During a move hat had the potential to be stressful, 54 Station staff was accommodating and understanding for our unique situation. They have been friendly with every interaction I have had. Will definitely renew if a home doesn’t come on the market when we are ready.

I signed my lease before seeing the apartment, meaning the pictures were a great representation of the community. Additionally, Lorielle chose the excellent apartment for me in a location that fit my personality. The entire process was timely and efficient.

Pleasant environment and community. Always promoting activities for socialization and resident involvement. Great staff - courteous and professional!

54 Station is one of the best properties I have rented thus far. I love the amenities and love that they are always having stuff for the residents to participate in like cookouts, ice cream socials, food trucks etc. I love the valet trash pick up and the overall look of the apartment and appliances.

I love the atmosphere of 54 Station! The new appliances and interior are to die for. The community events hosted are engaging, and I LOVE the office staff. They act promptly and are considerate and personable.

It's my Family Ken, Jennifer, L, and double L, they know who they are it's a great feeling when you walk into an area and they're really glad to see you and it's not a front ask them a question they got the answer personal or professional oh dang that's right my experience not the people......I'm loving it. And I couldn't stand the thought of living in an Apartment

This is probably the best apartment I have lived in. It looks very different from the exterior esthetic it gives, The modern look of the interior is everything I wanted

I love the perks that residents get such as the food trucks or resident parties. I also love the amenities- pool, gym, keyless entry, etc. It’s also usually quiet here, which is a plus. So far the only downsides I’ve experienced were during the lease/move in process. There could be better communication between the staff.

Great community! I just moved here but I love it so fat and I'm excited to explore the community. The area is great and the price for the unit is good.

Staff has been helpful and made the leasing process smooth. The complex is clean and the units are spacious and modern. I cant wait to try out the amenities.

The apartment itself is incredible. Love the location. Living next to be dog work was a mistake. I have never seen so many people use it. They were about 5 people out there last night to almost 11pm and they let their dogs bark for hours and hours in the park. I have also had a women who frequents it around 3-5am and let's her dog sit there and bark. Perhaps some time regulations might help, I think because it's so well light it is easy to go any time and they don't realize how thin the bedroom wall is. That's my only complaint, everything else is perfect.

The staff are amazing. The community is peaceful and full of wonderful people. I would highly recommend this community to others. The clubhouse is also amazing

I love living here! The apartments are brand new and the neighborhood is diverse. It is pet friendly and the staff host lots of community events! I waited an entire year to be able to move into these apartments and it was worth the wait!

Great amenities - the pool and gym are wonderful. The staff is friendly and maintenance requests are always filled quickly. The community wi-fi is also a great addition.

Quick maintenance and I love my neighbors. They are so nice. I also love the staff and they are so welcoming. Plus, there are so many activities on site.

My experience here has been ok. The only thing I’m really having an issue with is internet. I moved from my old apartment to a new one in December 2018. My WiFi has not worked properly since I’ve moved. I’ve called spectrum and sent emails to the leasing office. No solution has happened to this day. It really sucks to not be able to use WiFi in my apartment

I love the community. Some of the smart home features promised aren’t working yet after a few months of living here. Still very comfortable.

I really love living here, the staff is great. I love all the new amenities we are getting. I also love how quiet the neighborhood is. Very glad that I decided to move to 54 station.

54 Station is a great place to live. The residents are nice but quite so you will not be disturbed. The area is very convenient with close access go go place.

Spacious apartments with thoughtfully designed interiors, great amenities, and smart connected. I can’t hear neighbors through the walls and the community is well maintained. Very good experience with the leasing office, would highly recommend.

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I love my apartment. The valet trash is so convenient. The keypad entrance is as well. I have found the app faulty, but that’s an easy fix. I love the privacy from my deck.

I love the area and how clean and neatly kept my community is. I love how the opportunity to experience different food trucks and get to know neighbors are available

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Great community! Love the apartment and amenities. Would be nice to have an outdoor rec area like a sand volleyball court or area for yard games.

The staff here is really friendly and helpful. When first applying i was asked what i wanted and the leasing agents tried to be very accommodating.

Great experience! Friendly staff and great amenities. The staff really cares for the residents and promotes a safe and enjoyable experience.

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