Good: Friendly staff, easy leasing process, easy online payments, relatively quick maintenance, pet friendly, nice amenities. Bad: Smells like weed a bit more than occasionally, police sirens, speed bumps.

The apartment is nice and my roomate is nice. Could certainly do without the complex emailing me every week saying they’re gonna be coming into my house to do a bunch of different things that no one asked for lol.

it is not a bad apartment given the location, however there are some things which could use improvement. the staff is nice, kind and helpful

Most things have been good here and any issues have been resolved quickly. But throughout the semester the internet has been incosistent at best and it is now sunday finals week starts and I have no internet which is completely unacceptable for a student living complex.

Lived here for 2.5 years now and enjoy it! On50 is definitely lacking in amenities compared to other places around USF, but the price is relatively inexpensive and they are really good about addressing any issues quickly!

Okay. Things could get fixed quicker. Security is lax so they could do better. Our back doors dont have screens while other apartments do. Our sink is clogged

I've been living here for over 2 years now, and I have to say that I cannot imagine living anywhere else for my undergrad at USF! Not only is ON50 super close to campus, but it is extremely affordable, and very cozy! Hence the slogan, live close stay cozy. <3

So far I have loved everything about on 50, the people that I’ve met are all so nice and the apartments are very nice and cozy! The furniture is very nice I just wish the beds were a little more comfortable.

Everything is great! I just wish I was able to see the unit I was moving into after I got approved, and before moving in. They won’t allow me to go see the apartment because it’s violating my roommate but I will be living with her because I got approved for the apartment so I don’t understand that. They say that it’s a violating my roommates privacy. I feel like they can talk to my roommate and ask her if it’s OK that I come see the room for five minutes ... I don’t think that’s a big deal in my opinion if I’m going to be paying rent in a few weeks as well... just like her. However, the staff is really nice and very respectful and fun. I love their energy.

I really like my room but there are a lot of fruit flies. The office staff is always helpful very convenient hours. Even open on Sunday so you can pick up your package

ON50 is a great place and fun to live when in college. The leasing staff is really nice and maintenance is always helpful. Love living here.

It is nice neighborhood to live in with all the places near by. The apartments are nice and the Maintenance service is super good. Overall nice place live and would recommend a friend!

Since moving here, it has been nice. The staff are very friendly and are willing to assist to any needs of the tenants. The rooms are really nice with good amenities, though I wish the shower heads had more pressure. But overall, it’s been pretty nice.

Staff are really nice I just asked for newer furniture in the living room and hard wood floors None are completed Pool could be cleaned more.

I like ON50 Apartment. This apartment is very close to the USF campus, and it's very convinent. This apartment is also clean, and people are very nice.

I hope this won't get posted somewhere. I just want to let you guys know that, when we were handed our unit, it was not cleaned properly. Even the vent is not working properly at times.

Needs work but improving. Slow with things but great management way better then the mess of people that were in the office before but maintenance team needs to be larger

Living at on50 has been great! The staff and maintenance are always so kind and the location is the best out of all the other apartment complexes. A couple of really annoying things are the decrease in our electricity allowance and the obnoxious speed bumps. No matter how slow you’re going, the speed bump will send you flying into the air.

My building needs remodeling for sure. It was a sublease and some things are falling apart. Everything else seems to be ok so far. The WiFi used to suck and go off especially when it used to rain a lot, now it doesn’t do that as much. Maintenance response is quick, at least for me. I don’t know why we need all the speed bumps in the complex. Honestly the best part for me is that I can walk/ride my bike or even take the bullrunner, right next to the apartment, to get to class and work. I’m mostly here for the proximity to campus.

Nice place, the apartment grounds are kept clean and maintenance works quickly and efficiently with any problems you may have. Good parking options most of the time. Staff are all really friendly and caring, as well as get you involved in the On50 family. I like that the amenities like the pool and club house are kept neat and clean, and there's security that walks the grounds at night.

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My place was clean, roomates were very welcoming and this overall made me excited for this new chapter in my life here at ON50. In addition to that, the staff was very friendly and informative, ready to answer any questions I may have had.

Super nice staff & a beautiful apartment! I love my high ceilings & the sound proof walls! Glad I decided to look into the property. It’s close to USF which is a plus

Its awesome to live here and the people are great. I couldnt have picked a better place to live. Its also very helpful being open 24/7 when it comes to rent

Its best experience ever to live here and its a good place to live,nice community and excellent staff.little bit issues with utilities but overall good.

The complex needs some work with repairs and clean up, but it is up and coming. The office staff is friendly and is willing to help you when questions are present