on50 is great! everyone in the office is very friendly and the apartment is great, when something breaks, things get fixed in a timely manner. nothing bad to complain about! -a happy resident

Although the unit could have been cleaner when we moved in, I really do love living here. I love living with my friends and being walking distance away from campus.

The staff is phenomenal. They are fixing up the property and making it more homey. This is a great place to live and meet new people. It’s worth it

On50 is a great and convenient place to live. It’s very close to campus and makes for an easy drive or walk to class. Management is also always helpful.

As of right now my experience as a resident here is pretty good. Super nice neighbors and staff that help put with any troubles. Love everything except my room carpet that is broken. Also my cabinet that is falling apart.

Staff is always cheerful and eager to help in every way possible. Loving the community so far, and the Management/Leasing Team is always promoting a new way to get involved and have a good time.

I love everything expect parking, lol other than that. I love my apartment. Spacious & nice. I would recommend tons of people to live here. Management is amazing & super sweet.

Living here has vastly improved since renewing. The appliances could be more up to date (stove and dishwasher) but when things break they get fixed. The water pressure could be better in the showers but its no different than most student apartments. The pool is super nice and the staff are super helpful.

It’s been ok, we do have a lot of house flys and I mean a lot. Other than that the apartments are Pretty good for college student and pricing is very affordable.

Love it. All the events and activities. It’s nice and quiet. I would recommend this to anyone. They staff is also very friendly and work on issues quickly. Maintenance always is fixed ASAP!!

on50 is the most lit apartment complex off campus. on50. on50. on50. go bulls. my rapper name is eazy j. on50. I love on50. weezy outta here

The internet is not stable, if you play online game you get disconnected often. The people are kind and helpful but not very fast at doing stuffs.

The rooms don't look as good a the model rooms... The dishwasher leaks and was never fixed, and the locks on some of the doors don't work. The walls have patches everywhere and the ceiling is cracked in multiple spots. Only good thing is privacy and ease of payment.

I like y'all a lot, you guys like my dog and that's the most important thing. I would say that there are some much needed renovations but given the price, I'm not complaining.

The experience has been okay, but it could be better. The apartment itself does not look like the model at all. They are not bad though, is just not what they promised.

I've heard complaints about On50's maintenance. So far, I have not have any issues with this. The only concern I have is one of my work orders that has not been complete yet.

Everything is great here! Only a few problems but the location still beats everything. A few problems after move in that needed to be fixed or replaced but other than that it’s been simple and easy living here.

great staff, great amenities, cozy apartment. everything you'll ever need to live comfortably. also great location. everything feels so nearby

Had a few obstacles with move in and didn’t feel like there was a sense of urgency. Afterwards however my living experience has been good overall

I am very glad this was the apartment I decided to go with. My overall experience here has been great except for a few minor issues, its well worth the price!

Very awesome expirence here. The people at the leasing office are very helpful and friendly! They also do a great job organizing the influx of packages.

I like living here. Things are very easy to access and the people are really kind. The rooms are spacious and clean, and the maintenance is great and responsive.

The staff is super sweet and I love going to all the fun events to hangout, have fun and earn community rewards. I do like the hot tub and club house when they are working. However, I cannot get rid of the bugs in my apartment and the wifi goes out every week.

Pretty decent kinda dirty when I moved in but that’s being taken care of. Staff Extremely helpful and so is maintenance. I love my room and kitchen. For the price this pack is hard to beat

My experience at on50 has been great! The maintenance comes and goes quickly. Anytime I have a problem, the staff works quickly to fix it. It’s been quiet as well. It’s easy living.