Excellent management, always willing to help and give us their time. The community is always kept very clean and a comfortable place to be at.

When I moved in about a year and a half ago, I thought of Abbey Glenn as a decent place to live for a year or two. Since I've been here, I've gotten to know some of the staff and neighbors. There are a lot of really awesome people here in the community! I've grown to see Abbey Glenn as my home, and look forward to meeting more of my neighbors!

I Like my stay at Abbey Glenn. The nice and quite and peaceful. Love the area and everything....The gated community. The way they take action.

Maintenance is still needing improvement but other than that still good i enjoy living here met some cool people the gm is amazing and very understanding person

decent for its price. workers at the front desk are nice. some appliances need to be updated, but I'm satisfied with what I'm paying. I was told I would get a TV and still haven't gotten it.

The office staff are amazing, welcoming and helpful. They have been a big part of what has made my time here meaningful. They care about me and are excited to know about my wellbeing. Am glad to be a part of these wonderful family.

Decent living at affordable prices. Quiet and peaceful. A lot of space for activities like basketball and volley ball. Has a horseshoe bunker and a pool.

The apartments are great. I enjoy the community. The experience and amenities are great, from the gym to the pool, the volleyball court to the basketball.

Great location with lots of new restaurants opening up around the Baylor area. Easy to walk to places and have never had trouble with parking.

A very kind, and private community of mostly students. The units are in good repair, and the staff response is quick and kind. I enjoy living here, it fits the student lifestyle well.

Quiet and peaceful, reasonably priced and nice living place. has many different places for activities be it a volley ball court or a basketball court.

Abbu Glenn is worth the price, i pay roughly $500 to have my own master bedroom in walking distance of the bus station i use for school. The apartments may seem a bit old but with a little effort i made my room look great.

Office workers are really nice and helpful. Maknehenance could be a little better, but other than that it is great service and the really care.

Great apartments clean grounds. Helpful staff. Affordable rent Abby Glenn is one of the nicest places I've lived yet. Plus the staff tries to work with you on issue. Love it.

Apartments are very old but management is good. Maintenance is great. But water quality is TERRIBLE there are days we have no cold water there are days we only have cold water

The swimming pool is awesome. The staff is friendly. They cannot calculate properly though. Neighbor is nice and welcoming. Stove and oven is old. The apartment has a very good washing machine and dryer. The heater and air conditioning is not properly installed. Only main room has the very good cooling and heating.

Great place for young adults and good dog parks, great front office they answer all questions in a timely manner, will work with you, just a good place to live

Great! Love it! Rewards are always nice!! Love living at abbey glenn they are always on top of everything and mantanice is always there when we need them!

apartment provides timely updates for apartment-wide maintenance activities. However it is very frustrating that remotes were not given to all residents for the parking lot gates. It's incredibly inconvenient to use code.

Lots of maintenance is required. Overall, not terrible. I would not live here though if not for the low rates. These are what keep me satisfied when I find a roach or my clicker goes out after I just replaced the battery one week prior

I’ve only been in the Abbey Glenn community for a few months, but so far I really enjoy it. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They also take very good care of the grounds.

The last place i lived at, though cheap, was exactly what you pay for. Here its cheap-ish, not the lowest but you do get what you pay for in full. so i definitely enjoy this place With all the amenities and the community i havent had issues with anything other then getting my stuff moved in.

So far so good. Just moved in last week and everything has been taken care of that I needed. I’ve also singed a lease for next year with an added insensitive of lower rent with a 100$ gift card.

this is a great place to live! great location to walk to Baylor's campus. easy access to pool, fitness facility, and mail area. gate key is a plus.

It’s a good place to live. Quite and affordable. Room date big and spacious. Appliances are dated but are still doable. Plus they need to update their kitchens and bathrooms.