At AO everything is very convenient. Where If there's any problem it is very easily taken care of by the staff. Cash has been to big help for our apartment, helping us in different situation. AO is a very welcoming place that makes you feel right at home

Amazing community and amenities. Beautiful furnishings in the renovated apartments and surrounding common area. Best living west of the 405.

I love to stay at AO Apartments. Unfortunately has the printer down in the room next to the lobby never been working. I also wish there was some workout bands for the gym.

I love it here. Just wish they would do more activities for kids. Like host an easter egg hunt or have an art activity once a week. I think it will help the little kids get find one another.

I love it here!!!!!! A.O. is doing great!!!!!! The upkeep and the cleanliness are out standing!!!!!! I have refered my friend Kerry Rous. She is now in the prosses of getting her voucher from Day Break. She really wants to live here. The upkeep and the cleanliness of A.O. are outstanding. Also, the friendliness of the staff is excellent!!!!!! I just love it here!!!!!! And the staff is great!!!!!!

It is convenient location, decent amenities and the layout of our apt is nice. There are a lot of issues ... It's dirty, other tenants who live her are questionable, appliances are old or don't work- even in the renovated units...

New to the neighborhood! So far so good! I am really looking forward to learning the lay of the land and exploring. I am glad I chose this area for my new home.

Doing good in general, we could use more security in the building, may be more cameras to upscale security in the hallways and for sure a camera in the bicicle cage, so far they have stolen 3 of my bikecicles

I like to live here but there are a lot of noisy from the neighboors and parking lot always crowded. The staff is very good and always helps with everything.

So far so good. I am excited to move into your community. The Staff has been friendly so far and I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful amenities!

Love everything about it. Office staff and maintenance are always friendly and helpful. It gets loud sometimes at night and early morning though.

I love the gym and the pool. I enjoy the BBQ set up as well. I like that the cement walls keep it quiet for the most part. I love that there is a Starbucks right underneath and a park near by where I can take my dog. Staff is also pretty helpful when requested.

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Great amenities, especially parking! The only downside is they make you pay a one-off 15 dollars to get your mail and a late fee every time you don't pick it up within 2 days, which is a very short time for people who lead busy lives or travel.

Pro: Great location. Great office management. Cons: Constant construction in the building. Hallways and garbage areas are more often than not filled with some trash or spill. Neutral: Expensive but for its location, not bad.

Very close to Santa Monica College and Ralph's, so I save a lot of time. It is also close to the Third Street and the beach. I can easily go there and hang out. I really like the pool and gym as well.

Big down side is that they make you pay to sign up for a package concierge service, and most of the delivery people don't know about it. So you pay $15 and then have most of your packages delivered to your door anyway (and stolen). They also charge you if you don't retrieve your package right away - what if you forget to tell them you're on vacation?

AO is great. The only thing I wish was different was that the dog park was cleaned up more and people were held responsible when they do not clean up after their pets.