I moved into the retreat of newark about 3 weeks ago. It is such a beautiful facility with a lot of really great amenities that most other places near by lack. I would recommend to anyone

The condition of my room was unacceptable for the price I pay for it. There was mold in my bathroom and closet. Maintenance did a great job taking care of it.

Clean, effective staff, pretty nice gym/pool! Highly recommend especially for the price in comparison to neighboring places to live in Newark!

Everything is pretty much as advertised. The one star off is due to the renewal process. You will be pressured to renew your lease 9 MONTHS before it is up or face threat of possibly losing your room to another lease. Any place I've ever leased in the past merely required you let them know within 60 days before the end of your lease so they'd have time to find a new tenant. Here they basically tell you to promise a year in advance or risk losing your room the following year even if you want to renew. It's got to be an illegal practice to do such a thing... How could anyone possibly know where they're going to be in almost a year for sure, or what's going to happen in their life in that time? There's got be some legal discrepancies there. I signed my renewal for 2019-2020 under duress.

I love the location of the retreat, it is very convienent for grocery shopping and to campus. The people around are very friendly and love to chat.

I love living at The Retreat!! Everyone is so friendly and willing to help when there is a problem. Also, love the events for the residents!

Great community, i love that i can have my dog here. Parking is great and i love the amenities, although the staff has taken away the amenities of the hot tub because of one person. i do not think this is fair considering we are paying for these and were told we would have hot tubs open all year

The Retreat at Newark is a great community. Everyone is very friendly and the staff is great and I have had a very pleasant experience thus far.

So far living at the retreat has been great! I love how everything is brand new and up to date. The on-site printing and gym is very convenient.

I enjoy the privacy of living at the retreat, I love how there are always events taking place at the clubhouse. I believe I made the right choice of living here.

The staff is very helpful but a lot of the equipment is broken. The hot tubs are not open, multiple treadmills are broken, the golf simulator is broken, and the coffee machine too. It's upsetting to pay for amenities when they don't keep up with repair. Overall though, it is a nice place to live with parking and furnished options and having your own bathroom.

nice app but it needs more levels and more levels are more levels than the other ones you have to do with your own life and then you can just get it and you can get it to me and you can get it to me and you can get it to me and you can come over and get it and get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow night and then I'll be home in about

I have had good experiences interacting with the other people that live in the apartment community. I have not spoken with most of them, other than saying hi while passing.

Mostly a great experience only complaints this year are that the pool closed down early and the hot tubs have been closed. Other than that i have not had many issues

I like the environment in the community. It is clean and really convenient. It only takes me 1 minute to the office amd the suttle bus station.

Pretty good all around, my only issue was the amount of problems we had in our unit but mateniance has been much better with coming to our unit and fixing the problems

Good environment and nice people here. However sometimes feeling there are some policies not reasonable for eg. they didn’t clean common area if someone was not choosing to move out which is unfair for new residents moving in the specific unit.

The place is really really good so far. I am liking all the things that are available to us. Also the location is perfect. Couldn't ask for a better place

Living at the retreat has been great for me! I have gotten to feel more responsible as a college student then I have living anywhere else. The grounds are kept very nice, and the staff has been helpful in anyway they can!

The apartment is very nice and it is good place to live in. At the beginning I thought the the transportation will be hard but after I lived here i sow that it is easy with the ud shuttle

great apt for and great house with great staff. Convenience school life with two bus station and acme and home depot. Also there are a lot of restaurants.

Office staff has been okay at handling complaints. Had some issues with flooring and noisy neighbors the first few weeks but it seems ok now

The retreat had been great so far! They are super fast with responses, the stay is very relateable, and the spacer is gorgeous. I love that I don't have to pay for a gym membership or pay for furniture!

I live the gym which has abundant equipment for muscle training and cardio exercise. Besides, the office staff are very nice, they always serve me with smile and enthusiasm.

Really amazing environment and super clean. Amazing staff and very helpful while you transition. The amenities are great and it's really quiet which is great.