The community assistants are friendly and do a good job of providing for the community. However, I wish that when walking into the office there were a more inviting atmosphere (more smiles would definitely help).

My transition from Avalon Heights to On50 was nice. The apartments were not in perfect condition but when I raised the service request they were quick to get them resolve. I am kind of started liking this community. Hope my staying here would be a great experience.

The apartment that I was shown was not what I got, I'm very disappointed that I still have to pay more than what it's worth. They are fixing some things though.

Just waiting for that front gate to close. I would feel a lot safer in my new home here at ON50. Pool is great, so is the hot tub. Sucks that it gets locked so early.

Move in was easy and fast. Apartment was in pretty good condition. So far, I do not have any complaints because everything is working fine. 4 out of 5 stars because some things in my room were not working or were broken. Nothing serious though.

There are a few maintenance problems with my apartment but the requests I have submitted have been attended to quickly and without trouble. I am very pleased with the customer service and how the staff treats the residents!

I've enjoyed my experience here so far because the management has done a great job keeping up with maintenance requests in a timely fashion and the employees are very kind.

So far so good, better than Malibu. I haven't had any problems with management yet, but I'm about to send in my first work order request so we'll see.

In my personal opinion I think on50 is the best off campus student housing in the USF area. You get a lot of amenities for very affordable rates

Excellent move-in arrangements and Taco Tuesday! The staff are very well trained, always ready to help out. A big thank you to all the staff.

Very nice apartment complex. Few minor issues, but great for price and proximity to campus. Solid apartments with more than enough space for the smaller apartments.

So far, move in was very quick and efficient, living space is nice. However I did encounter some problems which I requested service for which still has not come when it was estimated to come 4 days ago.

Very good place for students. However, the people in the office are really friendly and they like to help the residents. I really enjoy living here

It has been a very smooth and pleasant experience so far, the events have been very well planned and delays are efficiently made known of...

So far, the living space is good. My complaints though are our air conditioner was broken when I moved in, and I would like more water pressure in my shower head.

Doing great! Just faster maintenance processing so far! I love my room and balcony, the natural lighting is amazing. My roommates are awkward tho, they're ghosts.

Great, Modern living facility! Ample space in both rooms and common living areas. Best part is the convieniance of being close to campus, definitely recommended!

Very nice apartments, although the floors were very dirty on move in as were other parts of the apartment. When I reported this, they were very quick to respond and take care of the problem. Other amenities are easily accessible and add to the great experience here.

The Units are not similar to what was shown on the tour. There are many maintain request submitted and only one was completed and it was from the pest control. Other than that, Lori is the only one who has been helpful.

The location is great and the apartment set up is nice but cleanliness of the property is very poor as well as the bug problems, also I wish they would power wash the hallways in the buildings because walking through spiderweb is horrible

great community spirit and amenities. The on50 staff is always very fast to help the residents in whatever we need. I just wish on50 had a sauna!

Location is pretty much the greatest thing about this place. Apartment moving in was very dirty and not taken care of. Maintenance was great until they decided to change the floors and leave the entire apartment dusty and leave tile pieces all over the counters, sink, couch, and all over our appliances. Staff At the office was helpful.

I love on50. It's a great complex. The new pool deck is really nice. The apartments are very nice. The staff is friendly and very helpful. It's great

Terrific place, Terrific people. Managed very well. The pool being renovated was a tremendous enhancement to the courtyard area. The apartment complex did a great job in having it refurbished

Great apartment! Every problem was fixed upon request! The only problem was water pressure. Everything else was awesome! I would recommend this complex to love in