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It has been a great place to live, very quiet and comfortable. Never any parties, or rather any loud ones. The place is kept clean and hardly any issues.

The staff have all been very helpful along the way whether it be dealing with maintenance requests or information for renewal of leases. Also, having the bus stops so close by is very convenient.

Living in the Retreat is a quiet and peaceful experience that has adequate perks and a good gym as well as other amenities. I would recommend living here!

The only complaints I have are that people are loud outside a lot and the gyms could be bigger. There is almost no room to exercise in the gyms. However, overall very nice.

Walked into the gym today and it reeked of cigarettes. Still have yet to receive any email about our new electric company even though I’ve been told multiple times i would receive one.

I really love the location and how close it is to the UD Star campus. I love all the space and privacy I have in my cottage. Having 2 gyms is also extremely useful and makes it easier to make myself go to the gym.

So far super boujie, super clean, super inexpensive and super worth the stay. I can admit there are fees that will catch you off guard but in total it’s still under the budget for what you get. A gym, a pool, mini golf, hot tubs, free printing, free Starbucks coffee, you also get a tanning booth if you are into tanning. Outside there is a fire pit to have a nice boujie bonfire with friends and other residents. It’s actually a retreat tbh.. love it!

I'm a new resident at the Retreat and like it a lot so far! I live in a 5 bedroom unit and find it to be very spacious, both in my room and in the shared living space. The Clubhouse is nearby and the activities there are a huge plus. The staff on site were all very friendly through the move-in process and when we had to call maintenance once and they arrived almost immediately and were very helpful. The only downside so far I've found was that when moving in the units weren't clean (dusty, sticky floors, etc) which was surprising given that they were supposedly professionally cleaned. Since we re-cleaned everything though, I've had no major complaints.

It has been an amazing experience thus far and I have already recommended this community to so many people for this and the next school year.

The apartment I'm living in has so much open space and the kitchen is decently sized too, which will be great since all of my roommates plan on cooking all meals throughout the week! The apartment's space, bathrooms/rooms for each resident, and storage space did not disappoint. The security deposit form that has us check that everything in the apartment is clean, functioning, and holds residents/the Retreat accountable is a great idea, and I hope that maintenance follows up with any areas that were checked "not OK" quickly. Everyone that my roommates and I have run into (staff, neighbors, etc.) has been super nice; I really look forward to living here for the year!

It is a nice play. I just moved in this morning. The apartment is huge and everything is new. I am really excited for this school year: my roommate was also friendly

Great location to live in!! There are some minor issues with previous management but the new management looking good and have simplified the process of paying electric bill. Kudos!!!!

Everyone at the office is so friendly and helpful, and the amenities, including the gym, pool, outdoor fireplaces, and study spaces, are great to have.

The Retreat is a great place to live in. The apartments are spacious and the amenities are excellent. Another plus isn’t it’s location close to the University of delaware’s Campus with the free shuttle stop inside the apartment complex.

I love live in retreat, indeed! The staff here are really helpful and everything here is decent for college students! I really enjoyed gym here as if I am living in Sheraton resorts!

I absolutely love where I live!! Everyone is so friendly and the events are so much fun! Definitely would recommend living at the Retreat at Newark!!

I love having access to the pool during these hot summer days, and the green has been a great place for yoga and morning circuit workouts. The clubhouse is also a GREAT study spot!

I really like my apartment and my living experience. I don't particularly like the noise from Home Depot, but it's something I can deal with because I know there isn't much we can do about it! I also really enjoy the amenities and love the pool. All of the amenities are clean and easily accessible. The staff are always nice to talk to and very helpful! I have enjoyed my experience thus far.

The staff are so patient and informative, while the other residents are very friendly! The retreat is a great place, especially if it’s your first time renting an apartment.

So excited to move in! The office has been nothing but helpful. The community is beautiful and not expensive at all. Would recommend to anyone in the area

Overall the retreat has been a nice place to live. The pool tables, the hot tubs, the pool and all the amenities are great. I have lived here probably about 4 years.

After searching the area for apartments, it was clear The Retreat had the most bang for its buck. The amenities are awesome, the apartments are beautiful, and it’s a total plus they’re pet friendly!

When went to visit i actually love it very nice clean environment. Love the kitchen and how the rooms was set up. Was very applaud by the pool and chill area. The neighborhood was quite and clean and had good reviews from my fellow teammates.

I have had a very great experience living at the retreat at newark. The amenities are wonderful and the staff are helpful. I would highly recommend living here.