So far living at the next has been really nice. Besides a few minor things, I would definitely live here again. I love having my own bedroom with my own personal bathroom, and all of the amenities like the club room, the tanning booths, and the movie theater. And everyone who works here is really nice and helpful.

The Next is okay and the location is not threat far from my classes, but the rent is very expensive especially for 4 bedrooms/roommates. I feel like the rent should decrease and I don’t even think people use the tanning beds...

Everything is perfect here. The only issue I've had is my move in experience was a bit rough. The Next has made up for that in many ways. The community, location, amenities and everything are perfect!

The experience is alright, I wouldn’t recommend living here with the amount of money being paid. The only best thing about this place is having your own bathroom in your room.

The events are a waste of money because no one comes to them and they don’t have many dietary options. Living here is OK though I like having my own bathroom I just feel excluded by the options that don’t align with my beliefs

I like staying at the next. I think you get a lot for what you pay for. The only thing is it's not well lit at night, but there are some cameras around. Overall I think it's decent and especially suitable for ODU students since it's not far from campus.

I would have given 5 stars but we keep finding roaches in the kitchen (dead because we sign up for extra spraying). We also had a rat near our air filter (it recently was caught, thank goodness). I love the staff (maintenance and the office).

The walls are kind of thin. The people who live above me are so loud everyday. The halls always stink. But I do like that the apartment comes with everything you need and that it is so close to campus. I really love having my own space and not really having to share my space with others.

It is a wonderful community. However sometimes I find myself wondering if it is worth the prices paid. But overall it is a nice community to live in.

Decent looking apartment complex. Maintenance could be wayyyy better!!!! Decent rooms but also dusty vents. The workers are cool. Overall,ok

This semester I’ve had a really good experience living here! Besides the time when the elevator broke for a month in my building but other than that everything has been great!

Living at “ The Next ” has been a good experience. It has the atmosphere of living in hour own apartment, and being able to be an adult. I moved from on campus housing where visitation was monitored, parking was limited, and my roommates were all over the place. I have enjoyed my time living at “ The Next”, although there are a few things that are concerning/annoying to me it definitely beats living on campus!

Apartments need to be deep cleaned before residents move in and all things need to be completed. The garage sensor is terrible it isn't sensitive enough, it take forever to enter. Also, WHOEVER IS LEAVING TRASH BINS RIGHT OUTSIDE THE GARAGE NEAR THE STREET NEEDS TO STOP BECAUSE NO ONE CAN SEE CARS COMING AND IT MAKES IT EVEN HARDER TO TURN OUT OF THAT NARROW STREET.

Amazing place to live. Helpful staff. Apartment is very clean. Good roommates. All around a great experience living here. The only complaint I have is it is a bit overpriced and the $15 fee for the 4th floor is a bit ridiculous.

Amazing place to live. Helpful staff. Apartment is very clean. Good roommates. All around a great experience living here. The only complaint I have is it is a bit overpriced and the $15 fee for the 4th floor is a bit ridiculous.

My experience here thus far have been OK. I’ve been living here for about 2-3 years now and I did not really start having issues until recently.

Love the area and most of the people I’ve come into touch with while living here, however the management and some of the apartments could use some work.

I love living here but I am not pleased with the staff and the service. It is a very unorganized operation with very little structure. The office workers are unorganized and not educated on some of the things needed to know. Also the woman in charge of finances is very rude and doesn’t have good customer service skills and It makes the company look bad.


I enjoyed living there. Had no problems with my residents nor roommates. Only thing that bothered me was the trash room smelled really bad especially on the first floor

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to live here no more. Roaches are everywhere, no matter how much you clean and get the area sprayed. Main doors are left unlocked in the garage and around the building. Office team always has an attitude

It’s okay , could be better with the trash in the hallways & appliances. For example in order for my clothes to be dry I have to dry it three to four times & my hot water in my shower on lasts for 5 minutes. But I like the location.

Super nice place to live! I love my apartment. The staff isn't very helpful they don’t seem to be super organized but thats okay. If moving in on a popular day it can get super crazy which can be a pain but once you’re all moved in its very nice. Ive always felt safe here and recently they’ve upped their security which is nice but sometimes the security people can be a little annoying but we still appreciate. Id totally recommend living here. The location is convenient and the amenities are very nice!

I have never see something that beautiful. I love it ! I always wanted a three bedroom apt. I love it because of the huge pool, the fitness center and the local business area that is not to far from the house. I like the built-In bookshelves and the view. there is also a cover parking. what else I need ! this the best apartment I would like to live. I now moving to VA for a job and this would be the only place I would like to stay. thanks

I would never recommend this place to anyone. For what I'm paying I could live in a nicer apartment that still has the open floor layout. Smells like trash and weed in the halls. Elevators break down so many times. No wonder they don't put the inspection letter in there because it probably failed. Gates and doors our broken. If trying to not have the dorm experience well don't live here because this is filled with college students and it feels like a dorm. Move in day my apartment was a mess like it was disgusting. Hidden fees our their favorite thing. So get ready for that price they give you to go up. Don't live on the 4th floor and have a balcony because you be paying a whole lot more since its "VIP". Overall it's not great its basically a trap for your money.