I LOVE hill country! The apartment is the perfect size and I love how spread out the rooms are for privacy. The staff here is very friendly and helpful as well.

Great management!! They’re super accommodating and make this place feel even more like home! The only reason I gave 4/5 is because it’s a little outdated inside and the rooms are small, but it’s still a great price for rent each month :)

I'm going on a year with living in Hill Country and honestly it's been great. I was worried that because I was going to be living off campus that i would have an issue with noise, but it's pretty quiet. And if I do have a complaint then Hill Country is fast to act on it

It’s been really enjoyable so far from the amenities to my roommates all has been swell. I really enjoy all the events that thanks place they really bring together all the community members and who doesn’t like free food

I love HCP! Everyone is so nice and helpful! I love the rooms too! I really enjoy walking on the trails behind the apartments! And it’s so close to campus!

Great place. It's always looking to do the next big thing. College based, so they cater to those exact needs. Its comforting being around good people

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The staff is always trying to involve the community through barbecues and other social events. and They also provide a lot of cool benefits such as free bike rentals and yoga classes.

I love hill country. I had a very bad roommate experience but they took care of it and help me out with the process. They understand the situation and the price it’s nice too! All my friends when they come visit want to sign a lease here because it’s so spacious and pretty!

I’ve lived at HCP For 2 years almost, and I love it here. The friendliness of the staff is really what sets HCP aside from other apartments.

Affordable Prices. Has great events tat help college students out. Office is really on point with things. Maintenance is awesome, those guys make my day.

Maintenance is super fast and great. Apartment amenities are fine. Only recurring issue is the outdated fan/lights. We bought LED lights but the fixtures themselves cause the lights to go out every single time.

I have absolutely loved living here. The staff are all amazing and very understanding and attentive to their residents needs. I love the location because it is right next to campus and the trails!

good community but wished we were treated as an actual apartment complex and not so much dorms.. there should be a better system in roomate match

It's really nice and the staff is friendly. My roommates and I never really had a bad experience in comparison to where we used to live. They made a great match too with our new roomie when one had to leave.

This is my second year living here, I’ve never had any problems. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They also offer a lot of amenities which come in helpful.

Really nice staff. Price is pretty good for what you get. Also the kitchens are fairly large and a pretty nice living space. Additionally the maintenance is quick my only problem with it is the pool is fairly small.

Hill Country Place Apartments is a nice place to live. I love that they have a pool with hammocks and a sand volleyball court. It’s a pretty good place to live as a transition apartment.

Everyone in the office is very nice and I appreciate that. Maintenance responds to requests in a timely manner as well. Just wish there were a tad bit more parking spots but other than that I love it. Been here for almost 4 years!!

Really great apartment complex but I think the rooms are too small in a 2 bedroom complex for the expensive price I’m paying. Love that I have my own restroom and washer/dryer!

Love it here! Everyone is just so nice. The trail onsite is awesome. The fact that you can rent bikes for FREE is awesome. The gym is nice and big. Never too crowded

The staff is really nice and friendly. The environment is safe. The staff take good of the residents. Hill country offers many events and activities.

Excited to live here next year. Staff has a good attitude and welcoming. I wen to every apartment complex and Hill Country Place was the top on all aspects.

It has been great living here. The staff is so sweet and understanding. Super close to campus and the being able to get to class in less than 10 min is very convenient.

Overall, Hill Country's Management is an excellent team because they do so much for there residents. Hill Country is a very friendly environment.

I love Hill Country. I look forward to spending another year living there. The staff works hard to put together cool events. they also make sure that i am completely content with my living situation . I rate them 5/5.