So far I have had nothing but good things to say about this complex. All of my maintance requests have been done in a timely manner. Parking for visitors is a huge issue as it is limited and a parking pass is required? My gate access is akward and could be easily improved. After saying all that the complex is clean, well maintained and the staff is friendly. I have enjoyed my stay here as I lived here for 5 years now.

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The experience so far has been a good one. The office staff have been very helpful and understanding. I wouldn't mind renewing the lease a couple more years if it wasn't for the inconvenience of neighbors living upstair and their lack of concern for the persons living below.

While the apartments are great and maintenance responds quickly, there’s some major issues with parking that haven’t been addressed in over a year. The new management doesn’t really do anything about the numerous parking violations. They will walk right past vehicles double and triple parked without looking at them or having them towed. They’ll tow visitor vehicles for not entering the license plate number correctly, but won’t tow vehicles parked in fire lanes or handicapped spots. Overall my experiences here have been very good, but the previous management was much better about handling parking violations.

Parking is a serious issue, but the apartments are very nice in and of themselves & the office/maintenance staff are very courteous and helpful.

The price is low but you get what you pay for. Maintenance does not fix what they say they will fix and the parking is pretty limited. There is also a bug problem even though you have to pay a monthly pest control fee.

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Staff and maintenance are awesome I just don't feel safe due to the neighborhood and lack of security. I also don't fancy the visitor parking rule.

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Everything seems to be ok. I’m glad that there’s finally getting to be grass put down. Seems to be quiet around here for the most part. All ok.

Very friendly and welcoming. staff. Recently have done a great job at removing mud and dirt coming from parking areas. Please install better signage and visitor parking lanes.

It’s a quiet place to live. No one bothers you. They fix work orders fast and no problem there Just has bugs and when you ask them to come spray, it brings more and more bugs out.

Nice area to live in. It’s pretty much close to everything but way too many roaches and sinks and cabinets that have water damage really bad u won’t notice it until you start to clean off your counters and the wood is getting stuck onto the towel so disgusting and parking is horrible but the staff are super sweet maintenance and office ladies

A little unorganized need communication work. The apt is ok but in the photos I was shown there was shelving in the closet and different bathroom cabinets. The appliances look like theyre from rhe 80s I hope they work and the roaches are disgusting also the gap under the door is going to raise my electric bill when it seemed utilities were included. All bad surprises so far including a ridiculous surprise deposit. I hope you guys can change this negative experience if I am truly a valued resident

Friendly maitenance busy guy nice pool and laundry wish they had a gym. Had a leak in the wall for a couple months they could have been a little mote efficient taking care of it i noticed also a raise in my utilities. I had atyed gone the entire month and it was 40$ for watef although had not been there probably high cuz of leak. They said utilities are according to whats used doubt tbats true

Great price, love the patio set up. Could use some upgrades and maintenance on some issues in apt when moved in. Appreciate the gates. Parking is awful as usual.

There's room for improvement but considering the resorces, the job is fine. I would likely recommend it. Main concern is parking. If you get there after 10:30pm, chances are, you wont find where to park.

Parking is bad sometimes... people in the office are very nice. There's a lot of trash on the ground, and but overall its been a decent experience living there

At night theres no parking place isnt totally horuvle but kinda run down and old things the plugs have hard time keeping in the outlets painted over many times crooked shelves and furouts

The A/c hasnt been working properly how its supposed too. Radder then that, everything else is good. And work orders dont get done in a timely manner.

I'm on the fence about this complex. It is a very quiet community and the neighbors are friendly towards one another. Parking is the worst. The are so many vehicles without a parking permit sticker, but they are parked throughout the community and nothing is being done about it. There are also drainage issues from the sprinkler system. I get a mudslide in front of my doorway every time the sprinklers come on. A week or two later, a member of the maintenance staff will come will a shovel to scrape it up; only for it to return.

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I've lived here for almost 1.5 years and while I cannot say that I love it, I cannot say that I hate it. The staff is friendly. Maintenance requests are responded to within reasonable time; however, the workmanship is not always the best. The landscape needs a makeover. My suggestion, replace the dirt with rock to help with the flooding and mud that causes people to slide along the sidewalk. Too many people have fallen because of this.

I feel mostly safe, the office is nice and friendly they work with you as much as they can. The towing company they are contracted with is absolutely horrid.

the residence is good, however, in our apartment specifically the kitchen as appliance is a fiasco and you have to be careful with vandalos that enter from outside ...

The office makes me feel that I am inconveniencing them anytime we talk. They never answer the phone. The maintenance guys are very nice and helpful though.

Neighbours don't care about being loud. They block cars in every once in a while. Office seems like they are inconvenienced by requests. Gate was broken for a couple of week.

Decent place to come home and sleep. That's about it. It could be a lot better, I don't mind it though. It's overpriced for the small space given.