Their is so much I can say about hill country place apartments, but overall the community is simply the best community I have ever been around. The hill country staff isn’t always on top of everything and ready to help it’s residents. I couldn’t ask for a better community and apartment complex.

my roommate has had bathroom issues with the toilet, there was a dead cockroach on the floor the second day we moved in, there are tiny bugs around the place, and it wasn’t super clean when we moved in.

Very friendly community , I never have bad service with the staff. Considering I am a first year college student, the workers have made me feel at home already even though I’m 4 hours away.

The staff is so helpful. They answer all your questions. The apartment so are lovely. The service is great. The environment is safe. They make sure the residents feel welcomed.

The renovations look so good! Fun and inviting space! Love the community and the amenities that come with living here! I’m excited to stay here this year!

this place is pretty nice. it is right by the campus and all that this apartment housing complex provides is better than many places around the area

As a resident I have been able to enjoy all amenities that HCP has to offer.The manager and office workers are really a large help and make your experience feel personal.

It was a nice place for the price. My only complaint was that it was not clean when i moved in. There was dirty and debris in side the kitchen drawers

I have yet to move in, but all of the staff there is so kind and super helpful. I would definitely recommend people to tour here and lease with these apartments because the environment is super welcoming

I’ve been here for 2 years and have renewed my lease for a 3rd year! I love how the staff is always so friendly and helpful. The property is super safe and quiet!

So far, it seems like a really nice place to live! I’ve been here multiple times to visit friends in the past and now i’m about to be a resident in the fall! Excited to live here!

I enjoy living here at Hill Country Place! The staff members are friendly and very helpful! I love the amenities they offer and how much they appreciate everyone!

The people here are amazing and welcoming. I enjoy the amenities and all that Hill country has to offer, including the inclusiveness get together and events.

Overall i loved living here. It’s crazy close to campus and a really good price. I feel I hadn’t to live here again, i wouldn’t mind. The front office is rude and maintenance sucks but besides that its a good place to live.

It’s been nice so far, just wish for more parking/space for the price i‘m paying. Also wished they’d show the amount I’d need to pay days or weeks beforehand.

Based on what I experienced so far I have enjoyed hill country place. I have no complaints yet but maybe y’all should make the rent a dollar a month so I can save money.

Great place to live! I have enjoyed living at hill country place for two years. I recommend it to all students. Great customer service and great people!

Hill Country Place is a a great complex and quite calm. Leasing managers are always kind. Apartment is super comfortable and well distributed.

Great place to live. The rooms are spacious and the beds are very comfortable. Also came with a huge tv and an apple tv. The gym is very nice as well.

I lives her for almost 2 years and I still have no complaints. The staff is doing a good job in keeping the residents informed and happy. 10\10

I haven’t moved i yet but i already feel so welcome and im so excited to be living in my first apartment here. The eveents sound really exciting and i hope to meet new people and neighbors

I haven’t had any problems here at HCP. The office staff are very helpful and friendly. If I have problems or concerns they get taken care of. When I need maintenance to come and fix something they are here a day or two after I put the work order in. Over all my experience here is great .

While I haven’t moved in yet, Hill Country Place seems like it’s going to be a fantastic place to live. They have a super helpful and passionate staff!

The place is decent overall. Many things to do like volleyball or a pool. If they could had lights near the volleyball place that would be nice

The rental experience was made easy by the staff. The facilities and rooms are well maintained. Our favorite place around the UTSA campus area!