I've had a great experience at Abbey Glenn thus far. The application and move-in process was easy, and the office staff is super friendly and helpful. I love that we have a fitness center in the complex so that I don't have to pay to join a gym. It has all the necessities! The pool/sand volleyball area is also really nice. I've spent quite a few quiet mornings by the pool. My apartment set up is great as well, and the complex tends to be pretty quiet, which is perfect for my roommates and I as graduate students at Baylor. Thanks for being a great place to live!

I love it here !!! The pool is amazing, the fitness area is great I wish it had a towel are though. The rooms are just the right amount of comfortable

pretty good, apartments are nice and quiet, staff is laidback but helpful when asked, amenities are all pretty nice too, everything well-maintained

Some minor fixes needed in my apartment but loving it overall! :) I love the dog park and all the awesome amenities, and we have really cool events!

Great value for the distance to campus and quality of the complex. Haven't had any big problems so far, and the office has been helpful with what little we've had.

When I moved in the fan in my room was not balanced and the closet door was off its track. I told the management and got no response. I fixed the door myself. My roomate also had to fix his toilet because it would not flush. Other than that though it has been smooth sailing

It has been great living here. The staff is really friendly and helpful. And everytime I put a work order in, they come in very quickly. Great service.

Pretty good! We got decent internet now :D it works a lot faster now. I will say that half of our house still only gets hot water to the point where it's scalding most of the time even in the cold water part, but it's all good, winter's coming

Awesome place to live at. Peaceful and quiet and plenty of places to hang out at. The pool is really nice and it's open really late so that's great.

I have realy enjoyed loving at abbey Glenn this past year. Everytime I have had a thinkso issue. It has been taken care of In a speedy manner.

The staff is friendly and the complex is nice. I love the pet friendly atmosphere. The only downfall is the crickets. Other than that, Abbey Glenn is a nice place to stay.

Great !! Loving staff, very supportive and understanding. The speed of fixing Maintenance problems are improving over time. I love the community events as well !

Generally a nice place to live. I've had a few issues, but no place is perfect. I would recommend this apartment to students with pets attending the near by colleges.

I love my apartment, and everyone in the office has been very friendly and helpful. The employees were very patient and willing to answer all of my questions and help me in whatever way possible.

The physical amenities are awesome, the walls thick enough that I don't hear my neighbors(!), the washer & dryer work great, the closet/storage space is great, and the front desk is friendly, but don't bother expecting free usable internet. It's often so slow that I give up even loading text pages, much less images or movies. If you live upstairs, you may be getting an un-redone apartment with no warning. One of the reasons I was excited to move in was lack of carpet, and the ones I was shown didn't have carpet, but surprise! I have lots of (stained, ripped) carpet. Sometimes maintenance is also difficult to get too. It's a great location for a Baylor student or young professional working downtown, though maybe not quite worth the rent, especially if yours hasn't been updated, or you end up with a leaky roof (not mine, but I've heard about it a lot!)

Overall, it is a good deal for the price. There are several maintenance issues, but they are usually fixed quickly. I really like the location.

Abbey Glenn has a great management team and helpful staff. They are very concerned with the well being of their residents and strive for excellence. I appreciate all their efforts in

Everything has been great so far. We have had a minimum of trouble with any maintenance issues and anytime we do, it is promptly fixed. I wish there was an email system where when you received a package, you are sent an email that it has arrived.

There are some issues with our appliances, but overall administration and facilities are good. Office hours and response time from employees are pretty efficient.

I enjoy living at Abbey Glenn. It's affordable and has everything I need. I was so excited to move in and so far it has exceeded my expectations as a place to live while I attend school.

Abbey Glenn is the best deal in the Baylor University area. With nice amenities such as a dog park and gazebo the place looks nice on the outside. As for my apartment, it needs some updating for sure, appliances, carpeting etc. But that is in the works from what I have heard which is exciting for future residents! located next to I-35 I generally walk to class or bike.

I absolutely love living here. Everyone is friendly and easy going. The employees are nice and very helpful. I have a 4 month old puppy and she loves the dog park on the property. Great place to live!

Abbey Glenn is a great place to live. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, the apartments are great to live in, and the entire complex is just beautiful.

The place is nice, price is okay, but I don't really like the pricing changing thing. And it would be nice if you guys offer 10 months option.

Thee rent is very affordable. The staff is very nice and friendly very welcome and will do anything to make your living experience at Abbey Glenn wonderful!! I love it here.