Its a nice enough place, management is pleasant and typically pretty good at responding to requests and maintenance requests. Some floorplans/buildings do not come with a microwave so you may need to inquire about that!

Apartments are very old but management is good. Maintenance is great. But water quality is TERRIBLE there are days we have no cold water there are days we only have cold water

Splendid job. The maintenance staff is extremely friendly and the dog park is a wonderful asset. The location is exceptional. The front desk is okay, not that friendly.

This is a good place to live, it has various enjoyable things. If you have a dog it's cool because there's even a cute dog park. Everyone's pretty friendly.

The maintenance request is taking quite too long to get the things needed fixed. The cabinets are caving in and the floor seemed as though it's moving apart hence the carpet being ripped from the fireplace.

Abbey Glenn is alright. I wish that there was an indoor study area. I also wish it was advertised when the front office was going to have free stuff available.

Customer service is excellent, but the quality of the grounds is still a work in progress. I would like to see the completion and upgrades soon.

I have lived here for 3 years now. The place and living area has improved so much. I love all the remodeling they have done, especially the pool and sand volleyball court. Staff is so friendly and nice

There are some issues with our appliances, but overall administration and facilities are good. Office hours and response time from employees are pretty efficient.

I've had regular maintenance issues (and it seems that the water is always getting turned off), but AG is always quick to remedy the problems when they do pop up.

So far so good. I've only been living here for a couple weeks. Move in was pretty smooth. The staff is always friendly and they've been very accommodating so far.

Average place. Older so there is a lot of maintenance issues. I wouldn't live here again but that's because of my personal experience. The management is really nice.

It's been alright. I wish that my maintenance requests were taken more seriously, and I find it frustrating that they don't really care if tenants break rules that bother and potentially endanger other tenants like myself..

Security is better than some apartment complexes however there are still problems. Maintance does a good job but at times can be very slow to respond. Otherwise I have no complaints.

Maintenance people are great. Neighbors are horrible, they smoke pot which gets the smell into our room and they are super loud. The building and appliances are quite old, and there are heavy amount of renovation that are needed. The employees at the front are also friendly.

I have old appliances, the water doesn’t always get warm in the shower, the internet is slow, the parking situation sucks, the air conditioner costs a ton. Homeless people live a couple steps away, just a lot needs to be fixed.

apartment provides timely updates for apartment-wide maintenance activities. However it is very frustrating that remotes were not given to all residents for the parking lot gates. It's incredibly inconvenient to use code.

There have been ups and down with living here, but the new management seems to really be trying to step things up and make this a better place to live.

Everything seems nice so far good people for neighbors. Lots of people outside being friendly. Staff in the front office are very nice and kind.

It seems odd that apartments are not assigned very far in advance. Very friendly in all interactions so far. We were told that we would probably be able to move in early, but will still be homeless for a week.

The main reason why I absolutely adore living at these luxury student apartments cannot be summed up in words. It can only be felt with the heart, heard with the mind and explored with the senses. You must experience it to believe it.

Nice apartment complex. Spacious bedrooms and living room. Friendly and helpful staff. Quite close to campus so no need for driving. Have to do something about the bugs and ants though.

Pros: Very nice courtyard (great if you have a dog), amenities are decent, location is a big plus, nice and quite atmosphere, great and quick, maintenance team, fireplace. Cons: no lighting in living room, poor insulation, water is shutoff every month or so with not the best communication from staff as to when or how long it will be shutoff for, it would help if the GM walked around the apartment complex every once in a while during day and at night to see what needs to be fixed.

Good improvements lately, keep up the work! I would like to see the appliances in the kitchen updated and maybe have the carpets replaced? Great location though!

Abbey Glenn is in a great location and the apartments are really cozy. There is easy access to the gym and swimming pool. They give you a month of free rent.