates I got matched with. The prices are great for the housing you get. Everything is accessible.

My experience at 49 North has been good so far. The move in was very smooth. The office staff was well organized and was able to sign me in quickly.

The rooms themselves, the pool, and the gym are all very nice. Many of the other tenants are very loud though. There is a lot of crime in the area. Recently there was a shooting in the neighborhood. I'm only happy I have a room on the top floor. It feels safer. The security guard was driving through the neighborhood with his music blasting the other day which isn't very professional. And the gate is often not closed.

Overall, I am satisfied with my apartment. Staff are friendly and eager to help. However, when I moved in, I spent 2 days cleaning the common area because the person who already lived here had things everywhere. There was not one cabinet space empty for me and my roommates to put our kitchen appliances, dishware, and so on. I understand these are off campus apartments, but there should be a way to ensure cleanliness of apartments, especially before move in day.

A great place to live so far. As my first apartment, I wasn't sure what to expect, but you guys have set a standard for me. I really like that everyone gets their own space and that you match roommates based on preferences/lifestyles. I also love my location; I'm right next to the mailboxes, pool, and leasing office, which makes things super convenient. I'll probably end up renewing my lease by the end of the year.

Good place to live, liking it so far. Shuttle has convenient times. Office has a friendly staff. Parking is great because i’m right at my apartment but the parking spaces and the parking lot are very small.

Great place, I just wish my bathroom was a little cleaner when I moved in and that the carpets were cleaned. Other than that it’s a great place!

3 stars because my apartment has had many issues and wasn’t clean when we moved in, MAINLY though because the front gate is always open... what’s the point of having a gate then. I need more security protection.

I enjoy 49North. I plan on renewing my lease for next year! I love the layout of the apartment and everything is modern. They did a great job with designing the inside.

At first there were some concerns i had but Tiana made sure that my needs were met. She is such a great person to have on the team because it’s hard to find people who genuinely care!!

it hasn’t been bad but it also hasn’t been great. The move in process was easy but once I moved in I noticed a lot of things were broken. Overall, it’s been a good experience I just wish I could get those things fixed.

So far my experience has been great. Move in was great. The staff isn’t friendly. I can honestly say there has been no problems with anything.

There were multiple things wrong when moving in, sinks leaking, doors not closing, missing pieces of furniture. On top of that the gate that is supposed to be closed at night does not close and the office hasn't done anything about it.

the complex was very good about matching me with my preferences two out of three roommates are very very clean and only one of them causes the issues however it can be fixed. My maintenance orders have so far been completed in a timely manner. I don't believe my apartment was cleaned between my moving and the previous tenants move out however when I called the office and stated how unhappy I was with my room being dirty they quickly sent out a cleaning crew and they did a really good job on my room. the rest of the apartment already had too much stuff in it in order for it to be cleaned but they did come out to do the small stuff that they were able to.

I thought we lived in a gated community and the gate is never closed. Need new sand in the volleyball area. Since the gate isn’t closed everyone in there mom parks in here and then when I come home from work there’s no spaces. But I love my home with my friends that’s the only good thing