decent but disappointing in terms of quality for the price we pay here. most of the doors are consistently broken, the trash rooms are often filled to the brim with garbage, appliances break easily, and seems to be run much like a freshman dorm.

Not really a fan of management. They assume that because majority of the residents there are college students, that you don’t know what you’re talking about or they can’t talk to you like an adult.

Living at the Next has been good. It's not perfect and comes with hidden fees from time to time, and is very expensive but it's worth the price on the interior. Units break every once in a while but the staff gets it fixed quickly.

Nice living area to focus and relax. The computer room is a great place to focus and get work done. The workout room is always clean and neat. The Next has such a friendly atmosphere and I look forward to seeing what else they do in the future.

I use to love living here, I still do but I moved here to avoid living in the dorms on campus and now with some of the new policies and rules they have created makes me feel like im living in one.

good just weird mail system sometimes my mail never makes it here at all and i’ve been missin some pretty important mail but thats it nice amenities

I love being so close to campus, and Monarch Way. It’s a great first step to take as a first apartment, and as a student. I wish the neighborhood was safer, but The Next has great security.

Living here isn’t bad. I would love for the walls to be thicker because I’m tired of hearing my neighbors. It’s annoying that SimpleBills is mandatory now because my only roommate is my sister and we don’t have problems with the electricity bill.

Nice to live here... locks on bedroom doors, nice kitchen. I really like and enjoy the gym. The pool is very nice too and I can see it from my room

I had a pretty good experience here at The Next. It is expensive for what you are getting but it is furnished. They are many events you can attend and get community reward points. Management is very rude when it comes to roommate situations. I got screwed over for 2 years because my roommate either lied and said they signed up for simplebills or lied and said they signed up but never did. Management didn’t help in any type of way I was actually told “that has nothing to do with that”. Overall it is okay living here.

Good living facility with a number of activities and amenities. Staff is friendly and helpful with any questions and maintenance is very efficient

The Next at Odu is completely trash. Constance aroma of weed smoke, nauseating stench from the trash rooms. Negative place to live!! Big scam I wouldn’t stay

I’m glad I got experience the next and not live on campus. I like the events the next has to get the community involved and I love the free food! I also love the movie events they have and holiday parties

Over all I have had a great experience living at the next at ODU. The apartments are very nice. The building staff are very helpful and the build has so many different things to do

Living here has been great so far, just a few maintenance problems. I would definitely suggest checking out the next to others, for it’s a great place to stay at.

Its been dope. Its super welcoming, fun, and cool. Some improvements could be done with amenities, doors being broke, lights, etc. Some of it feels a bit over priced but other than that, it's a cool experience.

Some features need maintenance attention, elevator isn’t working in the second building STILL and cleaning crew NEVER EVER mops the floors on my level and my apartment is right next to the trash closet but other than that, i’m okay with my living space.

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like the space, having my own room, and fully furnished but the staff is not nice at times. I wish it was not so expensive, and that things did not go unfixed around the property for as long. Also wish they recycled

Overall, living here is nice. There are minor annoyances but its mainly due to neighbors. It would be nice if the doors to the building from the parking garage would actually lock. Hallways are always really hot. Parking garage traffic is a mess but could be easily fixed by making it one way up/down vs a free for all. Adding cameras to the parking garage would also be nice. Maintenance usually fixes issues pretty quick. It would be nice to have an after hours service.

The next is ok. maintenance comes to fix problems. The Trash Room isn’t the best because the shoot gets clogged and people just leave it in the room. They take care of it though. Could be faster but not bad. The pool hasn’t been open since I moved in in Augusta. It’s ok living here. They have events from time to time In the community rooms to meet new people and socialize.

Even though I was placed in the next for expanded housing, I really love the living environment and being able to experience living at the next especially a 2 bedroom. How cool is that!!

When I lived here I loved the staff and the events that would be hosted. The complex could be cleaner and well kept but it is college living

I like my apartment, what I don’t like is nothing gets resolved literally NOTHING. My roommates and I have put in numerous noise complaints about loud music upstairs and nothing is being done. There’s security for no reason. I even sent out an email about my noise complaint and still nothing. Honestly waiting for July for my lease to be up so I can get out of here and definelty don’t recommend anybody moving here !

I think that the next is a very nice apartment. Having your own room and bathroom is really great. They always have fun things for us to do here.