It's been okay, the amenities are great but one roommate I was placed with is messy which somewhat ruins the whole experience. Really pretty houses and clubhouse though.

The apartments are really nice and the maintenance is great. Chose to live here for the amenities and they didn't work all year so that was a waste of money. Most people in the office are nice. Car got towed twice with parking pass in car and I still had to pay.

Great for a students. Also great if you wanna save money on room and board. Utilities are included plus internet. What a steal. Can’t bet it!!!

I have appreciated the amenities and spaciousness of the apartment. The location is super convenient for those who are regularly traveling to UD's campus, including a campus bus line that has stops within the complex. Maintenance initially was very quick to respond to issues, although this past year there have been slower response times.

It is a good community in a safe neighborhood with ACME and Home Depot located conveniently nearby. I would recommend The Retreat at Newark to anyone going to UD.

good community, very close to shopping center. Walking to the Acme, Home Depot only need 2mins. And there has school bus station, only need 1 mins.

It's been nice; my only complaint is the weird rules about not prorating then rent. It's quite ridiculous. And in the end I didn't end up saving much because of this.

Management doesn't care about renters and will lie to get them into the apartment. Always read the whole lease or they will try to get you on something.

I have not moved in yet but so far the office staff has been very kind and helpful with the leasing paperwork so I am truly looking forward to moving in!

Bedbugs, losing my returning package were the worst experience I had in Retreat. These are the reasons I don’t like to stay longer than my contract time in this community

Great inside, the birds in the hallway need to be addressed, my roommates and I have actually been like attacked by them and pecked. There should be a way to prevent them nesting there

I lived at the sameretreat for eight months. There are two gyms,a swimming pool and so on. The service is really good. There also have two school bus stops.

My experience has been amazing! Even before I decided to live here, the staff were so kind and very informative. I feel as though I will love living at the Retreat.

Very helpful staff team. Maintenance team responses very quickly. Convenient and modern. Safe neighborhood. Residents at the Retreat are all respectful and quite

It’s a really good place for UD students to live. The environment is nice and the house is new. The security of house and club also good. Plus, office will hold some activities, that ‘s fun!

Great Experience! I had some problem at the beginning with my roomies, but then we have been able to solve the situation and now I live by myself in a great house with a lot of space!

The apartments are spacious, maintenance is responsive, and the amenities are unbeatable. The only drawback is the distance from campus, but its a short drive, bike, or bus ride

I really love the apartments and the maintenance service here as well as the events and giveaways. I wish that the amenities were all in service because I basically paid for a broken hot tub all year. Also, my car got towed twice because they 'didn't see my sticker'.

Overall a good experience here at the retreat. The amenities are great. Hot tub, grills, and pool tables are pretty awesome. The free coffee is a perk as well.

I’ve had a great experience so far living at the Retreat although my next door neighbors are quite noisy which is my main complaint so far......

I love that the retreat has actually given me the sense of community outside of a home. I feel like i can always count on something being abailable for me to do when I am bored. The club house always has activities going on and the staff is always so friendly. Im so happy I chose to live here!!!

It is very comfortable to live here and shopping is very convenient. The living environment is safe and convenient. Every time there is something wrong with the house, it will be resolved in time.

I love living in this community! My apartment is perfect and the community ammenditites are all fantastic. The club house is such a fun place to relax and study.

Great experience for now. Only hoping it gets better. The community is clean and looked amazing. Love the facilities and the accessible Starbucks coffee.

I really enjoy living at the Retreat! The apartment is excellent. There are many facilities and everything that is available here is well-maintained!