I like the renovation that hill country place has done during the summer. However in the summer the visitor parking became very limited for my friends

The community here is great. I felt very welcomed and every one was super nice even though it was hectic. The buildings look really nice and the location is perfect.

I just moved in, and when I moved in, some of my things were broken. However, it only took them 10 minutes to come and fix my things! Very fast and efficient service. Everything is nice, everyone is nice.

This is my second year now at hill country place and I’ve gotta say that they’re the coolest apartment complex around UTSA. Pool parties, block parties, and lots of free food all the time! They also just finished renovating a lot of the properties and the apartments look and feel great, and the 4 bedrooms are so affordable! Try for yourself!!

I’ve had an amazing experience living here at Hill Country Place. Definitely will miss it when I have to move out later this month. Love the easy access to the trails.

I love it here. It's got a nice pool, decent gym that's being remodeled, fire pit, volleyball court. I've never had a problem, but my neighbors say they have maintenance issues

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Great staff and community, very nice and calm environment, I never have troubles here. I renewed my lease here and can’t wait for another year at Hill Countty Place.

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Renovations are cool and all just wish they would have taken place sooner. I loved HCP my first year and was not told about anything new happening so I choose to move out.

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The apartment community is great and caring. They are very friendly and helpful. However, there are dogs that sometimes go to the bathroom on the sidewalk and the owners dont pick it up

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It was a good experience for the most part. There were some noise issues at night and cockroaches in our apartment but still an overall nice environment.

The staff is incredible and caring. They seek to understand the residents and provide them with any help or advice they need. The complex is getting a makeover and is looking spectacular!

The apartments were nice and comfortable. A little more security in the parking lots would be appreciated - I know a couple of people whose cars have been scratched or hit. The shuttle service is very helpful and work orders are completely efficiently

The new upgrades we have had are great! Hill country is also doing a great job on managing the way everything works while there has been painting renovations.

My experience with Hill Country Place apartments has been well for the most part. However, there are two main recurring issues that warrant this 2.5 star review: the parking (limited, forced to park in the narrow spaces on the opposite side of the building where I've been hit before) and the bulb lights with their odd shapes thereby always blowing out and not allowing me to replace them with my own smart LED lights

Hill Country Place was overall ok. During finals week, we had roofers working on the roof and it was very distracting. Also, for check out, they charged me a cleaning fee even though I left the apartment cleaner than when I first got it. However, the space was comfortable and maintenance worked in a timely manner.

Management is great! They do so much for us! Also the atmosphere of the apartments are great as well, it’s just fun to live here over all; and it’s so close to campus

HCP is a great place to live. Everyone is friendly and the environment is homey. I lived here for a year and have already rendered to live here again next year.

Hill Country Place has made my last 2 years of college great! Super affordable, made my life easier, and made living off campus amazing. Best place to live!

Hill country is by far one of the best places to live near UTSA! When am issue or concern arises, the office staff is eager to get to the base of the issue and get everything resolved. No better place to live!

Hill country place is a great place to stay. They have many things to do from sand volleyball to swimming. The only thing I would say need improvement is have light for volleyball at night.

Living here is both very convenient if you go to UTSA and is cheaper than on campus housing and buses will take you there and back. The downside is this place needs an upgrade from appliances to noticing the foundation shifting in my apartment.

I love the location, and for the price you can't beat it. Staff is always ready to help with any problems. I love living here. It's my home away from home. After looking at numerous apartments near by, the moment I came to HCP it really did feel like the one.

Overall Hill Country Place has been a great experience. I have lived there for 2 years and have not had too many problems. The staff is fairly responsive and notifies residents of any changes that may take place within the community within a reasonable amount of time.

Love the quiet atmosphere! The trails behind the apartment is the best part! Great apartment complex for my first apartment! The staff is always friendly and always try to do the most for their residents!

Towing is a little excessive also a few repairs needed that haven’t been addressed. Overall very nice and relaxed community, great place to live!