It's been alright. I wish that my maintenance requests were taken more seriously, and I find it frustrating that they don't really care if tenants break rules that bother and potentially endanger other tenants like myself..

The surrounding people are great for the most part but some people can be noisy and sketchy. The amenities are good but one of my roommates smokes when he is off at work so I don't want that smoke smell on my clothes when I do laundry so I'm going to figure out a solution.

Abbey Glenn is alright. It's not the best apartment complex in Waco but it is also not the most expensive. I wish the inside of the apartments were more modern.

Its a peaceful place its a great place for students or part timers or whatever it is you do the staff are very understanding and will work with you as long as you keep in contact and dont change what you say every five seconds

Super happy to be coming here to live while studying at Baylor! My apartment search took forever (I'm from NC) but when I found this place it really felt like home. Whenever I call with a question someone is there to help me, and that's so wonderful!!

Pretty nice place to live for the cost, but windows are very thin, so everything can be heard even on the second floor, and the air conditioning doesn't work well. :(

I've lived here, going on two years now and I really enjoy living here. It's close to campus and shopping across the street. It's easy to find and a good rent price. The staff has always been very nice and the apartment and it's amenities stay nice looking. My only real complaint is the limited amount of parking spaces but I know the only fix for that is a whole redesigning of the complex. With problems that can be fixed immediately, the staff and maintenance crew have always been very good about doing what can be done.

It seems odd that apartments are not assigned very far in advance. Very friendly in all interactions so far. We were told that we would probably be able to move in early, but will still be homeless for a week.

Abbey Glenn gives you more bang for your buck than any apartment complex at Baylor. It's super affordable and has a ton of great amenities like a great pool a volleyball court and multiple pet parks.

Have not moved in yet. The complex was clean, the management was friendly, amenities are great. Am excited to finally get moved in. Close to shopping

It is a good apartment for the prices given with nice amenities. There are of course some problems but just generic problems that all apartment complexes have.

Yea it's alright cause I don't have time tomorrow but I'm still looking for a bit too much work today right now I'm going back on my way out of the house j

The front desk has been very helpful in the past year. They are friendly and are definitely there for your benefit. I'm excited to live at Abbey Glenn next year!

Awesome job, couldn't be happier. Although I would like to have some new appliances put into my apartment. Otherwise the atmosphere here at Abbey Glenn has been phenomenal.

Security is better than some apartment complexes however there are still problems. Maintance does a good job but at times can be very slow to respond. Otherwise I have no complaints.

Some problems at the start but have been getting fixed quickly. Dog parks are great and very convenient and the community seems to be super nice

Alright place for a cheap student apartment. It could stand to be updated which it looks like they're trying to do. All in all not bad and I would recommend it

Pros: Very nice courtyard (great if you have a dog), amenities are decent, location is a big plus, nice and quite atmosphere, great and quick, maintenance team, fireplace. Cons: no lighting in living room, poor insulation, water is shutoff every month or so with not the best communication from staff as to when or how long it will be shutoff for, it would help if the GM walked around the apartment complex every once in a while during day and at night to see what needs to be fixed.

Everything seems nice so far good people for neighbors. Lots of people outside being friendly. Staff in the front office are very nice and kind.

Loving this! Proud to rate this and receive great things from it, I'm staying on top of things, this looks pretty promising. I having trouble understanding it but it's all coming along pretty well.

haven't moved in yet, but the lease signing process was easy and streamlined. The website for lease signing could use some improvement. It forced me to log out and log back in every time I wanted to change what document I was viewing.

Abbey Glenn has been great so far! The staff have been super helpful with everything regarding my move in, and very accommodating about everything.

They do a great and wonderful job I love where I live! Everything is so organized and easy to get to the apartment complex is wonderful I'm so glad I chose abbey glen!

Abbey Glenn is a very affordable, safe, apartment complex. The management is friendly and responds fast to your requests. I live in the 3 bedroom apartment and it has plenty of space and very quiet.

So far so good, not many problems! Simply wish I could move in a couple days earlier but I understand that that is complicated. Besides that all is good.