Great amenities, especially parking! The only downside is they make you pay a one-off 15 dollars to get your mail and a late fee every time you don't pick it up within 2 days, which is a very short time for people who lead busy lives or travel.

Pro: Great location. Great office management. Cons: Constant construction in the building. Hallways and garbage areas are more often than not filled with some trash or spill. Neutral: Expensive but for its location, not bad.

Very close to Santa Monica College and Ralph's, so I save a lot of time. It is also close to the Third Street and the beach. I can easily go there and hang out. I really like the pool and gym as well.

Big down side is that they make you pay to sign up for a package concierge service, and most of the delivery people don't know about it. So you pay $15 and then have most of your packages delivered to your door anyway (and stolen). They also charge you if you don't retrieve your package right away - what if you forget to tell them you're on vacation?

AO is great. The only thing I wish was different was that the dog park was cleaned up more and people were held responsible when they do not clean up after their pets.