The area is nice, quiet and convenient. The apartments are fairly nice it’s a plus that each apartment has washer and dryer in unit as well as a fireplace. The overall experience has been decent. Maintenance could use some work and lots of room for improvement regarding communication between staff and residents. Additionally the gym could use a major upgrade.

New management seems to be putting things in the right direction. Glad they kept the staff in the leasing office too, they are really the main reasons we stayed here.

It has been fine living here. We havent had too many issues other than the outside could be cleaned a bit more and the gym is extremely outdated.

Very friendly! I enjoyed my short visit of the property! It was clean everywhere we go. The only problem was the phone system was not working.

Great place, good people!! Near everything... The staff is so friendly... Neighbors are awsome!! Everybody here is so nice in general... Nice place

It could be better. Maintenance is poor sometimes. My apartment need upgrading. People with dogs are not responsible and the parking garages are smelly and rat infested. This was a nice place 5 years ago.

Prompt response to maintenance requests, little oversight of contractors renovating units and resident move ins/outs. Issues with trash chute backups, parking availability, garage door malfunctions. No resident incentives for renewing like carpet cleaning or paint touch ups to refresh units.

Maintenance tickets remain open for weeks. I was promised that I could have pest control come as much as needed, I keep putting in requests and they don't come. The pest are coming in through cracks in the walls and under the sink.

I love my apartment. How I viewed it when I toured the space was just how I moved in, except it was cleaner with all new carpets at move-in time! I like that the neighborhood is not too loud, especially at night.

Looks nice from the outside and the actual units are great but rent is a little high for the amount of leaking and the common areas look and feel musty because of it.

I’m big on privacy and relaxation. I really love how quiet it is here. Most of the neighbors are friendly and pretty much love all the dog owners and dogs here! Not too happy about miscommunications and maintenance but I feel this complex definitely tried to amend everything!

Always problem with a parking for guests, l never used my guest parking permit cut they couldn’t find a parking. Can’t believe that all people have that much guests! They are using it for themselves, parking garage is empty. Definitely have to do sth about it!

My apartment has flooded 7 times since I moved in, and each time the repairs leave my place looking worse and worse. The carpet is never put back the way it should be. And even though my apartment is an embarrassment now, my rent has increased drastically and I’ve noticed and insanely high water bill is now being tacked on to my monthly costs. On the flip side, the management office staff are very friendly.

I've been here 5 years and have enjoyed living in the community. Under the new management, the grounds and appearance of the buildings aren't as clean as before.

The move in process has been so simple! My roommate and I have just recently changed over to a bigger space and Anthony has been a huge help making the change over so easy!

I love it here. The only problem is that the cleaning crew only clean probably once a week. And the hallways and elevadors stay dirty for more than 5 days. Other than that, me and my family love it

It’s been just okay. What would make it better for me is better maintenance and cleaning In the hallways sometimes residents leave their unwanted furniture and it’s sitting there for many weeks. The hallways could be cleaned and vacuumed more regularly

Overall not bad, some areas need to be improved on. Dog park gets neglected, car wash area is unusable, and maintenance requests fall on deaf ears

Great customer service. Clean facilities. Great location.It’s about a 5 to 10 minute drive from where I work at the Pentagon. It’s right along the bus route. And it has all the amenities I could meet

I haven't had any major issues since I moved in about 10 months ago. One thing that could be improved is the speed of maintenance requests. Before the change in management they were completed in about 3-5 days, now my requests have taken longer than a week to be completed.

I love the area it’s quite and the community is great! Your not to far away from the city and everything you need it near by. The super market and other stores are all within a few distances from each other. Old town Alexandria is closer then you think I love visiting that area. I would recommend others to reside here and make it their home.

The leasing staff, cleaning staff and maintenance personnel are always professional. Every problem or complaint I have given has been taking care of in a timely manner. Thus making the plumbing/flooding problem and a slight infestation problem tolerable. This is the best apartment staff I have had the opportunity to interact with.

Been here for a little over one year and see a lot of changes in the past few months. It appears that there is a lot of improvements going on and an effort to fix up some areas that were worn out and needing repair. I am missing some of the staff that had been here but the new people seem to be very nice. The place has a great location near highways and shopping. I would stay here longer if my job did not require me to move out of state. I have also seen an increase in the rent that is getting a little high for the place.

I got my car towed from my own parking space. I wish this park meant had better checks and balance and controls. The garage smell like dead rats.

Good location. Quiet neighborhood. Maintenance does the best job that they can with the tools they have been give. Decent price. One thing to look at changing is not allowing smoking on patios as it prevents non smokers from opening windows.