Customer service is great, but the property itself is a little worn down. Cabinet floorboards are rotting and the shower fluctuates dramatically between extremely hot and freezing cold. Otherwise, everything's great.

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It's a great place to live and they are quick to help with problems. They just remodeled the volleyball, and basketball courts. They are about to have a grand opening for a dog park where all of the dogs can have a place to play without a leash.

I would prefer that when maintenance enters my apartment they leave a note stating that they were there and what they did, as it does say they will do so in our lease contracts. To me it is a little uncomfortable not to know when someone is in your apartment. Also if the staff needs to come in 24-hour notice would be nice so I dont walk into my apartment and see a stranger standing there, in cases of checking out empty rooms or other checks. Lastly I REALLY wish residents could get one permanent guest pass, I know we can get temporary passes during office hours but on the weekends when the office closes early or at the last minute when a friend decides to spend the night it would be nice to not have to worry about them being towed or getting a ticket. If we had one guest pass we could put the plaque in their car and take it back for the next time it needs to be used.

The maintenance request is taking quite too long to get the things needed fixed. The cabinets are caving in and the floor seemed as though it's moving apart hence the carpet being ripped from the fireplace.

Good improvements lately, keep up the work! I would like to see the appliances in the kitchen updated and maybe have the carpets replaced? Great location though!

I really love the recreational things on the property like the basketball courts, picnic tables, and swimming pool. However, the landscaping is a bit on the down-side. The breakfast is a great idea and I like that it is actually nice.

Abbey Glenn is in a great location and the apartments are really cozy. There is easy access to the gym and swimming pool. They give you a month of free rent.

I rated the apartment a 2 because, There is a huge ant problem which sucks. Parking sucks, the complex never tows and allows trucks to double park.