My experience at the next has been very pleasant actually. The front office staff has been friendly and accommodating to my needs and I enjoy living here!

This place is great. $649 a month is a steal when it's furnished. I love it here. I don't feel so restricted finally living off campus. I wish I had transferred to ODU sooner so I could've lived here, saving so much money.

It's pretty nice. it's a much better alternative to the dorms. You get your own room all the main appliances you need (minus a mini-fridge). And it is right next to the school.

Response times for maintenance could be a bit faster. Overall the rooms are pretty spacious and the kitchen is great considering me and my roommates like to cook.

Apartment complex is very nice but when I moved in, the place was in very bad conditions, things were broken and everything was pretty dirty. Even the hallways tend to smell awful due to the trash rooms not being attended to as often as needed.

The room itself is nice, however, in the hallway outside my room smells very terrible because the trash room is not emptied frequently enough.

night-time noise control is poor. I can hear people screaming at night and it doesn't help when I can already hear just the quietest conversations through the windows.

It is a good place to stay for students who need their own space. It seems like a lot but doing the math for what I was paying for college residence halls is roughly the same price with a lot more to offer.

The room is big enough for me, but the noise around me really bothers me. The room over my head is really noisy. They always walked on the floor with pretty big strength, and sometimes had the party until midnight.

A lot of stuff in my apartment needed to be fixed and I didn’t get a mailbox key when I moved in. Put in a maintenance request and still didn’t get anything fixed... maintenance just hurried and patched things up

Rent is a little high for what you get but having your own space makes up for it. Moving in was easy and the leasing office was helpful on move in day

Overall, the apartment community is great. It is a convenient location for ODU students, as campus is just walking distance and also has some great amenities.

love the lay out of the apartment, love that we have our own room and bathroom, love he dark counters, love that each room has carpet. Rent is high which is a thumbs down and maintenance is really slow, and the fact we have to pay an extra $15 for a balcony we can't even walk on is absurd! Big rooms (A&B) are too dark.

I have had an interesting experience living here. I had a really bad roommate that actually put myself and the others living within the apartment at risk. It took the complex a few months to handle the situation. Along with that my rent went up but almost every time I check my email from the Next it seems like yet another amenity is taken away. However, the location is so convenient. I just do not like how they are constantly changing things that make the residents lives harder.

Move in was a little rough but most of the major problems were fixed. It’s been ok since. The apartment was nice once they got people to come finish cleaning it and everything else has been good.

I absolutely love the amenities here ! Lots of involvement and pool parties planned. Great chance to meet other students and make friends! The rooms are very spacious and having your own bathroom is pretty nice too

pretty nice place to live. It's a little overpriced in my opinion but with the amenities I can somewhat justify the price point. Things seem to be broken a lot around here. the trash rooms are aweful and things could be cleaner throughout the building. Aside from that, it's decent.

So far my room alone is pretty legit after work orders have been completed. But I do recommend fixing the smells in the hallways and doing pest sprays more frequently. I say this because I saw a roach in the hall no too long ago.

The pay is pretty cheap given what’s all included. However i wish there was more parking for those that do not want to spend money for a parking pass.

Compared to my other living arrangement ( on campus housing at NSU), The Next is an amazing place to live. It’s a small glimpse of how to live in an actual apartment. I really enjoy the opportunity of getting to live at The Next.

I transferred to a new unit, waited over a month for renovations the glass door needs to be replaced, and has yet to, there were burned holes in the countertop, and the only helpful staff was Mya and Barrington. Jodi was extremely rude and impatient and does not make sure she's speaking to the right person she assumed I was a different person every time I came in and got frustrated with me.

A lot of stuff was damaged and not working, but besides that it's pretty nice, i wish the gym could be a little bit bigger, the maintenance people came quick

Everything is ok. Could be better with the maintenance request. And help us faster. On the 4th floor that is not a balcony and idk why i am being charged an extra $15 for a railing.

The staff are helpful and friendly. The hallways and apartments are a bit dirty . The sirens from the response vehicles can get annoying . Other than that the location and amenitys are great.

Move-in day was confusing and not streamlined enough for individuals who qualified for VIP. Staff continues keeping the place clean and work orders were met satisfactorily.